Birds of a Feather – Israel and America

As America seems to be going through the motions of squirming uncomfortably over the Iraqi prisoner abuse scandal, there are many who are not squirming, and are asking the question "why is anyone surprised?"

It’s not that these individuals are comfortable with the situation, but rather that it is the anti-climactic result of having foreknowledge of the event. It is a little bit like expecting to get a surprised reaction out of someone when a clap of thunder miraculously follows a bolt of lightning during a thunderstorm. Those who have been following the Middle East situation for some time could have, and indeed in many cases have, predicted that this would arrive at some point. Other Americans, who today stand wide-eyed with gaping mouths at the situation, asking that completely out of place question of "how could this happen?" should really just keep quiet. It’s not as if they weren’t warned. The signs for something like this happening have been screaming out at them for the last 3 years, if not for the last 3 decades.

The fact that a good portion of Americans are showing shock and dismay at this situation can only result in making those around the world hate the United States more than they already do. Watching this spectacle is like watching an individual suffer the shock of finding out that he or she has just come down with a sexually transmitted disease after having lived a life of promiscuity for years. In watching such an individual, the world cannot even muster pity at such stupidity, particularly when the stakes are as high as they are in the present war in the Middle East.

Had they been listening and paying attention to more than just the foolishness that passes for political commentary on talk radio and mainstream news, they would have seen that this situation was as predictable as cold weather in January. After all, in the United States of America over the course of the last three years, talk show hosts and other outlets of information have repeatedly crossed the lines between constructive political discourse and outright hate mongering by calling out for various pogroms against Middle Easterners. Such individuals, considering themselves and their agenda as testimonies to the precepts of morality and justice have suggested time and again that this situation in the Middle East would be best solved by "killing all the Muslims," or some variation of that theme. Short of calling for their extermination, these individuals have referred to them disparagingly as "ragheads," "sand-niggers," "Hajis," as well as a whole host of other eloquencies an! d have in general created an air of racial and cultural hatred towards them that has helped to bring about this current situation. On a seemingly daily basis in America over the course of the last 3 years, Muslims, both men and women, have been attacked physically, had beer bottles thrown at them from moving vehicles, had their Mosques set on fire, had bullets fired into their homes, and been the recipients of telephone death threats without any substantive media coverage nor law enforcement reaction. Muslim children have been taunted, beaten up, and in some cases, sent to the hospital as a result of the injuries they received at the hands of "freedom loving Americans." As of this date, there has yet to be found any morning news programs devoted to exposing these outrages, and why would one expect that there would be, particularly when it is considered who owns the airwaves and what agenda is being pushed? After all, how many movies and television programs have been made over the cou! rse of the last 3 decades by a Zionist owned media which have depicted Arabs and Muslims as violent, vicious fanatics who only understand the language of brutality and deadly coercion?

What those who are standing amidst this scandal, shaking their heads in bewilderment should realize is the fact that these American soldiers are only doing what they have been programmed to do from birth. In America, over the course of the last 3 decades, the Zionist control over all outlets of media, and most importantly television, has resulted in a daily barrage of programming designed to obliterate the moral foundations of American society and to supplant this morality with a way of thinking that benefits the Zionist agenda. By the time these soldiers were 18, statistically they had witnessed over 20,000 acts of simulated murder on television, many of which were directed against those being of Arabic descent or of the Islamic religion. The whole business of murdering people in an American media dominated by Zionist interests has been turned into a cavalier act with no bothersome after-effects. It is for this reason that America’s children are taking weapons into schoo! ls and murdering people en masse, therefore why should anyone expect that any different behavior would be found among those soldiers whose very existence is concerned with the business of killing? They are doing exactly what they (and all Americans) have been programmed to do by the Zionist agenda. Through the daily drip by drip application of programming designed to desensitize Americans towards violence, a nation of mindless, blood thirsty automatons has been created for the purposes of fighting a "decades-long war" for Israel’s benefit that George Bush said this would be. In addition, in an America where the average time spent in prison for killing another individual is only 18 months, and the average time spent in prison for rape is only six months, why would these soldiers fear any justice that might come their way as a result of such behavior? And the fact that many of these abusive acts had sexual themes attached to them should surprise no one either, since America is now a! wash in a flood of sexually explicit programming and propaganda. America of 2004 is, whether in its media or real life, a bordello and a bloodbath, and why then should anyone be surprised to see American soldiers bringing these themes to other lands when it is all they have come to know in their lives here? The Zionists who 80 years ago embarked upon the program of fulfilling the divine mandate of Eretz Y’Israel knew that such an ambitious program could not be done without the assistance of a rich and powerful ally such as America, and that the business of conquering the entire Middle East in a campaign rooted in injustice could not be done by an American people who still possessed any moral reservations. In this light, it becomes more clear why such a program for removing any religious or moral precepts has been fanatically employed by the Zionist agenda in America. In such an agenda’s view, the only morals that matter are those which benefit Israel, and in this way, all others must! be rooted out, which is exactly what has taken place through its influence over media, academia and law.

