The Cruelest "Apartheid Wall" of All: U.S. Media :: Protecting Israel, Intimidating Congress, Lying to the American People ::

We the People with belief in Providence in our just cause and with the courage of a citizen militia, under the guidance of “learned men”, and motivated by “Common Sense”, hereby establish the principle that “when in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another” nation that has with malice occupation and oppression determined our governance and livelihood, imposed unjust laws and taxes, robbed our homes and properties and expelled us from our cities and towns, besieged our cities and harbors, blocked our freedom of movement and speech, destroyed our infrastructure, and with the impunity of a super power defied all divine and human laws, WE hereby proclaim to the world that such a relationship is hereby null and void.

We the People hereby declare our Independence from any and all “foreign” nations, believing “that truths are self evident that ALL men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights, that among these are LIFE, LIBERTY, and the pursuit of HAPPINESS–that to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That when any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government”

We the People hereby establish the ‘Bill of Rights” whose First Amendment guarantees our “FREEDOM OF SPEECH” against all domestic or foreign enemies, so Help Us God.

We the People of the World hereby adopt these glorious principles of liberty, freedom, equality, justice, and the rule of law for all mankind regardless of race, color, ethnicity or religion.

We the People hereby proclaim that in contradiction to these universal principles, One Nation Under God (America) and under the direct and indirect influence of a “foreign” nation, Israel, has for decades provided the money, weapons, political support, and Vetoes with malice of greed (campaign financing) and pandering political ambition amongst its Governmental officials, permitted such small but super power nation to dominate said nation’s foreign policy and subjugate and deny the freedom of a third nation (Palestine).

We the People of these United States of America hereby declare to the world that such a harmful “passionate attachment” to the foreign nation of Israel is hereby “null and void”. We will adopt the clear warnings of our Founding Father, George Washington, that such “attachments should be excluded” from our foreign policy and such “habitual fondness” to Israel makes us “in some degree a slave.” Israel “prompted by ill will and

resentment sometimes impels to war the government (USA), contrary to the best

calculations of policy. The peace often, sometimes perhaps the Liberty, of nations has been the victim… Sympathy for the favorite nation, facilitating the illusion of an imaginary common interest, in cases where no real common interest exists, and infusing into one the enmities of the other, betrays the former into a participation in the quarrels and wars of the latter, without adequate inducement or justification. HERE LET US STOP””

The wisdom and prophecy of the Father of our Nation has NOT changed in 230 Years.

The combination of unwavering support for Israel and the related effort to spread ‘democracy’ throughout the region has inflamed Arab and Islamic opinion and jeopardized not only US security but that of much of the rest of the world. This situation has no equal in American political history. Why has the US been willing to set aside its own security and that of many of its allies in order to advance the interests of another state? One might assume that the bond between the two countries was based on shared strategic interests or compelling moral imperatives, but neither explanation can account for the remarkable level of material and diplomatic support that the US provides.

Instead, the thrust of US policy in the region derives almost entirely from domestic politics, and especially the activities of the ‘Israel Lobby’… no lobby has managed to divert it as far from what the national interest would suggest, while simultaneously convincing Americans that US interests and those of the other country –” in this case, Israel –” are essentially identical.

–“The Israel Lobby”: Professors John Mearsheimer, University of Chicago, and Stephen Walt, Harvard University

Some of the shared values and interests between America and Captain Israel are:

— Antipathy to Islam, Prejudice toward “others with lives fit for “collateral damage” unworthy of equality and justice, Occupation of Muslim lands, Theft of Arab Resources (Oil and Water), Support of corrupt Dictators, Immunity from International Laws, U.N. Resolutions, or Geneva Conventions; Pro-torture; Killing and Raping of innocent civilians by absolved soldiers, Lies and Spins by a Jewish dominated media, and thoughtless “Think” Tanks, Pandering to small domestic ethnic groups, Coordination of Wars, Invasions, and indiscriminate Bombings, Spreading “Freedom” (and Semen) to ensure compliant governments and stooges, Worldwide Spying and Assassinations of “enemies/terrorists”, Cutting of international governmental and non-governmental humanitarian aid to millions of civilians, Distracting world from own genocides to focus on other genocides such as Darfur while careless and heartless in Rwanda, Congo, and Bosnian genocides, Ensuring only they or those they support have “nuclear” weapons.

