Communiqué & Kashmir

Towards the end of President Musharraf’s visit to India–”a comprehensive joint communiqué has been set off–”prima facie with a focus on endeavors for the solution of the Kashmir Issue–”which is and has always been phrased as a flashpoint by every pragmatic nation, around the world.

Rest of the text of this document lays emphasis either on people-to-people contact, expansion of road and rail links, trade and commerce–”and most explicitly nutrition to bilateral ties.

Though with reservations, one can call it a breakthrough and obviously a victory for Pakistan–”due to the reason that during the visit–”this time–”the President of Pakistan neither allowed India to create an Agra-like scenario nor permitted New Delhi to replicate its’ habitual rhetoric on so-called ‘cross-border terrorism’.

Nonetheless, whereas, the Indian stalwarts with the aficionados and sycophants–”running the foreign affairs continued with provocative avowals with one phrase and pretext or the other–”President Musharraf proclaimed with dynamism and in an overt style that the dividends of peace in South Asia can be achieved only through the final settlement of the Kashmir dispute.

Apart from this, he made it crystal clear that Pakistan shall never allow the Line of Control [LoC]–”given a frivolous name as ‘border’. Such a cogent message and that too on the soils of India has been acknowledged with adore by apex Kashmiri leadership–”with Syed Ali Gilani and Mirwaiz Omer Farooq as well by each one of those Kashmiri leaders, who have had a meeting with the President during his stay in the Indian capital.

No doubt, its’ the right and ripe time for the settlement of the volatile Issue–”if at all India is sincere to resolve–”of-course in line with the aspirations of the people of the Himalayan State of Jammu & Kashmir–”as a birth right, bestowed upon them by the Nature, alike any other nation dwelling onto the globe.

As a matter of fact, India is ought to index and inject the ground reality into its mind and soul that there can’t be long-lasting amity or friendship between the two nuclear neighbors sans the solution of this dispute. Every thing, accomplished so far in the arena of trade or transport shall get reversed–”if at all Kashmir is overlooked with one ploy or the other–”in any mode or manner.

Not to talk of India’s newest gambit or one may call it oratory that ‘it would not let the redrawing of the map emerge’–”the track record of its’ somersaults vis-à-vis commitments on Kashmir is filled with deceits of multiple natures whereby it remained glued with a singular and awful mindset–”to gain time.

Yet such a hideous stance has fetched India nothing except abhorrence and detestation from the world-over. As far the ‘redrawing of the map’–”yes, we would grant a back due the raison d’être that such a statement itself gives an overt recognition by India to the existence of the Kashmir dispute–”as the Himalayan State has never been nor would ever be a part of the Indian map–”in any style, whatever it may be.

As the stories indicate, its’ certainly encouraging that President Musharraf and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh have made substantive progress on Kashmir and other outstanding Issues.

The decisions taken by the two leaders will expectantly stimulate the ongoing dialogue process to pave vistas for resurgence of the much needed peace and tranquility in South Asia.

Amid this perception, it is a matter of enormous satisfaction that New Delhi has finally realized that confrontational ways and conflict-like means–”are detrimental to the economic development of the region as a whole since the region–”exclusively India–”where majority of the people is living far below poverty-line–”can in no way seek affluence or make real progress–”in a state of seclusion.

Seemingly, it’s because of this loom on India’s part that it has opted to enter into the process of dialogue with Pakistan to resolve the pending Issues–”as it is a vital pre-requisite for peace, security, stability, progress and development in South Asia.

Pragmatically, the Kashmir issue cannot be brushed under the carpet–”in the light of its significance towards global peace in broad-spectrum with South Asia in meticulous.

What an agony of fate? On the one hand, India is gazing with eagerness for love with Pakistan–”and on the other continues with its reign of terror onto the Heaven of Earth–”the Jammu & Kashmir State. The fact remains that with such a persistent state terrorism, Kashmiris are languishing in a virtual jail–”in the silhouette of an atrocious prison in occupied Kashmir.

Least uptight towards high magnitude of atrocities, being perpetrated by the Indian occupation forces–”Kashmiris stay committed to seek their bona fide right of self determination–”with environs of amity sans resorting to any act of violence–”as they are unique peace-loving people.

History stands witness that Kashmiris had to take up arms against the Indian occupation–”only in retaliation to protect themselves and their kin and loved-ones–”even by making supreme sacrifices to the scale–”historians couldn’t trace–”anywhere in the world ever since the end of the Stone Age.

In fact, the international community looks at the Kashmir Issue as the nuclear flashpoint of South Asia, obviously in view of nuclear capability of both the countries–”India and Pakistan.
Virtually, India’s antagonism is not only imposing poverty, hunger and disease on the poor and pitiable people of India–”but its’ confrontational policies have simultaneously deprived the region of its rightful share–”in the world economic order.

Hence, there can’t be any escape from the reality–”which rest only with a peaceful and negotiated settlement of the core issue of Kashmir–”as it has kept the South Asian region in a perilous course–”for well over five decades.

With this realism, it is an apt time that India should concede on its moral and ethical obligations–”if not anything else, at least to ensure a milieu–”which could hallmark an ever-lasting peace and security–”onto the risky soils, indexed in the lexicon as–”South Asia.

Of-course such an ideal situation can be ensured solitarily via the solution of the core Issue of Kashmir–”sans two opinions on this perception. New Delhi is ought to keep in mind that it can not keep the people of Jammu & Kashmir in bondage–”even with a heavy might, as eventually–”they shall seek their birth right–”in a way, they deem apposite as its’ a natural phenomenon that vile trends of domination have never won the hearts of a vibrant civilization–”with is zestful in its rationale and realistic goals.

With such realities, we feel optimistic that amid the echo of the New Delhi communiqué–”a serene and friendly situation shall take birth–”with the settlement of the Kashmir dispute, to be trailed by any Confidence Building Measures [CBMs]–”in other areas–”which befit the two nations–”India and Pakistan.