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Deception is the hallmark of occupying powers Great Britain, France and America. The leaders of these countries deceive about their intentions and policies. They have a justification for every crime they commit and it is ironic that they justify their abominable acts in the name of humanity, peace, stability and liberation. They present themselves as selfless and courageous while committing the most outrageous crimes. This policy of deception is not rootless. Its roots can be traced to the Crusaders and to the occupation of America by Christopher Colon. He is one of the beneficiaries of this policy of deception. For 500 years an occupier has been portrayed as an explorer. For 500 years a murderer is painted as a “messenger of God” and a “new Moses.”

Think for a moment that if for 500 years it was told again and again: Colon was an occupier and murder that had a charter from a king and a queen to occupy America of Color and enslave the inhabitants. He was precursor to occupation and exploitation in America by the white-skin Europeans. He was responsible for the centuries’ long genocide of 112 million sons and daughters of the soil –” Americans of Color –” Native Americans by the white-skin Europeans. He introduced concentration camps for the Americans of Color. He dehumanized them. Nor was his brutality confined to the Native Americans. His own ship’s crew could not escape his bloody hands. He lied to his sponsor and crew about the basic facts. Loyalty was not a quality in which he believed. He was a Jew but pretended to be a Christian. He wanted to have an enclave for the Jews financed by a Christian king and queen.

If these facts had been publicized again and again for centuries, the outcome would have been different today. Christopher Colon would have been in the Hall of Shame and not in the Hall of Fame. Millions of students around the world would not have been taught about a fake explorer. American White-skin leadership could not celebrate his quincentennial. ‘Columbus Day’ would not have been celebrated every year. If it had celebrated, it would have been celebrated as a day of shame. October has been declared ‘White October.’

But unluckily this did not happen. Facts were not stated. Myth, propaganda and falsehood were taught in the guise of history. Millions of students, and the masses as a whole, throughout the world have been misinformed about Columbus’s intention and objectives and the atrocities he committed. Students have been told every day for centuries that “in fourteen hundred and ninety-two Columbus sailed the ocean blue” to prove the world is round.

Many factors contributed to the transformation of Jewish Colon. Rivalry in the occupying camp, events, individuals with vested interests, myth makers, propagandists, pseudo historians and the Jewish connection all played an important role in elevating Colon to the Height of a ‘new Moses.’

For the British, Spain was a roadblock to their expansionist designs in the America of Color and elsewhere. Colon was used to discredit the rival occupation power. His differences with the royal family were highlighted. He was portrayed as its victim. He was exonerated of his crimes in America, and instead the royal family was painted with a bad brush. Later, religious rivalry between these two contesting occupying powers also played a role. To discredit the Old World (Europe) and extol the New World (occupied America of Color), his name was also used by the American elite. He was labeled the discoverer of the New World, of a ‘promised land.’ This land was declared to be a site of asylum from the tyranny of the Old World.

The real idealization of Colon began with the British occupation of North America and subsequent mutiny, so-called ‘War of Independence.’ In this mutiny local British occupiers rebelled against their own mother country, Great Britain. This time he was used to discredit Great Britain. The rebellious British occupiers wanted to remind Great Britain that they were not in England. They were occupying the land ‘discovered’ by Colon. This time he was ranked as second to George Washington. Songs about him were written to fuel the fires of patriotism among the anti-British troops. Poets declared Colon’s occupation of America as the ‘conquest of Canaan.’ He became a symbol of unity, national pride, progress and liberty. Cities, towns and buildings were renamed in his honor. King College of New York was renamed Columbia University. The new capital of the nation was named the District of Columbia.

Puritans, to some theorists, were like the Marranos, secret Jews of Spain. They were naturally and logically the outstanding supporters of their brother, secret Jew Colon. To them America was a ‘new blessing’ and Colon the ‘new Moses.’ This worship reached a crescendo on the 300th anniversary of his voyage in October 1792. It was celebrated as a ‘jubilee of mankind.’