In essence the joint mission of spreading “Judeo-Christian Fundamentalist” democracy, freedom, end of tyranny, an Armageddon agenda, and constant Fear to justify homicidal wars at will.

So on the 230th Birthday of America, the world’s beacon of democracy and freedom we can sing our new and improved Anthem.

“Say can you see the “Bombs Bursting in Air” over Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan by the two democratic, civilized super powers–”Israel and America, both delivering American taxpayer funded bombs upon civilian populations? Yes, I know, you can’t. But Why? Because this simple three letter word “WHY” is the most dangerous damaging word to western hegemony? It’s never asked, and if it is, it’s either “Anti-Semitic, Anti-American, Pro-Terrorist, or Stupid.

WHY don’t we know the “WHY” behind this most dangerous of all Alliances?

We the People Determine: IT’S THE MEDIA, STUPID:

"I know of no country in which there is so little independence of mind and real freedom of discussion as in America.”

— Alexis de Tocqueville, 1805 – 1859, French political thinker and author of Democracy in America

“Whoever controls the media, the images, controls the culture.”

— Allen Ginsberg quotes

Again quoting from the most courageous paper “The Israel Lobby” that has for the first time forced America to reassess its blind “allegiance to the flag of” Israel:

“The Lobby’s perspective prevails in the mainstream media: the debate among Middle East pundits, the journalist Eric Alterman writes, is ‘dominated by people who cannot imagine criticizing Israel’. He lists 61 ‘columnists and commentators who can be counted on to support Israel reflexively and without qualification’. Conversely, he found just five pundits who consistently criticize Israeli actions or endorse Arab positions. Newspapers occasionally publish guest op-eds challenging Israeli policy, but the balance of opinion clearly favors the other side. It is hard to imagine any mainstream media outlet in the United States publishing a piece like this one.”

‘Shamir, Sharon, Bibi (Netanyahu) –” whatever those guys want is pretty much fine by me,’ Robert Bartley once remarked. Not surprisingly, his newspaper, the Wall Street Journal, along with other prominent papers like the Chicago Sun-Times and the Washington Times, regularly runs editorials that strongly support Israel. Magazines like Commentary, the New Republic and the Weekly Standard defend Israel at every turn.

“Editorial bias is also found in papers like the New York Times, which occasionally criticizes Israeli policies and sometimes concedes that the Palestinians have legitimate grievances, but is not even-handed. In his memoirs the paper’s (New York Times) former executive editor Max Frankel acknowledges the impact his own attitude had on his editorial decisions: ‘I was much more deeply devoted to Israel than I dared to assert . . . Fortified by my knowledge of Israel and my friendships there, I myself wrote most of our Middle East commentaries. As more Arab than Jewish readers recognized, I wrote them from a pro-Israel perspective.”

"There is no such thing in America as an independent press, unless it is in the country towns. You know it and I know it. There is not one of you who dares to writes (sic) his honest opinions, and if you did you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid one hundred and fifty dollars a week for keeping my honest opinions out of the paper I am connected with–others of you are paid similar salaries for similar things–and any of you who would be so foolish as to write his honest opinions would be out on the streets looking for another job. The business of the New York journalist is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of Mammon, and to sell his race and his country for his daily bread. You know this and I know it, and what folly is this to be toasting an "Independent Press." We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping-jacks; they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes."

