CIBAFI launches first online Certification Program on ‘Certified Islamic Specialist in Takaful’

CIBAFI launches first online Certification Program on 'Certified Islamic Specialist in Takaful'

Manama (UNA-OIC) – The General Council for Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions (CIBAFI), the global umbrella of Islamic financial institutions, on Sunday successfully conducted its first Online Professional Certification Program on “Certified Islamic Specialist in Takaful”.

This certification program will continue for five days and is delivered in the Arabic language, according to a CIBAFI statement issued Monday.

CIBAFI training and professional empowerment objective have seen a minor threat manifested in the decrease of the number of graduates during the year 2020. This decrease was due to the current health crisis. With governments and countries imposing restrictions on travels and physical gatherings, most of the training sessions planned by CIBAFI Accredited Agents in different jurisdictions were either put on hold or postponed on a later date. 

In the above context and being fully committed to enhancing human capacity within the Islamic finance industry, CIBAFI decided to launch a series of online certification programs for the current year. This initiative aims to inspire innovative solutions for CIBAFI’s accredited professional development agents to follow.

CIBAFI will conduct series of certification programs in different fields of studies and languages, with a focus on programs that are least used and delivered by its agents, the statement said. 

CIBAFI Secretary-General Dr. Abdelilah Belatik said, “The current pandemic should not be a hindrance but an opportunity to continue doing things in the most innovative and effective ways. Human development is more important now more than ever. For instance, the increased awareness of the benefits of insurance and a preference to secure and sharia-compliant coverage increase the need to develop and qualify professionals to work in the Islamic insurance industry.”

“This program will give participants the opportunity to acquire knowledge and understanding of the Takaful concepts, principles and operational mechanism, Takaful products and the legal, financial and management issues of Takaful,” he added.

CIBAFI Online Professional Certification Programs are aligned with CIBAFI’s third objective of Training and Professional Empowerment which endeavors to enhance capacity building within the Islamic financial service industry (IFSI).

CIBAFI training programs and certificates are appropriate for various levels of all stakeholders including leaders, executives and specialists in the Islamic finance sector.

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