Barack Obama: Desperately in Need of Emancipation

Many good-hearted persons have assumed that because Barack Obama was elected to the presidency of the United States of America, that a historic threshold was crossed. Some felt that the species itself had reached an important milestone in that a member of a formerly enslaved race had achieved this position of prominence in the most powerful nation in mankind’s history.

Alas, for many reasons, this is not the case and the sad truth is almost the opposite. First, Barack Obama has no personal family history of slavery in America. His mother was a Caucasian Mid-western girl from Kansas. His father was an immigrant from Kenya, who surely experienced racial discrimination, but probably not worse than many negroid persons experience in their home continent where genocide is still practiced in Rwanda, Somalia, etc.

Worst of all, Barack Obama has clearly shown in his first weeks in office is that he is mentally enslaved to the same system that is driving his civilization to collapse and threatens human life on the planet. Barack Obama has become the supreme functionary of that system. He is the leader of the American Empire. He is the cheerleader for capitalism and consumerism. Barack Obama fiercely clings to the most destructive philosophy that ever gripped the planet — the unending quest for further economic growth in a planet increasingly depauperized by the pursuit of that growth.

Barack Obama needs emancipation from his entire mindset. While Obama is undoubtedly highly intelligent within the framework of his worldview, that worldview is flawed, and is dangerous to himself and to his species, including all races, nations and peoples.

Barack Obama needs to understand that perpetual economic growth as a national strategy is suicidal. He needs to understand that the capitalist means of wealth distribution within society is ultimately genocidal and guaranteed to produce de facto war against the poor and the middle class by the affluent. Barack Obama needs to see that his plan to save the economy from collapse is really a plan to save the most wealthy of that society from financial collapse and at the expense of everyone else.

Why else would an intelligent man like Barack Obama think about bio-fuels as an energy solution for society? Bio-fuels could never play a substantive replacement role to replace energy produced over millions of years by decaying of plant life on the same planet where hydrocarbon energy is now in short supply.

Barack Obama needs to be emancipated from the idea that the stockpiling of gargantuan wealth by the elite few could produce benefit to the billions of impoverished humans — many of whom have been deprived of subsistence living on the planet due to the economic machinations of the elite.

Barack Obama needs to be emancipated from the view that American exceptionalism is a morally positive influence. Barack Obama needs to be emancipated from militarism and the view that the installation of American-style democracy by the bomb and the bullet is the answer for the peoples of Afghanistan or Iraq or anywhere else.

Barack Obama needs to become emancipated from his own financiers and to understand that his only chance at being elected was to deal in vagaries such as "hope" and "change" while utterly ignoring the grievances that his very supporters expected him to resolve in their interest.

Barack Obama desperately is in need of emancipation. He needs to quickly come to grips with reality. Our civilization is crashing under its own weight. His financial supporters in the communities of the elite are the reason for that collapse. America needs change of a profound nature. His role should be to emancipate himself in order to be able to emancipate others.

Hopefully, Barack Obama can gain this understanding and act effectively on it very quickly, before it is too late. Collapse is indeed, staring us in the face, and the current Obama plans are not going to solve the problems urgently facing us.