— John Swinton, former Chief of Staff of New York Times, 1953

“The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”

— Malcolm X

I shall endeavor to make my case against the Jewish Owned, Run, or Influence Media:

Let’s compare headlines from the Jewish owned papers, the New York Times and Washington Post with headlines from outside the Israeli occupied American Media in Israel and England on Israel’s Invasion, Siege, Bombardment, and creation of a “Humanitarian Crisis” as declared by the United Nations, of Gaza and on the democratically elected Palestinian government Hamas:

This is how the recent Israeli “incursion” and siege of GAZA, home to 1.4 Million Palestinians,began after an already ongoing 5 month military, economic siege, and a blockade of food, water, and medicines. To appease Israel the U.S. blocked all economic aid to Gaza including aid from Charities or Humanitarian Aid Agencies.

June 9, 2006: Israeli Air strike Kills Hamas Official of Interior Ministry in Gaza
June 9, 2006: Israeli Air Strike Kills Seven Palestinian Civilians and Injures 30 in Gaza
After Such Unprovoked and Deliberate Murders the Jewish Owned New York Times and Washington Post Launched the Lies and Spin to Protect Israel.

1. Washington Post FRONT PAGE: June 10, 2006

“Hamas Militants Fire Rockets at Israel After Calling off Truce”

2. New York Times FRONT PAGE: June 10, 2006

"Hamas declares it will resume attacking Israel”

— Photo of a Palestinian Girl in Shock standing over her Father’s dead body, the sole survivor of an entire family picnicking in Gaza’s beach, massacred by an Israeli shell fired from a Naval ship, paid for by the American taxpayer.

3. New York Times: June 12, 2006

“Errant Shell Turns Girl Into Palestinian Icon”

(Prior to Any Investigation, the paper adopts Israel’s Spin that the family was massacred by an “errant shell”, or by Palestinians themselves. Israel’s lies kept changing daily, including that it could’ve been an old unexploded Israeli shell, this despite Investigations by military experts, physicians, human rights groups, eyewitnesses, identification of Israeli shrapnel in injured bodies and media investigations.)

4. New York Times FRONT PAGE: June 15, 2006

Large Front Page Photo of Angry Palestinians Protesting Lack of Salaries with the Caption: “Palestinians Mount Violent Protest Over Lack of Paychecks”: During this volatile time, the paper wants to re-indoctrinate the masses that Palestinians are “violent” by nature.

–“Jihadist or Victim: Ex-Detainee Makes a Case”

(Front page story to reiterate the terrorist nature of “Radical Islam”)

5. New York Times: June 22, 2006

–“Botched Israeli Strike Kills Palestinian in Gaza”

— “A Palestinian woman was killed Wednesday in Gaza after a pair of Israeli missiles veered off target, one of them slamming into a house” (protecting Israel, using Israel’s sound bytes to portray one of the world’s most powerful high tech army as killing only by “accident”, never deliberate)

6. Washington Post: June 24, 2006

— “Shell-shocked by More Than Just Rockets” Israelis in City Targeted by Palestinian Fire Say Government Neglect Is the Real Problem. (Here Israelis are the victims of inaccurate Qassam Rockets that have killed 4 Israelis in one year, compared to Israel’s shelling of hundreds of high tech rockets into Gaza EVERY DAY)

7. New York Times EDITORIAL: June 29, 2006

— Hamas Provokes a Fight”

— “The responsibility for this latest escalation rests squarely with Hamas, If things go on like this, Palestinians can look forward to endless rounds of reckless Hamas provocations and inexorable Israeli responses. That is why things must not be allowed to go on like this. It is not just Israel that needs to be delivering that message to Hamas”.

8. Washington Post EDITORIAL: July 1, 2006

–“Hamas’s War”

–“Instead of fulminating about supposed Israeli war crimes, these actors ought to be demanding that Hamas — and its sponsors in Damascus and Tehran — stop their own acts of terrorism and war.”

We the People denounce the LIES Above and Proclaim the Truths in the Israeli and British Media FREE of Zionist Influence as evidenced below.