Of course, this speaks only of those Americans who are outraged over the abuses. There are plenty of them out there who think nothing of it, or who are even cheering over it. This is a situation that was equally predictable as well, particularly when it is considered how many bumper stickers can be found placed on the backs of cars that summed up America’s role in the Middle East with the base suggestion to "nuke their ass and take their gas." Driving these cars are individuals sporting t-shirts and hats that depicted Saddam Hussein or Osama Bin Laden on the front with some four-letter expletive solution in dealing with the Middle Easterners. The fact that this torture and abuse has taken place, and that this has taken place because of the massive propaganda campaign that has been nursed along by the Zionist agenda and that no one recognizes this to be the case only confirms just how advanced is the state of intellectual decay in the US. Following this will be instances t! hat will make the current goings on pale by comparison, at which point, there will again arise a befuddled and quizzical American population.

For those Americans who still have a spark of decency left in them, as well as a remaining grain of independent thought, perhaps an age-old adage should be considered.

"Birds of a feather flock together."

And if this still makes no sense, then perhaps

"Lie down with dogs, wake up with fleas."

If there are two birds who are flocking together these days, without a doubt it is Israel and America, who have adopted this symbiotic relationship, one of bird of prey and the other a bord of carrion. And as far as determining just who is the dog giving the fleas, at this point it is hard to say, since the one seems always eager to outdo the other in nefariousness. One thing is for sure though, (and this was something about which those who understood the realities of the Middle East situation were warning) which is that this conflict, being a war fought for Israel’s benefit, indicates that it will be done under her direction and by her methods. The pictures that have made their way into the press, along with the descriptions of the torture that took place is of no surprise to those who know anything of Israel’s history and methods of abuse and torture against the Palestinians. These acts of abuse in Iraw over which Americans now are in a state of mild shock have been and! are today common fare in Israel. Executions of Palestinian men and boys, simply by virtue of their age and physical fitness is and has been a daily occurrence. Torture is equally common, and has been for the last 50 years. And yet, those in the information business, (whether they are left wing mainstream media or pseudo right wing pundits) refuse to acknowledge that these recent instances of Iraqi abuse are just an application of methods adopted by Americans doing the bidding of Israel. This assertion is validated by the fact that these media outlets refuse to report the fact that many Mossad agents were present in these prisons when these activities took place. Equally silent has been the press coverage detailing the way that American troops have been receiving training of this sort from Israeli intelligence officers for exactly this type of business, a fact that has been reported from time to time by the foreign press over the course of the last year.

Those who have been warning about this most assuredly would like to say "I told you so," except that to do so would be pointless in a country as brainwashed as America has become. The fact that the world is seeing these predictions validated today in the Iraqi prisoner scandal will have little effect on the average American whose view of the Middle East has been shaped by Ariel Sharon’s friends and cousins in the media. And as much a tragedy as this is, this blind, cooperative stupidity, it is nothing compared to the tragedy that is to come. It is entirely possible that the whole reason that the Zionist media in America has chosen to expose all of this business is to further desensitize Americans to the more outlandish war crimes that are scheduled to take place in the near future.

