Cindy Sheehan: Learning and Growing / Bill O’Reilly: Rut-Bound in His Own Venom

Bill O’Reilly has been full of hatred and venom since September 11, 2001. O’Reilly wanted someone to pay, and pay dearly for attacking America. He wanted Arabs and Moslems to pay because Arabs and Moslems attacked America that day. The only problem is that a few Arabs and Moslems attacked America that day, and Bill wanted ALL of them to pay. And the few Arabs and Moslems who did attack America on 9/11/2001 were actually working assets of the American government, allowed into the country despite no-fly lists at the time through special State Department interventions, and were trained, organized, and monitored by U.S. intelligence agencies every step of the way until the day thousands of Americans died. Bill O’Reilly has zero concern about American government complicity in the acts of 9/11/2001 — he just wants revenge on the Arabs and Moslems because Bill O’Reilly is a racist and xenophobic.

On the other hand, Cindy Sheehan is an American mom. Her heart has always been in a better place than that of the rabid Mr. O’Reilly. Cindy had misgivings about the war and worried about her son, but she was not going to make a huge issue over it, because, among other things, her son had good motives. Her son wanted to serve his country, and her son didn’t know about the deceits and the lies by his government that put the nation at risk and put him into a war zone for reasons other than stated by his president.

Even after her son Casey was killed in Iraq, Cindy Sheehan wanted to believe the best about her country and her government. She tried to persuade herself that her son’s loss was not in vain, and she tried to respect her president by taking the most positive view possible and not speaking out.

But Cindy’s inevitable period of reflection and fact gathering and her process of learning and growth changed Cindy. She became more assertive as she learned the details of how she and her son had been lied to by their government and their president.

Cindy Sheehan’s growth caused her to perceive that a great wrong had been done to herself, her son, and to her entire nation. This is a wrong that was exacerbated by the venomous Bill O’Reilly and others whose own hatred was wrongly focused and which was perpetuating war crimes and crimes against humanity by President George W. Bush and his government.

Bill O’Reilly has never learned and has never grown and has never toned down his misguided hatred of anyone that seeks truth and speaks truth. Bill is rut-bound and wallowing in his own venom.

On the other hand, Cindy Sheehan has progressed magnificently. She understands that as a citizen of the United States, she can wield power by wielding truth as a sword. She has little personal power, but the power of truth and the result of her growth means that she can make a tremendous difference in the national debate on what has been done and what should now be done. Cindy Sheehan has grown so powerful that the U.S. President sits in his vacation residence dwelling on all the reasons why this powerful man cannot just come out and meet with her! His shame is so great that the president must hide behind his advisors and his securities forces and avoid facing the truth that is expressed in the face of Cindy Sheehan.

Cindy Sheehan is not a powerful woman, but she is a powerful symbol that truth and justice have a powerful effect on liars and purveyors of injustice. A peaceful mom’s very presence can cover a wartime president!

Think about it — the wartime president cannot bear to face a bereaved mother fighting for peace.