Castle in the Sky?

With his classic style of oratory, President George W Bush has vowed that the US and Pakistan are working closely to fight terrorism in its all forms and manifestations.

He have had prolific eulogize for President General Pervez Musharraf for his support vis-à-vis this aspect. ‘President Musharraf is a friend of our country’ and ‘Pakistan is an ally in the war on terror and the American people are safer’, he said while addressing a large gathering in Oak Ridge, Tennessee at the onset of this week.

Pakistan has undeniably played an unmatched role in the US-led war against terrorism. It has brought President Musharraf’s input in dealing with the menace–”virtually–”a nuisance into the international limelight.

President Bush’s persistent accolade for Gen Musharraf have, however, focused him in a negative perspective at home as it endorses the public perception rightly or wrongly that Pakistan’s campaign against terrorism is being carried out at the behest of the United States.

It’s, in fact, resulting in backlash against Musharraf, which is amply marked in attempts on his life and that of the Karachi’s Corps Commander.

The truth, however, is that Gen Musharraf had initiated war against extremism and terrorism long before the episode–”indexed in the history as ‘Nine/Eleven’. To recall, he had banned two religious outfits prior to the attack on Twin Towers in New York and Pentagon in Washington.

What Musharraf is doing, in fact, represents pursuit of the national interests. Yet Bush’s remarks have projected him negatively as it gives the impression as if Pakistan is acting as the US mercenary in this part of the world.

The perception certainly needs to be corrected firmly and urgently in the best interest of Pakistan’s dignity, honor and President Musharraf’s self-respect.

Fascinatingly, President Bush’s argument that American people are safer today as a result of his war on terror is a misnomer based on total self-deception. The truth is that the American people were never so frightened and threatened as today.

If American people are really protected today, then there was no raison d’être for a low key celebration of the US Independence Day on July-4. The CIA and FBI had issued repeated warnings about possible acts of terrorism on this time.

The US Embassy in Islamabad had cancelled its traditional Independence Day reception due to the security threat. Pragmatically, if the American people are to be made really safer, the US Government will have to address the causes of terrorism–”with Palestine and Kashmir–”atop, which are Muslim world’s bleeding wounds.

Washington shall have to admit that its’ blind back-up to its’ cute and cunning spy and ally in the Middle East–”Israel with its’ overt, yet clandestine love amid shocking leaning towards its’ aficionado–”India in South Asia who are virtually axis of despotism and tyranny–”is generating abhorrence and disgust against the United States.

The US President is well-acquainted with the awful and perilous scenarios in the Middle East due to Israel’s atrocious attitude towards the innocent people of Palestine who are being put to death, day-in and day-out on their own soil with jagged and toxic strikes by gunship helicopters, spraying noxious bullets on civilian populous all-around.

He is, beyond any shadow of doubt–”also well aware of the awful enormity of State terrorism, unleashed by India on the people of the forcibly occupied part of the Himalayan State of Jammu and Kashmir, where not only people in millions stood displaced in the wake of an Indian onslaught–”back in 1947 but also almost point one million have embraced martyrdom in a single decade.

Just for raising their bona fide voice for seeking right of self-determination, in line with the United Nations resolutions [1948-1957]–”a vow justifiable by all norms of ethics, fair-play and above all–”befitting the requisites of humanity.

With such an environ persisting–”how can one expect–”a lasting peace around the orb? Mr. Bush is ought to define the word ‘terrorism’–”with a clear outlook, clear as crystal. No doubt, terrorists with sadistic mind-set exist in every society or realm–”may it be civilized or other-way round. Such nasty extremists must be taken to task to the optimal–”without any reservations.

Yet it would be inequitable and wanton to bracket the freedom fighters with the ‘terrorists’–”a scar on the forehead of the globe. So at the very out-set, the United States is required to find out–”as to how the species like terrorists surface, posing perils to every land–”around the world. Primarily, as a natural phenomenon, no one takes birth as a rebel or fanatic [a terrorist].

By striking the parameters of equilibrium, it would become evident that it is a fussy milieu which camouflages many–”eventually turning even some gentle souls or spirits–”as an extremist or a radical, a remark now-a-days being put as ‘terrorist’–”in the dictionary, published with the advent of the 21st century epoch.

With a lot of resources at it’s’ disposal the de facto master of the world today–”the US can very conveniently draw a compassion between a freedom-seeker and terrorist. A judicious approach on this aspect is much-needed. It would be paradoxical if people, affixed with a single faith–”most explicitly the Muslims–”are cataloged as the terrorists.

Hence we feel optimistic that Mr. Bush would go by a realistic course and detect and unearth all the terrorists–”wherever they dwell–”of-course by eschewing bigotry on the highly significant task and would take every terrorist to task–”irrespective of one’s faith, color, cast, creed or credo–”for ensuring universal peace till time without end.

Its’ thus an apposite time that Bush should better see the ground realities in accurate and true perspective rather than living in a state of fantasy–”or if phrased in other words–”in a castle in the sky .