Given the fact that America is even reacting to this scandal is a testimony to her pitiable stupidity in and of itself. The current issue of whether or not members of the US Military subjected a dozen or so Iraqi men and women to the humiliating and degrading treatment that has been reported in the news is secondary to what has taken place over the course of not just the last year, but indeed the last ten years. The real scandal here is the fact that tens of thousands of Iraqis have been murdered in a war that was fought on Israel’s behalf, and that millions of them have had their lives ruined by a war fought on completely false pretenses. Besides this, over the course of the last decade more than a million Iraqis have died as a result of the sanctions that were placed upon them, preventing many necessary food and medicine items from getting to those who needed them. If the pictures of these abused prisoners cause America’s stomachs to somersault, how much more so should ! this take place when considering the thousands of Iraqi children who were born terribly malformed as a result of the radiation poisoning they received during the first Gulf War. If Americans are bothered by the images of Iraqi men being forced to climb on top of each other nude, then equally bothered they should be when viewing the pictures of 11-year old Iraqi boys whose arms and legs have been blown off by American bombs, as well as the pictures of those whose heads are missing and their guts lying all over the ground. The sheer scale of difference between these injustices, and the fact that Americans are easily led by the nose into focusing on and fretting over the one and not the other reveals the intellectual and moral prison within which their political and sociological existence is constructed, these people who boldly and brashly call themselves "free."

One must question at this point where the media’s interests lie in reporting on this issue so heavily, since they have kept the truly horrifying aspects of the war hidden from the American people. Only time will tell as to whether it is being done as if to say "See, we can report the news, even when it is ugly," or whether it is being done merely to inflame the Arab world and thus widen the war. One thing is for certain though, which is that if the Zionist agenda which so thoroughly controls the American media saw something in this scandal which posed a danger to its plans, that this information would not be receiving the air play that it is getting. And one can forget about the argument that maybe the individuals who control the flow and flavor of information may have suddenly been smitten by a sense of right and wrong, as well as a genuine concern for the ethics that guide journalism, for it is way past that point. Were they truly dedicated to bringing the truth of the ! situation involving the Middle East to the American people, the media would have from day one made sure to point out what everyone else around the globe already knows, namely that this war was and is being fought solely for the benefit of Israel and her interests. After all, extremely explosive information concerning Israeli involvement in acts of war against the American people, from the murdering of 34 sailors aboard the USS Liberty to Israel’s involvement in the events of 9/11 have been kept under wraps in a most efficient and comprehensive way. With this in mind, one should not assume that there is something so explosive about this current situation involving the abuse of Iraqi prisoners that makes it uncontainable. This is something that those who are "in the know" should consider when pondering the real motives behind the controlled release of this information.

For those others, the ardent Zionists (either Jewish, Christian, or whatever) who are feeling that twinge of nervousness over the amount of news coverage that this event is causing, such worry warts should put their fears to rest. The waves that are being produced by these revelations will be calmed down soon enough by those who have kept America asleep on this subject for decades, so your little project in the Middle East is in no way threatened in any substantive manner. Those who have a vested interest in keeping America uninformed about the truth will leave nothing to chance, and indeed will pull out all the stops in seeing to it that a sleeping giant goes back to what he does best, which is sleeping. When a few concerned Americans begin to rouse themselves from their hypnotic stupor by considering that now infamous comment made by Ariel Sharon in 2001 about the "Jewish people controlling America," the anesthesiologists whose job it is to keep America asleep will be t! here to do their job. When college professors or journalists begin delving into the story of the Israeli intelligence officers who were arrested in the days following 9/11 for videotaping the planes crashing into the buildings and cheering for a job well done, the ADL, JDL, AIPAC, and JINSA will do their best to shout down any pertinent information and in the process get these rabble rousers fired from their jobs. Americans will not note the fact that many of George Bush’s closest advisors hold dual citizenship in Israel and at times have worked for her as lobbyists. Americans, desperate to avoid facing the humbling experience of recognizing their folly in fighting Israel’s wars will pay little mind to the mountain of evidence that exists indicating the involvement of Israel in the blackmailing of President Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky affair, the blackmailing of Representative Condit through the Chandra Levy affair, the 9/11 tragedy, the anthrax attacks, and a dozen more inf! amous instances of treachery and betrayal. And finally, in putting your fears to rest, when something goes "boom" in America, (a low-yield nuclear weapon or some type of biological attack) everyone will assume, (with the assistance provided by a Jewish owned media in America) that it was perpetrated by a bunch of swarthy, third world Islamic extremists from the caves of Afghanistan, or, in the case of the next theater of war, Syria, Iran, or Lebanon.

