Condemning Zionism is crucial to world peace, and essential to peace in the Muslim and Arab world

When we imagine what it has perhaps cost the US to sustain the Palestine/ Israel conflict, the amount imagined is mind-boggling. When we look at Israel today, seeking to ascertain what we got for our money, it is mind blowing, and heart breaking. Perhaps trillions of dollars have made their way from the United States to Israel since 1948 by various routes, and most, if not all of that money has been used to kill Palestinians, to vilify Islam, and to prevent economic, social and political development, while destroying any semblance of modernity that presently exists in the Muslim and Arab world, which is arguably the underlying objective of the Iraq invasion, and also the destruction of Lebanon, and why we are stalking Iran. The United States, whether knowingly or unknowingly has, and is participating in one of the most violent and deadly genocidal campaigns of ethnic cleansing ever carried out against any people other than the Native Americans slaughtered during the Indian wars here in the states, and we have done this through our military aide, and also our acceptance of the Zionist ideal, an evil and racist ideology that not only directly contrasts everything we profess to stand for as a country, but that also violates every relevant divine, human rights, or other law, including our own laws, as well as every norm of decency known to the human species. Our support for Israel has caused the US to be complicit in a crime against humanity from which our nation may never be able to economically, politically, or spiritually recover except through deep and sweeping changes in heart, mind and strategy.

If the United States does not undergo substantive foreign policy change, one-day we may find ourselves answering for our crimes against humanity before an international court of law, and in that case, it will be hard for us to explain how and why we felt that it was either moral, or legal to accept the implantation of a foreign entity onto the sovereign land of another people. We will be forced to answer and explain why we armed that entity, allowed it to have nuclear weapons, and why we stood guard over this evil, preventing all international censure, and condemnation as we watched it carry out every technique that it could, hoping to steal even more land, kill out the indigenous people, and to declare itself superior to all other nation/states, including our own country, its number one patron, and our own people, most of who are not Jewish. An even greater crime than our irresponsible use of US treasure and influence to eliminate the Palestinian people, are our attempts to tie their hands to prevent them from mounting a self defense, much in the way hogs were once tied-up to be slaughtered. Having attempted to strip the Palestinians of their human dignity in almost every way imaginable, we have systematically passed laws, and issued presidential decrees, paid for by Israeli backed lobbyists, which deems their struggle for survival, terrorist and criminal, while the crimes of their occupiers are deemed worthy, not only of US military support, but also billions of US taxpayer dollars annually, making our crime of complicity with Israel, also a crime against our own country, and our own people.

Historically, our Congress has consistently and loyally, without any moral regard, compunction, or conscience used US treasure, and also our political, and economic influence to sustain the illegal occupation of Palestine, even to the detriment of our own stated interests. We have become the most hated, and feared nation in the world, simply because in our international affairs, and our “unconditional” support for Israel, we have demonstrated an incompetence, immaturity and callousness that is to be feared, and also hated. What nation of noble, decent and respectable people can advocate, support and advance Zionism as a philosophy, when it is clear, and even Zionists have confessed in so many words, that Zionism is indeed an ideology which seeks to establish norms of thought and behaviors that are racists, immoral and inhumane. A poem written by a member of the Zionist Jabotinsky movement, and a close friend of Ariel Sharon, cited in an article by Israeli author, Israel Shamir (The Cornerstone of Violence, Aug. 2001), perhaps is the best evidence that Zionism is indeed an idea that is incompatible with international norms in thinking about racial and religious supremacism, extremism and intolerance. The poem says,

We the chosen ones are united by hatred to the slave tribes that rose and dethroned our ancestors and rejected our God. Once you know your place in the world, a swine must stay in its sty. You revolted, and forced us to serve you, but now your end is nigh. We are the masters. You are the slaves. This is God’s design. Soon our sun will rise again, and the slaves would not dare to look at it. And then, the Lord of my people will appear in heaven, while we, the dozens of dozen thousand, chosen ones will sit in the great amphitheatre and watch the miserable columns of souls crawling into their paradise. By God’s will we will name it Auschwitz.

We all know that if any one except a Zionist had expressed these ideas, we would consider that person’s comment to be outside the pale of acceptable civil discourse. If anyone had said such things, referring to the Jews as slaves, etc. they would immediately and in the strongest terms be declared anti-Semitic, and we would read about it and hear about those comments if not for months, at least for weeks in the mainstream media. From the presidents of the world, to the UN, statements would be issued condemning, scolding, and perhaps even threatening anyone who would say things, but only if they are directed towards Jews. How can any of us ever forget when the leader of Germany visited the White House, and began her speech saying that the world should unite in condemning Iran, since its leader had asked why Jews had been granted land in Palestine as reparations for European racism. Threats of invasion, war, and other reactions to the statement were reported daily, condemning Iran and its president for asking publicly what is asked secretly by sane and just people everyday, and in every corner of the world. Few, if anyone except those who either read the poem when it appeared in an Israeli newspaper, or read the Shamir article would have ever heard of this poem, or read these remarks, since they were not publicized, the writer was not publicly censured, and his sentiments received no condemnation.

In the most simplest terms, Zionism is simply abhorrent, and it should no longer be sustained with either US tax dollars, or by our moral capitulation and tacit consent for its violent attempts to expand its influence through the illegal occupation and confiscation of land, and usurpation of power, especially here in the US, where it has attached itself to our government like a malignant cancer that is eating away, and destroying our national body, and also our national soul. In our country’s joint efforts with Zionists, to destroy the Palestinians, and Islam, we are destroying ourselves, and our country is declining in international stature, and in other important ways, while Zionism grows stronger, more ugly, and more smug and arrogant in its supremacism, and so too must the international resistance to this last remnant of primitive man’s primal quest for survival through either the destruction or subjugation of all other living things. It was not enough to end slavery, and to rebuke racism in the US, or to dissemble Zionism, manifest as white supremacism in South Africa. Today the world is challenged with the task to once and for all time, eradicate Zionism by drying up the religious and intellectual swamps wherein it breeds, while dismantling its various projects which include the occupations of Palestine and Iraq, its almost daily attacks on Lebanon, and its threats against both Syria and Iran, and its possible attempts to expand into Sudan through Darfur.