Can Sharon fulfill the extreme Zionist dream?

One need not probe into Sharon’s mind to understand his future agenda since he represents extreme Zionism, whose publicized proclaimed objective is well known to most people. The goal is to maintain a Jewish State in the largest Palestinian territory he can take hold of. In other words, he needs more land but without the people, since more non-Jewish inhabitants would compromise the Jewish character of Israel. To achieve such aggressive and expansionist objectives, he would have to conquer the land first and then either emulate the 1948 Nakba by evicting the non-Jewish population or be forced into creating an apartheid that would control the Palestinian inhabitants by sheer force. The Arab demographic ticking bomb has prompted many Israeli leaders to hold seminars in Haifa and many other Israeli cities to discuss ways and means of diffusing the greatest threat to Jewish exclusivity where the idea of transfer has become again a serious goal of Zionist planners. In the last 53 years the “Israeli” Arabs have increased almost eight-fold, from 150,000 to 1.2 million. If these figures were extrapolated to include the “new” Israeli-controlled West Bank Arabs into the formula, then Arab majority would take over the Jewish State in less than 20 years! In other words, Jewish control of their own government would be seriously threatened, assuming of course that Jewish “democracy” would remain the political system of government. Therefore, to counteract such a “nightmare”, Israeli leaders would have to take one of two steps: either transfer the Palestinians out or create an apartheid that would keep control of the State in the hands of Zionists.

In discussing the idea of transfer, the propagandists of Zionism realized that such a path would not succeed in the light of “stubborn” Palestinian resistance, which would deprive Israel from ever dreaming to live in peace with the Arabs forever while facing all kinds of world pressure that would make its implementation an impossible dream in and of itself. This leaves Israel with the only choice left: apartheid, which represents the lesser of two evils. However, this choice is not a relished state of affairs either given that most of the countries in the world reacted by forming a boycott when it existed in South Africa. In addition, Israel’s claim to “democracy” would be questioned, aside from the expected and determined Palestinian resistance that would cost Israel a continuous flow of victims.

In light of the above, I am completely baffled by Israeli planners who are usually rated very high by the international intelligent circles. My only conclusion is that extreme Zionism has become so intoxicated with power that it has become blind to the inevitable future developments. Even without firing a shot in the direction of Israel, the expected demographic changes cannot favour the future of Israel, as time (for the first time) is not on the side of Israel. If I were an Israeli leader who is very loyal to Zionist dreams, I would rush into an agreement with the Palestinians to establish the two-State solution that would secure a Jewish State as one of them before the demographic bomb explodes in the face of Zionism and removes it from the world scene. I would have espoused Oslo principles as a golden opportunity that would secure Israel’s future before it’s too late. Sharon’s promise to bring peace and security to the Israeli electorate has failed drastically, as many of us have predicted. Miracles do not happen anymore and the Palestinians are not simply going to vanish into oblivion to accommodate Sharon’s dreams.

With the Arab leaders’ apathy to the Intifada notwithstanding, we still have to continue the struggle and develop the Intifada to a more mature level that would turn Zionist dreams into a nightmare. For those who claim that such resistance is too costly, they have to remember that the road to freedom is not lined with roses. Cuba, South Africa, Vietnam and the million martyrs Algerian revolution should remind us that our national aspirations could not be achieved without human sacrifices, especially with such an atrocious enemy. To acquiesce to Israeli unfair and humiliating dictates is to accept total surrender and submission to an oppressor whose goal is to keep us under his heels forever.

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