Chaos in Quetta!

Amid hefty security arrangements -” al-over Pakistan -” for the observance of Youm-e-Ashur with reverence and solemnity to pay homage to the treasured martyrs of Karbela, the mid-day of Tuesday came as a perturbing jerk and jolt to every Faithful -” wherever -” these souls dwell around the orb.

With no exact digit of casualties still available -” yet estimated beyond 50, lost their precious lives with injuries to many others, in an incident in the provincial metropolis of the Baluchistan -” Quetta, wherein the main procession of Ashura -” the 10the of Muharram was targeted by unidentified gunmen.

An identical ill-fated episode took place on the sacrosanct soils of Iraq -” with causalities in hundreds. Its’ the same place, where the audacious and truthful grandson of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) -” Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) gave the supreme sacrifice along with his companions who laid down their lives for the supremacy of justice and righteousness.

Both the awful incidents have been censured and condemned by every pragmatic realm -” from each and every direction of the global -” with optimal denunciation.

Whereas, the present set-up in Iraq is taking its’ own course to overcome the perilous scenario -” a natural phenomenon of such an tragic occurrence -” we share the grief with the kin of every-one, who was targeted by the clandestine hand (s), overtly to create a cavity among the ranks and files of the Muslims, blessed and bestowed with unique emotions, synchronizing harmony, fraternity and brotherhood.

This manifests the veracity that who-so-ever resorted to the wicked act of terrorism -” with blitz on the mourners’ procession in Quetta or the assemblage in the sanctified city of Karbela, can -” in no way -” be a Faithful rather, by all perceptions -” the raucous, spiteful and callous foe of Islam. Its’ so because the sacred religion does not permit such a hideous act as adore, peace, amity, fraternity, mutual respect -” with equilibrium is and has always been the glorious hallmark of every-one, linked with this faith -” and that too till eternity.

While beaming our sincerest eulogize for the apex authorities -” with President Musharraf atop -” for taking an instantaneous cognizance of this culpable and atrocious act by the gang and cluster of terrorists, we do expect an evocative upshot of the probe so as to ensure that all wicked designs of such flecked and flawed icons of evil are thwarted -” rather extinguished and annihilated for all times to come -” in the best interest of the nation as well as the Ummah.

As is indexed in the history -” even that of the recent past -” such perils were posed on the eve of Youm-e-Ashur with loss of loved lives as well as injuries to many. In-depth investigations were ordered -” yet no reasons for such incidents were disseminated to the people, who have the natural right to be aware of the modus operandi of the ferocious set(s) of the trouble-shooters -” to become still more cautious, careful and vigilant.

To reach a logical conclusion-“and to stop such and nasty course-“in times ahead, it is obligatory that the life of the one caged-“for this episode, as one of the grisly character of the fanatics’ cluster-“is saved come-what-may.

This way-“the agencies-“responsible for ensuring law and order-“would be in a position to dig out a lot of information about the activities and nauseating n’ vile plans of the extremists-“to make them evaporated.

On most of the occasions in the past-“such evils-“were extinguished on the spot. Resultantly, the crime-“whatever and whenever-“was committed fetched nothing beyond a horrid chapter or a elf-tale -“indexed in the nations’ history.

Such a milieu, not only turned a ‘font of potency’ for the problematic species but also ended-“every neurotic phenomenon-“without yielding an ardent and rational result. One hope-“it shall, in no case be allowed to ensue this time.

Yet -” we are all sure, that the authorities shall take the people into confidence -” obviously to deal with such vicious elements -” with an iron-hand. As a matter of fact, the public co-operation does much more than the colossal safety arrangements. It is thus, all the more turns vital that people are taken along to smash all trends of dilemma -” wherever they exist -” in any silhouette.

Nevertheless, we would like to extol all the provincial governments -” of-course the federal government too -” as except the solitary untoward and unfortunate incident in Quetta, absolute calm prevailed every-where in the country -” amid feelings of harmony and tranquility.

While waiting for the result of the high-level inquiry to unearth the raison d’être of the Quetta episode, we express our heartfelt sympathies with each and every member of the bereaved families with a prayer to Allah Almighty to bless the departed souls in eternal peace. Simultaneously our prayers go -” with every breath -” for all those who sustained injuries in the tragic occurrence -” for their quick recovery at a swift pace.