Beware of Professional Politicians with Plans

John Kerry says repeatedly, "I have a plan," "I have a plan for health care." "I have a plan for Iraq". "I have a plan for education". "I have a plan for taxation". "I have a plan for this". And "I have a plan for that".

Beware of politicians with plans! Plans are ideas and politicians are notoriously optimistic about several crucial aspects of plan. They overestimate the utility of their plans. They overestimate their own ability to analyze the potential impacts of their plans. They underestimate the cost of their plans. And they rarely are able to finalize the completion of their plans because political opposition always works on alternate plans or in ways meant to undermine their plans.

Does John Kerry think that a united Republican Congress will facilitate the implementation of his plans if he is elected? Does he even think he will get 100% cooperation from the Democrats in Congress? Does any American who is not a professional politician accept the fact that plans are dreams and reality is far different?

Politicians plan and they dream and they scheme. John Kerry is not particularly known, even in his own party, as a man of accomplishment. He is known as a planner and a dreamer and a schemer. Such men get elected because they have the financial resources to pay into the "club" of those in power, but power itself is the primary goal; nothing more and nothing less. John Kerry says he helped "fix" social security in the past. If so, Senator Kerry, why are you now talking about "fixing" Social Security again? Why didn’t the first fix work? What was wrong with your plan at that time?

Plans are often inflexible, whereas principles are often nonspecific in implementation. The only firm principle I can see in Kerry is to grab for power and promise anything to achieve it. Kerry takes polling more seriously than policy analysis.

Beware of professional politicians with plans! If you think they are seeking YOUR best interests, think again.