Can America Outlive Zionism’s Demise?

I will attempt to point out the influence of Zionism on American politics and the potential heavy price it might inflict on this. As not to repeat the many people, who have been pointing out Zionism’s crimes, and the recent developments in the Israeli/Arabic struggle, I will make my points without much corroboration.

It doesn’t take more then listening to statements of elected officials throughout the American political establishment to realize the influence Zionism has on America. The majority of US congressmen and senators don’t lose a chance to voice their unconditional support and devotion to Israel. The voicing of support to Israel is a prerequisite to any successful nomination to any public office. US media is littered with Israeli officials and Pro-Israeli Zionist “experts”. Most US protestant preachers are busy preaching Israel’s godliness and Palestinian dehumanization in churches and media broadcasts throughout the country. Pro-Israeli resolutions and appropriation of money have become so prevalent, repetitive and boring in US Congress that one has a hard time finding people more devoted Israeli supporters in Israel’s Kenesett. So, America’s Zionist indoctrination is not a fact that many would refute in my opinion.

Zionism, not a national movement

Zionism proclaims itself to be a national movement for the establishment of a homeland for the Jewish people on the historic land of Palestine. It sounds like an innocent idea, until you dwell into details and realize that the land of Palestine had inhabitants that Zionism required to be resettled against their will at whatever price. In its attempt to accomplish this monumental atrocity, Zionism has succeeded in redefining main stream Judaism to its liking. It redefined Judaism from a religion to a supposed national identity that was resurrected from history that was rewritten to fit the Zionist scheme. Today, the majority of Jews identify themselves as Zionists, and one has a hard time distinguishing where Judaism starts and where Zionism finishes. Furthermore, the Zionists successfully found a convenient interpretation of biblical prophecies for the coming of the Messiah that fits into their grand scheme. They found a willing segment of the Protestant Christian Church (mainly the US Protestant church) to buy into that interpretation. Now, not only is Zionism’s mission the establishment of a Jewish only state, but a state that satisfies the messianic dreamers among the Jews and the Christians at whatever price. That state has been built on the blood, graves and aspirations of the Palestinian natives of the land. It continues to pursue the ethnic cleansing, occupation and bullying to its neighbors required to sustain such a cancerous entity, that is based on twisted messianic dreams and racist aspirations. Furthermore, it refuses to define geographic boarders or limits as to how much expansion and ethnic cleansing would be enough to satisfy the last Zionist zealot out there.

Marrying the Zionist Agenda to American Imperialism

At their early stage, The Zionists were successful in marrying their agenda to the strategic goals of Great Britain, the Colonial superpower at the time. Doing so, they succeeded in marshalling the British into building their state in 1948. Once the empirical torch was passed on to the US, the Zionists lost no time in redirecting their bets, and succeeded in marrying their agenda to America’s imperialistic policy in the Middle East. Within hours of Israel’s birth, the US recognized that state and has been functioning, as its umbilical cord, financier and big brother ever since.

For the past century, The Zionists have amassed a complex network of political, economical and media support system to influence policies and masses on a global scale. So, when we talk of Zionism today, we’re not talking of a national movement, but a complex global web of political, economical, media, religious and cultural movement that spreads all over the western world, with its main power centers in the US and Israel. Zionism’s means for accomplishing its goal have been bribing, threatening, manipulating, media misinformation and a long line of blood and suffering that mainly afflicts its main subjects – the Palestinians – whose graves and aspirations the state of Israel was built upon.

Throughout the 50 some years since Israel’s state declaration, Countries liberated themselves of colonial powers, The Vietnam war came and went, the Soviet Empire crumbled, South African whites joined the rest of decent humanity, The World became more and more Americanized, as America increased its power and as it found it in its best interest to distribute its troops to all corners of the world. The Only thing unchanged, however, was Zionist racism, inhumanity and hunger for ethnic cleansing. America, during that time, was systematically transformed into advocating the Zionist cause and was indoctrinated into its religionists’ messianic dream. The Zionists, through systematic political lobbying and media control, succeeded in portraying the Arabs as villains, Israelis as victims and Americans as Israel’s saviors. They made it easy and convenient for the West in general, and the US in particular, to disregard the atrocities inflicted on the Palestinians and Arabs, and in some cases, like in Iraq and Lebanon, participated in them directly. That trend has continued unabated through series of concessions by the Arab regimes and series of massacres, dislodging and ethnic cleansing by the Israelis, with total support and often cooperation from the US.

