Brazil has 1,603,055 diagnosed cases of COVID-19

Brazil has 1,603,055 diagnosed cases of COVID-19

A report released by the Health Ministry on Sunday (Jul. 5) indicates that Brazil has 1,603,055 cases of COVID-19. Of these, 64,876 were fatal, 602 of which in the last 24 hours. The number of recovered cases stands at 906,286, or 56.5 percent of infected people.

São Paulo is still the state with the highest case tally, 320,179, followed by Ceará, with 121,464, and Rio de Janeiro, with 121,292. Considering the death toll alone, São Paulo also ranks first, with 16,078. Next come Rio de Janeiro, with 10,667, and Ceará, with 6,441.

Despite the figures nationwide, some cities are considering gradually resuming their routine. In São Paulo, Mayor Bruno Covas signed protocols for the reopening of bars, restaurants, and the beauty sector.

In Rio de Janeiro the reopening of bars brought a large number of people to the streets on the first day. On Friday (3), after the punitive measures were introduced, establishments took action to lower large gatherings.

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