Christianity under attack: Who will be the Media’s next target?

The secular media has traditionally been unfriendly to Christianity and regularly conducted character genocide on people of faith; but lately its taken a dark sinister turn and declared all out war on those who try to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As shown by its recent assaults on high profile religious leaders, liberal secular media fundamentalism has become the major threat confronting the Christian witness today.

Recently, the Los Angeles Times has unleashed a Pearl Harbor-like assault on Trinity Broadcasting Founder, Dr. Paul Crouch, despite overwhelming and irrefutable evidence to the contrary. The Times has forged ahead with the false assertion that Dr. Crouch had a homosexual liaison with a former TBN employee, a convicted child molester and drug user.

You have heard the saying, "Power corrupts." If that is in fact true, then how much truer is "Absolute power corrupts absolutely" as related to secular media? Unchallenged for decades, the secular media has already had its so-called objective mask ripped off in light of recent fabrications and distortions. CBS and Dan Rather, for example, promoted false material in the attempt to damage President Bush’s re-election campaign. Jayson Blair concocted false stories for the New York Times. The Los Angeles Times lost 10,000 subscribers for its partisan attacks on now California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

How much longer shall our Christian voice remain silent or muffled as millions fall by the wayside "lost forever" due to the secular, steely vice squeezing out Christian truth? Still, how much longer will our Christian conscience permit this crush to continue? After all, this is the hour to rise to the news coverage challenge. We must charge forth with penetrating insight in news, honesty in detail, and relevance in content.