In this climate, the role of opportunist historians and authors was to bring out more and more favorable material to support the ‘discoverer of the New World.’ But in this process they buried the truth intentionally.

Washington Irving declared Colon ‘a man of great and inventive genius, ambition was lofty and noble, inspiring him with high thoughts, and an anxiety to distinguish himself by great achievement. In newly found countries, he sought to colonize and cultivate them, to civilize natives.”

To William H. Prescott, “The finger of the historian will find it difficult to point a single blemish in the moral character.” Colon’s claim to be a God’s messenger was repeated again and again: “Of the new heaven and the new earth which Lord made, … he made me the Messenger, and showed me the way.”

But today some aspects of Colon’s real life are exposed and unmasked. Credit goes to the fair-minded Europeans who did not allow, race, and religion or material gains to blur their visions. Bartolome De Las Cases is one of them. Credit also goes to the Native Americans, African-Americans and Asian Americans who are determined to show the real, ugly face of Colon –” imperialist operational arm –” a curse of imperialism.

This article is written with the same objective: to expose the real Colon. Economic exploitation is not included in this article. That aspect is well documented that how white-skin Europeans plundered the American continents. Rather, present attempt is to bring other less publicized and obscure facts to the attention of the Muslim community and others.


The propagandists have widely used terms like explorer, discoverer and navigator to describe Colon. He is also regarded as the first ‘explorer’ to reach America. Bus his own intentions and misdeeds negate this view. They show another side of the coin. To explore is to search out and exclaim discovery. To discover is to make known something secret, unknown, previously unnoticed. Simply reaching a new land does not in itself constitute a discovery.

Besides, an individual who has a mandate from a king to occupy a land and enslave the people cannot be termed an explorer. If an individual enters into a contract with a king that if he occupies he will earn titles –” be made governor and viceroy –” and his following generations will continue to enjoy these privileges, he cannot be an explorer or a discoverer. This rule applies in its entirety to Colon. He had a contract with the King and the Queen of Spain. The text of the contract reads as follows:

The following are the favors which, on the petition of Don Christopher Columbus, your Highnesses grant him as reward for his discoveries in the Ocean Seas for the voyage that with God’s help he is now about to make in Your Highnesses’ service. First, Your Highnesses, as Sovereigns of the said Ocean Seas, appoint the said Christopher Columbus, now and henceforth, their Admiral in all islands and mainlands that shall be discovered by his effort and diligence in the said Ocean Seas, for the duration of his life, and after his death, his heirs and successors in perpetuity, with all the rights and privileges belonging to that office ….Your Highnesses also appoint the said Don Christopher their Viceroy and Governor-General in all islands and mainlands that, as has been stated, he may discover and acquire in the said Seas ….Your Highnesses grant to the said Don Christopher Columbus one tenth of all merchandise, whether pearls, gems, gold, silver, spices, or goods of any kind, that may be acquired by purchase, barter, or any other means, within the boundaries of the said Admiralty jurisdiction. After all expenses have been deducted, of what remains he may take and keep the tenth part and dispose of its as he pleases, the other nine parts to accrue to your Highnesses. With their signature. “I the King” and “I the Queen.” Fredinand and Isbella affirmed the Capitulations of Santa Fe and set the terms of Columbus’s Enterprise of the Indies.

There is another strange fact to be noticed. It was Colon who advertised the plan. The King and Queen were not his first choice. He struggled hard for 14 years to sell it first to the Portuguese king. When he could not trap him, even then he did not turn to Spain. He was on his way to France. Then and then the Duke of Medina Celi referred him to the royal court of Spain. Colon even attempted to sell himself to the British.

What did he want to achieve from this campaign? It is a historical fact that he wanted to achieve three stated objectives: to occupy, to enslave, and to grab gold –” a precious but rare commodity for Spaniards and other Europeans. His own letters, journals and other material prove this fact. Circumstantial evidence also hints that he wanted a place under the sun for the White-skin European Jews.

