Brazil receives record shipment of 11.8 million masks

Brazil receives record shipment of 11.8 million masks

An Latam aircraft arrived in São Paulo carrying another 11.8 million surgical masks from China on Tuesday (Jul. 7)—the highest amount of supplies to combat the pandemic transported to Brazil on a single trip.

The shipment comes as part of an order of personal protective equipment (PPE) placed by the Ministry of Health and supported by the Ministry of Infrastructure. This is said to be the 35th batch of more than 40 yet to come.

“Early in the crisis, we took up the great logistic challenge of helping the Ministry of Health with the supply of PPE for all Brazilian regions. A veritable war operation was devised, and we are now continuously carrying 960 tons of equipment altogether. It is the unsung victory of the federal government, which is helping ensure the necessary conditions to tackle the pandemic,” said Infrastructure Minister Tarcísio Gomes de Freitas.

According to a note released by the ministry, 220 million of 240 million masks bought were received, a portion of which belonging to the N95 type—the most efficient disposable medical mask available in the market.

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