Bush spills the beans in his response to Reid

President George W. Bush is not renowned as a deep thinker.

He can be reactive and dismissive of the views of others.

Occasionally, his dismissive attitude reveals deeper truths he may not have meant to reveal.

In his attack on the Democrats and particularly on comments by Nevada Congressman Harry Reid, Bush revealed why the congressional war appropriations budget was not acceptable.

Among other reasons, Bush said that having a clearly defined exit date would allow the Iraqis to avoid making the hard decisions to reach "our" objectives."

Yes indeed! It is the U.S.’ objectives that are at question in Iraq, not the will of the Iraqis.

The U.S. objective is control of Iraqi petroleum, and that has not been secured.

The U.S. does not and will not willingly relinquish control of Iraq by military force until the occupation’s prime objective is attained.

Obviously, it is critical to have a compliant (i.e. puppet) government installed that can be manipulated by force or by bribe to support "our" objectives.

That is why al Sadr is reviled by the Americans – he does not support our objective but wants Iraqi control of Iraq and its resources.

For once, George W. Bush told the truth, and the U.S. media has completely missed it.