He was lucky to achieve two of his goals. He raised the Spanish flag on the continent. He also accomplished the second goal, enslavement. And he thought it necessary to inform the king and the queen about this crime. ” And then I found very many islands filled with people without number, and of them all I have taken possession for their Highnesses, by proclamation with the royal standard displayed ….”

This intention to enslave is also proved by another document that reads: “We shall take you and your wives and your children, and shall make slaves of them, and as such shall sell and dispose of them as their Highnesses may command; and we shall take away your goods, and shall do you all the mischief and damage that we can.”

As far as gold is concerned, Colon combed one island after another to find the roofs of gold.

Colon appetite for gold was enormous. The moment he touched the land, he took some of the Native Americans by force to get information about the land. His appetite for gold was whetted when he saw them wearing gold; on another occasion he was offered a gold mask by a Native American chief. He also attempted to find out the best location for the gold trade.

Although he was not successful at this, he kept the royals’ hopes alive by painting a rosy picture for them. He told them about the fertility of the lands, and that “Up country there are as many mines of metal.” He also told them about the bright prospects for enslavement, as the Indians were “without number.”

It is also far from truth that he was the first explorer to reach America of Color. When he arrived, different Nations of Colors had inhabited it for the previous 30,000 years. It was not a land without people. As for the White-skin Europeans, even among them he was not the first. “The Norse, or Vikings, were probably the first Europeans to reach America.”

One thing is very pertinent to note. The role of the so-called European explorers was as a spy in that period, like the satellites of today. They facilitated the thievery of European pirates by telling them the routes and what they would get in these Countries of Color. Marco Polo and Vasco da Gama provided these services to the Europeans. But Colon’s role was completely different. When he invaded America of Color, he sailed with three ships and the army (so-called crews). So he was, even in the European vocabulary, not a lonely explorer roaming around to find routes for the European.


Columbus and his successors showed no regard for the lives of the Native Americans. They killed them for fun. They killed them to test the sharpness of their swords. They placed bets on them. If individual killing was an everyday scene, mass murder was not a rare phenomenon, either. Dogs were also used to do the unpleasant job of piercing them. Nobody was secure, irrespective of age or gender. Women and children were not spared. They “thought nothing of knifing Indians by the tens and twenties, and cutting slices off them to test the sharpness of their blades. Two of them met two Indian boys one day, each carrying a parrot; they took the parrot and for fun beheaded the boys.”

The Americans of Color (Native Americans) who survived this relentless slaughter were caught in the clutches of European ‘crowd diseases.’ They were hit by smallpox and other diseases, which wiped out entire tribes and communities. According to one witness, the Americans of Color died in heaps, like bedbugs. Before the European showed up on this part of the globe, “there was no sickness; they had no aching bones, they had then no smallpox, they had no consumption, they had then no headache. At that time the course of humanity was orderly. The foreigner made it otherwise when they arrived here,” one witness deplored. This destruction broke the Americans of Color psychologically as stated by Henry F. Dobyns, an American ethno-historian.

Forced labor was another source of genocide. The nature and the long hours of the work were more than a human body could endure. “Mountains are stripped from top to bottom and bottom to top a thousand times; they dig, split rocks, move stones, and carry dirt on their back to wash it in the rivers, while those who wash gold stay in the water all the time with their backs bent so constantly it breaks them; and when water invades the mines, the most arduous task of all is to dry the mines by scooping up panfuls of water and throwing it up. After each six or eight months’ work in the mines –” the time required of each crew to dig enough gold for melting –” up to one-third of the men died.”

Women were not spared when the men were forced to work in the mines. They were forced to dig and make thousands of hold for casas plants.

