(Bush methodology) Tyranny / Takeover Trumps Terrorism / Truth

President George W. Bush loves to talk freedom and practice tyranny. His government detains Americans and foreigners alike without counsel, indefinitely, and routinely, on the basis of unfounded, unproved accusations. If Bush and his team can "link" you to anyone they consider to be a "terrorist", they can and they do and they will throw you in jail and they will throw away the key for years and years. Never mind that the links between Bush himself personally with terrorism are far stronger than the links of his prisoners.

Tyranny is a big part of the methodology of governing Iraq as well. Never mind that Bush used Saddam Hussein’s tyranny as an excuse to invade Iraq in the first place. Bush uses lethal force just like Saddam did to maintain control of armed insurgents. Bush’s military uses lethal force to quell "riotous" wedding parties as well, or to stop police from chasing bad guys in Baghdad. Bush idea of freedom and liberty is to inject a constitution based on American values upon the suppressed people of Iraq. Bush had installed his own government over Iraq, instead of allowing for free elections in which Iraqis can choose for themselves their own leadership. Again, instead of democracy, we have tyranny at the point of guns and helicopters.

Bush claims to be fighting "terrorism" in Iraq, yet his own military sees guerilla warfare by armed locals who oppose the occupation of their homeland. Every attack on the American military is called an act of terrorism. Thus freedom fighters are labeled terrorists based on who their bullets are aimed at. If the freedom fighters were armed by the U.S. and firing at Russians in Afghanistan, they are our sort of freedom fighters. If the same people, or their Arab allies receive their support locally or from other Arab states, and they fire at the U.S., they are automatically labeled terrorists.

The U.S. has put Iraq, its infrastructure, and its assets up for sale in the international marketplace. The takeover by Iraq is designed to transfer future wealth generated by Iraq’s economy into American and British banks and portfolios. The takeover of Iraq’s oil production facilities is also designed to enrich American institutions.

In the process of all the above, the truth is a dispensable, if not undesirable commodity, like a weed to be suppressed and disposed of.