CIA stirs map controversy in Asian sub-continent

At a time when India and Pakistan are engaged in renewing ties through a slew of measures initiated by the top leadership of both the nuclear neighbor nations, the US Central Intelligence Agency has published an official but controversial map of Jammu and Kashmir indicating that Kashmir is no longer a disputed territory.

The CIA, which is an independent agency, responsible to the US President through the DCI, and accountable to the American people through the intelligence oversight committees of the U.S. Congress, has posted the map on Kashmir on its website CIA’s mission is to support the President, the National Security Council, and all officials who make and execute the U.S. national security policy by providing accurate, comprehensive, and timely foreign intelligence on national security topics and conduct counterintelligence activities, special activities, and other functions related to foreign intelligence and national security, as directed by the US President.

The new map by CIA shows the area east of the Line of Control as “Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir” and describes the region to its west as “Pakistan-controlled areas of Kashmir.”

Kashmir by CIA