A campaign speech I’d like to hear

As the host and producer of my own webcast “The Meria Heller Show” heard at www.Meria.net I’ve been covering politics and environmental issues more than most. I’ve been ranting and raving since the stolen election of 2000. Watching both sides of the fence tear each other apart, but not really accomplishing anything that means anything to the average American. Now with the next election upon us and no changes in the voting process, nor in the rhetoric thrown at us constantly from the media; Bush and his State of the Dis-Union address; Iowa Caucus, New Hampshire Primaries, yadda yadda upon us; I thought of writing this article.

Here is a Presidential campaign speech that I would love to see a candidate run on. I’d also like to see a candidate that can relate to the average American, not some rich white guy who has nothing better to do. I’m tired of the lies, secrets and cover-ups and most of all slackers. Empty promises –” Corporate goals.

Here’s what I’d like to hear:

The “Candidate”:


Under the current administration 3.5 million jobs have been lost to Americans in less than three years. Our jobs are moving overseas, never to come back. A minimum of 40 million Americans are without any health insurance at all. I would make sure an affordable Universal health care was created in America. I’d bring back American made products and American jobs. Charity and democracy begin at home.

For too long both main political parties have let us down. How many of us say we don’t vote because our vote doesn’t matter, and nothing ever changes? I want to make changes and I want your help and your vote.

One of the first things I would do as President is make Election Day a paid vacation day to make sure Americans can find the TIME to vote. Revamping our system of voting and counting of the votes is a no-brainer.

I truly believe that our foreign policy was responsible for one of the worse days in American history –” September 11, 2001. I would make sure that our foreign policy became more of a peaceful, solution minded policy than a military one. I would also make sure accountability for the stand down on 9/11 happens and those who were privy to it are imprisoned for treason.

We can end terrorism by ending hunger and desperation in other parts of the world. A lot cheaper than war. I would reduce our military arsenal by 50% and stop supporting other countries militaries and elections. No more sales of WMD to any nation on Earth. It’s time for all of us to dis-arm before we blow ourselves to kingdom come. Peace treaties will be in vogue again.

I love my country. There isn’t a more beautiful place on Earth than this country. I love the American people. It hurts me when I hear a politician or the President say we are “resilient” but never hear them brag about how intelligent we are. I’d make sure we put that intelligence to work for a better, more sustainable way of life for us, and the world.

This country was founded by people who were involved. Debate and discussion has left the country. I want to bring debate back, locally and nationally. People really like to get involved if given the invitation. I want to invite you to help me run the country!

Years ago, there was a concert with the banner “Feed the World”. I say let’s start here in America. The richest country on Earth and we have millions of people starving and homeless in the streets. A large percent of the homeless are Vietnam Veterans. We hear about compassionate conservatism and Christian philosophies in our government. But their actions don’t befit their words. It’s Peace on Earth, not War on Earth. God and government have nothing to do with each other and should not have anything to do with each other under the Constitution. I will bring back separation of Church and State.

I propose to give Americans jobs using their brains to discover and implement renewable energy sources. The planet is running out of gas, literally. The information is out there. The money needs to be put towards that goal.

I will take the average citizen into consideration on every major decision that affects your pocket, your safety, your family, your country and your rights above all.

I will repeal the USA Patriot Act immediately. It is anything but patriotic. It has crippled our rights under the Constitution as American citizens. I will see that criminal charges are pressed against all those who conspired to create and install this worthless piece of fascism.

I will repeal the tax breaks for the rich, both of them.

I will give Citizens the right to say where they want their taxes to go. If you don’t support war, you shouldn’t have to pay for it.

I will eliminate the paid representatives from Congress who don’t have the patriotism to truly represent the people, instead of the interests of well paying lobbyists and Multi nationals. I will replace them with real people who really care about other people and not about who dies the richest.

I will bring accountability and transparency back to the government. I will demand investigations of the election fraud in this country; the military factories that put us all in harms way for profit; American companies that are hiding money offshore to avoid paying taxes while working for the government. Last but not least, I will assure accountability and harsh prison sentences on everyone involved in the illegal wars against Afghanistan and Iraq, proving to the world that justice does exist in America.

I will make sure an investigation of every Oil Company and every Corporation that has profited by selling out America, getting our children killed in foreign wars are held accountable for treason and crimes against humanity.

I will order an independent, by the people investigation of September 11th, without any hiding behind “National Security”. We can’t be more insecure than we are when we don’t know what happened.

I will immediately cancel any connection to the World Trade Organization, NAFTA, FTAA, GATT treaties, all proven to be enemies of the people worldwide. I will bring back American jobs and create new ones towards a peaceful economy.

I will insist that Americans get educated in how to truly protect their life, liberty and country.

I will give incentives to our citizens to become teachers instead of importing teachers from India.

What could be a more important job than training the minds of our future generations?

Instead of wasting money on moon missions, I would spend it on food missions. Housing missions. Security for the average person is feeling safe in one’s home.

I’d bring back old ideas like actually knowing your neighbors. Watching out for your neighbors because you want to, not because of a law.

I would make sure there’s a good news channel on television that encourages and teaches each of us how to be a good, informed citizen of America and planet Earth. We can get back to basics and still have all our toys. It’s about changing perspectives, a new paradigm shift into true E-volution.

I’d get rid of all the dead wood in the alphabet agencies that kow tow to corporate interest and lobbyists instead of the people’s interests. I would prohibit the revolving door between government and corporate positions.

I would bring back laws to protect our environment.

I’d make sure our laws to protect our food supply are upheld and not compromised by corporate interests.

I would make sure that the prisons for profit system in done away with in America, and those people held on lesser charges are rehabilitated and released.

A true democracy takes every voice into account, regardless of color, religion or bank account.

In the words of Martin Luther King “freedom cannot exist anywhere, unless it’s exists everywhere”. We need to start at home, and then peacefully rejoin the global community on the issues that count as brothers and sisters all sharing the same mother –” Earth.

What would you think of a candidate with a platform like that? We can dream can’t we?