1. Guardian (British Paper): June 29, 2006

–“Israeli tanks turn screw on besieged Gaza Strip”

2. Leader (British Paper): June 29, 2006

— “Storm over Gaza”

3. Independent (British Paper): June 29, 2006

— “Israeli missiles pound Gaza into new Dark Age in ‘collective punishment'”

4. Ha’aretz EDITORIAL (Israeli Paper): June 30, 2006

— “The government is losing its reason”

5. Ha’aretz: July 3, 2006

— “The landlord’s craziness”

— “And at home – what moral validity will there be from now on to a protest of the Labor Party against a government that cuts off the electricity off hundreds of thousands of people? What political value will there be to its criticism of the policy of "verifying the killing" of the Palestinian partner?

6. The Observer (British Paper): July 2, 2006

— “Israel’s act of war is inexcusable”

— “The brutal reaction to Corporal Shalit’s kidnap has implications far beyond the Middle East”

We the People hereby condemn in the strongest terms possible our Government’s destructive “passionate attachment” to Israel in its pandering protection of any criticism of Israel in all International Bodies, especially the United Nations, the very organization that gave Israel its illegitimate birth due to our support, yet at all opportunities Israel bites our hands that feed it, as evidenced below and in dozens of United Nations Security Council Resolutions.

7. Ha’aretz: July 1, 2006

— :UN Security Council debate on Gaza ends without resolution:

“An emergency United Nations Security Council debate on the IDF incursion into the Gaza Strip ended late Friday without a resolution…because of because of U.S. opposition to any council action….U.S. Ambassador John Bolton said Syria and Iran must "end their role as state sponsors of terror and unequivocally condemn the actions of Hamas, including this kidnapping."

According to this Neocon and his ilk of “Iraq War Lies and Fame” Americans must protect Israel while it continues its terrorism and war against an imprisoned trapped civilian population in Gaza leaving masses without electricity, water, food, medicines, functioning medical equipment such as Infant Incubators, Respirators, and Dialysis machines because our ally, Israel, in hate and rage bombed the only Electrical Plant in Gaza. This is eerily reminiscent of Nazism and their “concentration camps”. Such actions are in total defiance of all International Laws and the Fourth Geneva Convention. Stealing a nation from Palestinians, ethnically cleansing hundreds of thousands of Palestinian Christians and Muslims, destroying 400 of their villages, stealing their water, ensuring cheap slave labor, and occupying their land to the mainly Jewish Neocons is not sufficient, Americans must also pay and die for Israel in new wars against Iran and Syria. President Bush has publicly committed our nation to fighting to protect Israel should Iran attack Israel.

It is shocking, hypocritical and unpatriotic that our President, Congress, and Media should hysterically foam at the mouth at the taking of one Israeli soldier as a Prisoner of War during a military conflilct, while remaining SILENT at the deliberate murder of a beautiful idealistic young American woman, RACHEL CORRIE, by a U.S. paid for Caterpillar Bulldozer that TWICE ran over her simply because she tried to protect one Palestinian home from being bulldozed. She died as a martyr for peace and the American ideals she firmly believed in, ideals enshrined in our Declaration of Independence that “all men are created equal”.

We the People on this Independence Day Weekend, July 4, 2006, hereby declare and demand “our government” to immediately desist from any and all relationship and support with the Rogue State of Israel. The argument above proves beyond any reasonable doubt the Power of Israel’s lobby and its Pro-Israel media. Hence, WE, hereby declare our opposition, boycott, and political activism to exile all such pandering Congressional politicians who’ve sold our nation and their souls to a “foreign” nation. We will guard our Independence and Constitution against Israel or any foreign power attempting to usurp, hijack, bribe, or manipulate our Independence in domestic and foreign policy. As of today, Israel is persona non grata in our political halls and campaigns, academic institutions, and any American Jew, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, or of any faith, with Israeli dual citizenship or Pro-Israel sympathies will be barred from our halls of power. WE shall boycott any and all media, company such as Caterpillar whose Bulldozers destroy Palestinian homes and kills American citizens (Rachel Corrie), or Hollywood studio that seeks to protect Israel or publish its lies. AMERICA IS “NOT FOR SALE” Period.

In in the words of our Founding Father George Washington:


May God Bless All Nations and Peoples Seeking Peace for Israel, Palestine, and the World. Amen