Preludes of things to come?

Three major events happened at the turn of this century that should have given the Zionists a reason to pause and reflect on the fruitfulness of their mission. Some might not see the strategic significance of those events, but I believe the effects they have on the Psychology of the peoples involved (Arabs, Israelis and Americans) are profound, and might prove of historic significance. I think the close succession of those events, their magnitude and their effect on this century-long war can’t be ignored:

1) The humiliating defeat of the Israeli forces in Lebanon on the hand of fierce, brave resistance fighters, who succeeded to force the “undefeatable” Israeli army to withdraw with no concessions after 22 years of barbaric ruthless occupation. That withdrawal was the first time that Israel withdrew from Arab lands without concessions or compromise (not even a cease-fire was put in place). Many might question the importance of this victory or its magnitude. I think its significance comes into play when one realizes that it came after a series of humiliating defeats to Arabs, and it had a profound effect in refuting the “undefeatable” image of the Israeli army in the Arabic mind. This Event might prove to be the turning point for Zionism’s expansion and the beginning of its demise.

2) The second Palestinian Intifada (Al-Aqsa Intifada) that erupted after the war criminal Ariel Sharon desecrated the Aqsa Mosque following the failure of the “peace” negotiations that culminated in the infamous Camp David II summit. During that summit Clinton and Barak tried unsuccessfully to bully a historic concession out of Arafat, hoping that they could transfer the occupation of the remaining land of Palestine from large concentration camps of misery and cheap labor, to large reservations of broken willed people. The fact that the second Intifada came after the failed Camp David summit and the historic victory in Lebanon proves that Zionism still has not subdued the Palestinian and Arabic will to resist. This ongoing Intifada came to say loud and clear that there will be no resolution without fulfilling the aspirations of the Palestinian people for an independent state, and that defeat is not an option.

3) The terrorist attacks against New York and Washington in 9/11. Those attacks alone could prove to be a turning point in history. Putting aside the tragic loss of innocent life of historic proportion, and the morality issues associated with those attacks, I see them as one chapter in a war that America made itself a party ever since its adoption of Israel and its Zionist agenda. Those attacks accomplished two major strategic goals (planned or not is yet to be seen) in my opinion. First, they shattered the invincibility of America’s geo-political position since WWII and its ability to practice its imperialism through remote controlled military power. Second, it diminished the strategic effectiveness of fancy, technologically advanced weapons that cost billions of dollars to develop. When 19 dedicated angry men can cause this much destruction by transforming modern civilian technology to lethal weapons, building a space shield program that would cost trillions of dollars doesn’t seem like much of a guarantee for national security; neither does billions of dollars worth of nuclear arsenals.

Zionist indoctrination of America

America’s indoctrination into the Zionist scheme can best be realized from the US reaction to the 9/11 attacks. The US administration did not choose to focus on the political, cultural, and religious roots behind the 9/11 attacks, and did not build a UN lead coalition to address all the root causes of terrorism and effective ways to counteract it. It chose, instead, to pursue an anti-terrorism “crusade” with a terrorizing “with us or against us” mentality, directed mainly at Arabs and Muslims (especially those that constitute Israel’s enemies). In my opinion, America’s anti-terrorism crusade is geared into furthering America’s imperialism and Israel’s Zionist policies that brought about the 9/11 attack in the first place.

In essence, the Zionists have succeeded in culminating the transformation of the US from Israel’s lifeline, to Israel’s genie. All an Israeli Prime Minister has to do is rub the Congress lamp and a puppet genie pops up in the White House to offer his magical powers to service. In the process of this transformation, the US in essence has divorced the principles it portrays itself to uphold, to become a country where the group who can pump the most money into media and campaign financing sets the rules. America’s total support to Israel’s policies is not a matter of “if” anymore, but a matter of how much and for how long. It’s yet to be known whether the US will save itself from the Zionist disease before it cuts through the bones.

