Averting further nightmares

Thomas Friedman made a confession in his March 28 column that despite being the foreign affairs columnist for The New York Times, he didn’t listen to one second of the 9/11 hearings and didn’t read one story in the paper about them. In fact, no American is supposed to. The reason for Thomas Friedman and the rest of Americans, however, is different.

The reason for Friedman is the failure of his vision. Exposing his new-cons’ mentality, Friedman says, “Lord knows,” he didn’t do it out of “indifference to 9/11.” He did it simply because he made up his “mind about that event a long time ago” and now all the doors to further inquiry are permanently shut. Muslims are responsible and they must pay the price.

For the rest of the Americans, the 9/11 hearing is irrelevant because it was not a failure of intelligence but a failure of their imagination. As the so far exposed bits and pieces clearly show that there was perfect intelligence available on many key pieces of 9/11, but the intelligence agencies did not act.

Americans now lack enough imagination to put those pieces together and realize that some among them have so evil designs to go to the extent of killing as many fellow Americans as they could, for putting the blame on Muslims and paving the way for invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan to begin with.

It is not that the intelligence could not prevent 9/11. It is that the CIA and other sensitive organs of the state were accomplices to the crime. The crime continues because the intelligence continues to promote the official story and covers the fact that it was an inside job.[1]

On February 25th, 2004, Alex Jones’ Prison Planet Radio programme interviewed former Pentagon arms salesman Donn de Grand-Pre, author of three books on 9/11, who organised a 72-hour non-stop symposium by a group of military and civilian pilots in May 2003. They concluded that the story told by the U.S. government about what happened on Sept. 11, 2001 was improbable and unlikely. There were no hijackers involved and the flight crews of the four passenger airliners involved in the 9/11 tragedy had no control over their aircraft.

Earlier Andreas von Bulow, who was the federal Minister of Defense, or the equivalent of the US Secretary of Defense, in the German government since the 70s, told Alex Jones in an interview that 9/11 was the CIA’s job. This is the central theory of his book that according to Reuters is the best seller in Germany. And he’s not the only German minister who has said we are looking at world fascism here and a powerful military industrial complex institution engineering terror attacks to scare the world into submission.

Despite the fact that the US administration’s lies of unprecedented magnitude have led to the most horrible consequences, a vast majority of Americans still finds it hard to imagine that what they are being told about 9/11 on the mainstream media is not true.

Despite an overwhelming amount of evidence unearthed by their fellow Americans, such as Alex Jones and others, the majority is still lost. The best they can think of is that the government knew but it didn’t act in time to prevent the tragedy.

They cannot go one step further to think that there must be some reason that warning memos of some intelligence officers were effectively ignored. The reason could not be any other than the fact that the people who could prevent it were part of the plan and the whistle-blowers just didn’t know the reality.

One can guess the lack of imagination on part of common Americans from the “imaginative” dreams of their lead foreign affairs correspondent. Friedman wants to wake up to see “10,000 Palestinian mothers marching on Hamas headquarters” to stop resistance to occupation, rather than on Israel to demand an end to the occupation.

He wants to see Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia inviting killer Ariel Sharon, neck deep in fresh and old Palestinian blood “to his home in Riyadh to personally hand him” a peace plan to which Sharon will respond only “by freezing Israeli settlements as a good-will gesture.”

Did Bush Senior invite Saddam to his Texas ranch and offer him what he wanted in return to his promise of not building any homes for Iraqis in Kuwait until some unknown date when he would presumably end his occupation of Kuwait? Instead Bush drew a “line in the sand” and gave a deadline to end the occupation or face the consequences. “No negotiations” has been the principle all along.

Friedman wants to see Dick Cheney apologizing “to the U.N. and all allies for being wrong about W.M.D. in Iraq,” but then appealing “to join with the U.S. in an even more important project –” helping Iraqis build some kind of democratic framework.” What a dream! Reading this confirms that the resistance to the American led tyranny is far more imaginative than its advocates.

Does it sound sane that when Dick Chaney and company admit and apologize for their historical lies, the world should not only forgive them but also let them go ahead with “even more important project” than the one that has taken, and continues to take, thousands of lives?

Is Muslim blood so cheap that instead of facing prosecution for taking thousands of innocent lives on the basis of lies, the killers should be assisted in implementing the designs for which they deceived the world in the first place?

With such kind of imagination and benevolent dreams for the perpetrators of violence in the US and around the world, Americans will continue to wake up into more horrible nightmares than 9/11. They have no option but to identify and deal with the evil within to avert 9/11 like nightmares at home and Bali, Karbala, Istanbul and Madrid like adventures abroad for gaining more support for perfecting neo-con’s global tyranny.

Unlike Thomas Friedman’s confession to live with a mind “made up a long time ago,” the solution for averting further nightmares lies only in keeping mind open to further inquiry, search for the truth and the real culprits behind 9/11.