For those who are optimistic that the current scandal may be successfully used to awaken the bulk of Americans into recognizing the danger that the friendship between Israel and America share, such optimism should be tempered. It is way past the time for anything taking place that would allow America to extricate herself from this parasitic relationship without serious harm being done to her. Besides the fact that every member of congress was bought off at least 3 decades ago, America must to come to the realization that there are very dangerous consequences that would result from such a divorce. The marriage between Israel and America is exactly like that between an abusive husband and an abused wife, a wife who, after years of being beaten up decides to leave him, and he, in his desperation to prevent her from leaving, has the last say on the matter with a murder-suicide. Israel’s parasitic relationship on America is rooted in a psychosis of sorts, a situation that scre! ams out a madman’s warning to the rest of the world that "If we can’t have her, no one can." Israel has already hinted at this in her long standing military policy known as "the Samson Option" which would entail the use of nuclear weapons against anyone, including her most lucrative spouse America, who in any way threatens her existence in a serious manner. Considering the parasitic relationship that exists between Israel and America, the fact that America is the lifeblood of Israel and the means to her realizing her 2,000 year dream of global hegemony, what then could be more serious to her existence than having America cut off all aid to her, without which she would cease to exist?

Those who are just now realizing the fact that the current scandal with the Iraqi prisoners can be said to be the product of America’s friendship with Israel can now better understand why there has been a very vocal minority warning about such a situation for decades. Perhaps now they will better understand why there are those who have risked life and limb in order to expose the danger of this relationship, true patriots who foresaw the manner in which America’s decency would be tarnished through such a friendship. Whether or not this parting of ways can be done without leading to her complete destruction is a matter for fate to decide. But those who are wetting their pants in fear over coming to terms with this reality shouldn’t blame fate either. If it can be said that birds of a feather flock together, than America, understanding the nature of Israel’s history and the ideology that propels her forward in the world, should have stayed as far away from her as possible fo! r her own best interests. This was the recommendation that was made by virtually every foreign service officer in the United States government at the time when President Truamn was pondering whether or not to accept that big bag of cash by Zionist agents in return for his endorsement of the Jewish state. But in truth, the recommendations of the US State Department should be seen as secondary arguments as to why America and her integrety would be compromised by such a friendship. Afterall, more potent an argument than that is the fact that many of those who embarked upon this adventure called Zionism were the cousins of those who butchered tens of millions of people in Bolshevik Russia. With this in mind, one shold prudently ask the prudent and prophetic question, "does a leopard ever change its spots?" Logic should tell the world, and more importantly America, no, and therefore, what benefit would there be in forging a relationship with such a beast? America has lied down with the do! g and has now woken up with fleas, and in choosing bad company, has allowed what goodness existed in her character to be corrupted.

In practical terms, all that remains for the rest of the world is to watch in horror as these two birds of a feather go about the business of plunging the world in an orgy of warfare and inhumanity, whose end result one need not be a prophet to envision. This orgy will be but another instance of madness that will one day be studied and weighed by historians who will shake their heads in bewilderment, asking the same unanswerable question being asked by Americans today over the Iraqi abuse scandal, which is "how could this happen, and why?"