The terrorist attack on 9/11 should have shown and proven to the US the shortcomings of its strategy. But I believe that Zionism’s infiltration of America’s political establishment and media, has reached a level where major transformation and correction is required before the US can gain its senses and learn from that experience. I have no doubt that as the US continues on the Zionist path, it will increase the likelihood of terrorist attacks, regardless of how many Arabs and Muslims are killed and branded terrorists, or how many Karzi’s (Afghanistan’s American puppet) are brought to rule. Americans need to look at Israel’s history to learn about the effects of dehumanizing people and disregarding their inherent rights. If Americans need a glimpse to the future Zionism could bring, all they have to do is look at Israel’s history. As much as Israelis have been successful in massacring, dehumanizing and brutalizing Arabs, it hasn’t brought them one bit closer to security and peace of mind, and hasn’t brought the Arabs an inch closer to accepting Israelis as their masters. Is the US capable of surviving as an Israeli like police state and still maintain its constitution? That’s a question that time will tell, and which I hope we never have to face.

Will the US cleanse itself or be saved by the messiah?

The only thing that could save America from an Israel like future is for it to cleanse itself of Zionism, or the unlikely (and impossible in my opinion) fulfillment of the prophecies of messianic dreamers in Israel and the US. It doesn’t take more then preliminary understanding of the scriptures to learn of the Zionists’ grieve misinterpretation (if one to consider the Zionists’ interpretation of scriptures as anything but a calculated misrepresentation). There is no way that the God, Christ or anyone else reflected through the Bible can be on the side of such inhumanity practiced and advocated by the Zionist Jews and Judo-Christians. In the unlikely fulfillment of Zionist messianic prophecies, America’s prosperous future will depend on its ability to cleanse itself of Zionism.

I believe that Zionism has no place but the dumpsters of history next to the Nazis, Stalinists, Fascists and other ethnic cleansers of the world. Zionism is a morally devout movement, that functions like a parasite or a virus that requires a carrier through which to carry its mission. It will be a matter of time before the Israelis and Americans will need to cleanse themselves of this lethal parasite in order to survive. Zionism’s major short comings are that: its racist in the age of equality, re-creator of history in the age were some people are proclaiming history’s end, an ethnic cleanser in the age of Human rights, exclusive in the age of inclusiveness, and colonial in the age of liberation. Without going through a detailed analysis of Zionism’s shortcoming, one can see how it’s swimming against the flow of history, without any higher human principles to sustain it.

Thoughts to Ponder

I believe that Zionism’s demise is a matter of time. It’s a question of at what price, and who will be dragged down with it. I would like you to ponder some questions that are of significance to America as it walks the Zionist path:

Do you believe that America can be more effective into subduing Arabs then Israel has been?

Will replacing Saddam Hussein, or any other dictator for that matter, relieve the tension in the Middle East, or the anti-American anger in the Arabic and Muslim World?

Can Zionism survive without puppet leadership in Washington?

Will the ultimate Zionist plan of Transfer of Palestinians outside of Israel or the building of their proposed temple on the ruins of Islam’s holly Aqsa mosque be enough to quench the hunger of the messianic dreamers for settlement of land if the expected messiah fails to show up?

Can you imagine the Arabs and Muslims being more dehumanized, defeated or illegitimatized?

Do the Zionists in Israel and the US preach the same God portrayed in the Bible?

Can America, or any other nation for that matter, use Nuclear Weapons (tactical or otherwise) and be safe of reprisal attacks for years or decades to come?

Can the World community afford the heavy price needed to quench the hunger of the Zionists in Israel and the US?

Is it to anybody’s benefit to redraw the world according to religious lines at this stage of history?

Do you ever wonder why resolutions relating to Israel in the US congress always pass with unanimous votes, why its important for us to veto UN resolutions condemning Israel, and why its hard to find a media outlet in the US that is not Pro-Israeli?

Do you ever wonder why the current interpretation of scriptures preached by main stream Judiciary and Protestant Christians never existed before Zionism came into being?

Do you believe it’s healthy for a democracy to have a few zealot extremists’ control its media, political and economic institutions?

Do you believe anyone alive believes Sharon, President Bush’s “friend”, to be a “man of peace”?

Do you foresee the US with more then a handful of friends after President Bush is done drawing the world according to his “With us or against us” crusade?

I hope those questions would make some people realize how grave our calculations could be if we continue at this path. When the only superpower has an inhumane racist country as its master, the future is bleak. The Zionist-Imperialism that defines America’s foreign policy is not a policy that anyone in this world will be able to live with. So, let’s cleanse ourselves from the Zionist disease before we all lose the ability to distinguish the teachings of the coming messiah from those of Satan.