Choose your friends wisely

This will be wrong in assuming that strengthening ties with Israel at the cost of Arab World resentment will not harm Indian economy. Indian economy will be crippled if Arabs enforce oil embargo, ban Indian goods and expel Indian contract labor.

VYou must know that Pakistanis, Arabs or Afghans living in America are US citizens and can’t be expelled for some individual terror acts. But the Indians working in Arab countries are contract labor and may be asked to go home for India’s deliberate state policy of making Arab’s foe as her best friend. Remember the adage, friend of an enemy is also an enemy.

You must recall Gulf War when thousands of Yemenis enjoying the special privileges in Arab countries for decades were expelled en’masse within weeks for their government’s decision to support Iraq. These type of decisions are not based on ethnic or national biased but purely on national interest.

One must read Arab newspapers to know feelings of indignation in the Arab world over India-Israel friendship.

No doubt India stands to gain by drawing substantially on Israel’s US based technological prowess in all fields from agriculture to weaponry and warfare.

However, as regards friendship, Israel is a liability for her worst record of violent oppression in the Palestinian territories.

India has a tough choice of eating pie at the risk of loosing cake. The days are gone when India could eat the pie and keep the cake also by fooling his friends and foes.