Bukusu Tribe is overlapping

It is hardly a week when the eighth Vice President of Kenya the Late Michael Christopher Wamalawa Kijana was buried in his farm in Kitale Western Kenya.

His tribe people known as the Bukusu came up with their cultures and demanded that they be followed to the latter. Among them were, a round hut being built for the body, the head of the late to face Mount Kenya( they believe their god lived at Mount Kenya), shaving all the hairs of the deceased family after burial, the widow taking bath at the river very early in the morning after burial- this was to wash a way bad sprits.

Nobody came forward to challenge this, not even the president, government ministers, citizens etc. They were successful.

Another culture is cropping in after the burial and this time we are not going to sit back and watch. The community is saying that the wealth of the deceased should be distributed amongst the Bukusu elders. This is a culture seen by many people as in bad taste.

The late Vice president left a family behind and all this depended on him directly. Where will their daily bread come from after grabbing everything from them.

It is high time president of Kenya Mwai Kibaki to step in and end this duel between the family and the Bukusu elders.