Brazil’s coronavirus cases top 510 thousand

Brazil’s coronavirus cases top 510 thousand

Brazil reached 514,849 cases of the novel coronavirus—over half a million people infected with the disease—after the addition of 16,409 to the case tally. Up 480 deaths reported from Saturday (30) to Sunday (31), the number of deaths from COVID-19 rose to 29,314. The official figures have been brought up to date on Sunday evening.

Of the total amount of confirmed cases, 278,980 (54.2%) are being monitored and 206,555 (40.1%) patients have recovered. There are also 4,208 deaths under investigation.

São Paulo is still the epicenter of the pandemic in the country, with the highest number of obits, 7,615. The state is followed by Rio de Janeiro (5,344), Ceará (3,010), Pará (2,923), and Pernambuco (2,807).

Next come Amazonas (2,052), Maranhão (955), Bahia (667), Espírito Santo (604), Alagoas (443), Paraíba (360), Rio Grande do Norte (305), Minas Gerais (271), Rio Grande do Sul (224), Amapá (222), Paraná (182), the Federal District (170), Piauí (161), Sergipe (158), Rondônia (156), Santa Catarina (136), Acre (148), Goiás (124), Roraima (116), Tocantins (73), Mato Grosso (61), and Mato Grosso do Sul (20).

As for the number of confirmed cases, São Paulo (109,698) ranks first, followed by Rio de Janeiro (53,388), Ceará (48,489), Amazonas (41,378), and Pará (37,961).

Among the states with the highest number of people infected are also Maranhão (34,639), Pernambuco (34,450), Bahia (18,392), Espírito Santo (13,690), and Paraíba (13,162).

Worldwide, Brazil occupies the second place in the number of infected people (514 thousand), behind the US, with over 1.7 million cases, according to the report released by the Johns Hopkins University, which gathers countries’ official figures. As for the death toll, Brazil ranks fourth, behind the US (104,319), the UK (38,571), and Italy (33,415).

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