Forced separation of families was another factor in the ‘final solution.’ Husbands and wives were not allowed to see each other for eight to 10 months. When they met they could not procreate. Exhaustion and depression took their tool. For the few newly born, the moments of life were short. Mothers, “overworked and famished,” had no milk to nurse them. One witness recorded the deaths of 7,000 Children in Cuba in three months.

A tendency to commit suicide was the logical and natural result of the atmosphere in which the Americans of Color (Native Americans) lived. A tradition of individual and group suicide started. Mothers also killed their babies to save them from the European butchers and out of depression.

The policies of killing, forced labor and separation of families were continued for decades. The net result was the death of a nation. This continent should have at least one billion Americans of Color. Instead, it has only a few million Native Americans.


The material available on Colon is voluminous. But it is constituted in such a way as to plague it with ambiguity and conflicting documentation. The net result is that there are ‘many Colons.’ The ambiguity is to such an extent that no one can be sure about his race, religion, place of birth, or even his burial place.

But whatever is left, or whatever is allowed to be left, a close examination of that record provides a glimpse of Colon, the worst of humanity. He lied to the king and the queen. He pretended to them he was a ‘captain’ in his youth, which he was not. He falsified the latitude reading so that he would be able to find way to his discovery and nobody else. He lied about the volume of gold to be found in America.

He lied to his army (so-called crew). If he traveled 60 leagues, he told them 48, and if he traveled 20 leagues, he told them 16. Why? Again, so that he alone would be able to find his way to revisit his ‘discovery’. He did not only lie to them, but he also forced them to sign a sworn statement that Cuba was not an island but part of the mainland. This forgery was committed to fool the king and queen.

Colon lied about his personal background: “To some leading historians, Columbus was suspiciously reticent and on occasion downright untruthful about his personal background.”

Besides being a bona fide liar, he was not loyal to his sponsors. Some historians think he took “his mission for Spain as a spy in the service of Portugal.”

He was also an unconscionable individual. He did not show any remorse or regret for the cruelties committed before his own eyes. He was not a mere spectator. He did not only condone –” he was the main perpetrator of those cruelties. He was a main source of dehumanizing the Native Americans by recording and spreading false stories about them. For example, the Native Americans have tails.


Encyclopedia Judaica, page 756, records: “When speaking of his origin, apparently Columbus had something in his background he wished to conceal. The discoverer of America, thought by some to have been Marrano extraction, was himself mysterious. However, he boasted cryptically about his connection with King David, and had a penchant for Jewish Marrano society. In fact, the name Colon ( or Colombo) was not uncommon among Italian Jews of the late medieval period.”

In spite of so many references in books about Colon Jewish background, Jewish leadership still does not own him completely and openly. It leaves a little room to escape when the tables will be turned against Jewish Colon. And America is still a Christian country. Publicity about Colon’s Jewish background could jeopardize the ‘popularity’ of a Jewish Colon. Still, some authors have declared without any reservation that he was Jewish. Some said the blood that flowed in his veins was three-quarters Jewish. The animosity Colon displayed against Muslims by suggesting the occupation of Jerusalem is another factor that proves he is Jew. He knew very well the destruction of Muslim Spain by his financiers.


Different respectable churches had already condemned Colon for his genocidal policies. They were also against the celebration of his quincentennial. Native Americans are also resisting the elevation of Columbus as a ‘benefactor of humanity.’ African-Americans join them.

As the main victims of White-skin European aggression for 1,000 years, Muslim should join the forces that intend to expose Colon’s genocidal policies in America. Second, in the Muslim countries, a campaign should be launched to paint Colon as an occupier and not as an explorer in the textbooks. Third, Muslim students on all level in this country should be given the basic facts about Colon, Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya, and about the Muslim World. They should be encouraged to pose questions to the teachers so that true history is taught and the teachers with hidden agenda do not demonize Muslim World. The white teachers are already feeling difficulty to teach the ‘fictional history’ to the Students of Color who are in majority in the public school system in the city.

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