By Bush Agenda: Mission Accomplished – Time for U.S. to Leave Iraq

The weapons of mass destruction and WMD programs are proved to be now be functionally non-existent. (U.N. inspections did work after all in removing the programs formerly authorized, funded and equipped by the U.S. and other foreign governments).

The regime of Saddam Hussein is removed and Saddam himself is now captured and held for trial by the Iraqi people and the world community. There is no longer any threat by Saddam Hussein or his regime to Iraq, the neighbors of Iraq, including Israel, or the U.S.

U.S. presence in Iraq is non-entirely unnecessarily and counterproductive. U.S. military occupation is a totally destabilizing force in Iraq. The mere presence of U.S. and coalition forces foments insurgency and violence by Iraqi nationalists and causes injury, death, and destruction to Americans, Iraqis, infrastructure and progress.

It is time for freedom and democracy within Iraq. It is time for Iraqis to choose for themselves their own form of government, their own leadership and their own future. It is time for Iraqis to determine the principles of their own constitution. It is time for Iraqis to take control of their own wealth and their own natural resources and their own reconstruction.

There is no need now for U.S. military presence whatsoever. There is no need for U.S. corporations in Iraq to rebuild the country. Let the Iraq’s rebuild their own country. They built it in the first place without U.S. corporations in charge! If the Iraqis want to hire U.S. contractors, let the Iraqis make that decision!

Soon, it will be time for Iraqis to consider what sorts of reparations are owed the people of Iraq by the U.S. for polluting their land with depleted uranium. Soon it will be time for Iraqis to determine what reparations are required for deaths of Iraqi civilians by cluster bombs. But that can come all in good time.

Now is the time for the U.S. to completely withdraw from Iraq, give the Iraqis their freedom, and allow Iraqi democracy to work for Iraqi interests, not U.S. interests. It is time for Shiites, Sunnis, and Kurds to work out their ambitions in a democratic process unfettered by American ambitions. It is time to prove that Iraq is not an American colony or possession or protectorate. It is time to show that Iraq is once again a sovereign nation with a proud history and a future of self-determination.

Mr. Bush, bring home your troops! Mission accomplished! Let freedom and democracy ring in Iraq. Let the Iraqi people now control their own affairs and their own destiny. Bring Paul Bremer home.

Let the National Guard return to their jobs and their families. Take away the reason for insurgencies and insurgents to exist and to destroy. Let peace ring, Mr. Bush.

Mission accomplished!