Barbarians outside the Gates of Fallujah and Inside the Washington DC Beltway

Fallujah is a city on the verge of being invaded by vicious barbarians. Freedom loving people who took up arms to save themselves from enslavement to corporate barbarianism must face the military arm of the Fortune 500. Many lives will be lost and much property destroyed. The barbarians have blood lust combined with superior firepower. These barbarians have an air force and attack helicopters — and they want to stamp out any hope of independence and freedom by the beleaguered inhabitants of Fallujah.

Meanwhile, barbarians have firmly ensconced themselves into government offices in Washington D.C. These barbarians used less violent tactics, but are fully prepared to use violence in the future as required, and have instituted laws that make use of force and illegal detainment easier in the future. But the barbarians in control of Washington have had such success using tactics such as deceit, deception, and voter suppression that they have not needed to use violence so far (except in small doses, such as at the Republican National Convention in New York City recently).

Interestingly, the Iraqi people and their freedom fighters have proved to be much more immune to the impacts of lies, deceit and deception than the American public. The barbarians from Washington D.C. would have certainly loved to have conquered Iraq with a token show of force and followed by lies and deceptions. But the Iraqis saw through the lies and knew that their fate was sealed in subjugation to the barbarians unless they fought with small arms and big hearts.

Imagine the bravery and fearlessness of Iraqi insurgents who are faced daily with death, serious injury, or capture by the world’s most potent weapons wielded by the world’s most well-financed military! It would be far easier and more convenient for Iraqi nationalists to submit and allow the barbarians and their puppet government in Baghdad to rule and liquidate Iraqi resources at will. Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz made dire miscalculations of the ability and willingness of Iraqi people to stand firm and resist oppression. Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz, who never picked up arms in defense of their nation, not only showed unrealistic perspectives towards Iraqi willingness to resist, but actually suppressed dissenting views from professional military leadership under their own purview of authority.

Other nations and people have seen the barbarians at the gate. Just ask the citizens of Hanoi and Pyongyang, who were bombed to smithereens by American forces but were never defeated. The people of Algiers and of Dien Bien Phu fought off the French Foreign Legion. The citizens of Volgagrad and St. Petersburg fought off the Nazi hordes.

It is very difficult to defeat a determined defender of his own city and nation, no matter what the advantage of firepower or materiel. The Iraqi people have been through this before, and within the past century. The freedom loving Iraqi people are paying for their freedom with their blood and their children’s lives and with the suffering of the old people. Heavy armor or bunker busting bombs does not intimidate the Iraqi people. Their faith in their God makes the intolerable barely tolerable and the severe pain of their sacrifices slightly bearable.

The American people, in their dumbed down state, still are not asking why such suffering is being meted out in their name. Their own self-indulgence and their own cravings for more material things distract the American people. The wealth of the American people is based on the blood and the suffering of Iraqis and Nicaraguans and Salvadorians and Vietnamese and Cambodians and Nigerians and other peoples around the globe.

The barbarians are at the gates of Fallujah. They are firmly ensconced in Washington D.C. with all their talk of "moral values". Moral values are not reflected by rigged voting machines and stolen elections. Moral values are not displayed by cannon fire from the barrel of a tank. Moral values are not demonstrated by denial of human rights and civil rights.

It is time to pray for justice. Only justice can bring peace. Only justice can heal oppression. Love of justice must be based on love of truth, and truth is in short supply in the land of the barbarians.