Condy Rice – Petulant Pugnacious Princess of Perfidy

To the American Secretary of State, all that matters is empire. The former Director of Chevron, whose name was once attached to a Chevron oil tanker, personifies and typifies the corporate/governmetal/military oneness of the American Empire. Condy Rice is the female expression of Big Brother, Big Business, Big Government. Condy Rice cares not a whit about right or wrong in the moral sense. Condy Rice cares not a whit about the intrinsic needs of allies, such as Canada, France, or Germany. Condy Rice cares not a whit about democracy in Venezuela or the needs of the oppressed in Palestine, who could benefit by American expression of moral outrage over the building of The Wall.

All Condy Rice cares about is the health of the Empire. Condy Rice, in her petulance, cancelled meetings with Canadian officials because Canada stood for itself and its own sovereignty over its airspace, and refused blanket permission for America to launch attacks at potential targets over Canadian territory.

Condy Rice could not think of a good word to say about democratically elected President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, because Empire is what counts with Rice, not democracy.

Condy Rice takes the most severe positions possible at each and every link in the chain attaching America to its allies, and she takes the most severe position possible against any perceived threats to The Empire.

Condy Rice is pugnacious and petulant. Her positions demonstrate perfidy, disloyalty to America itself. America was not formed to be an empire, America was formed as a response to empire, and all empires eventually fail, which loyal Americans should not wish for their homeland.

By continuously positioning herself and her government on behalf of amoral empire, Condy Rice is disloyal to the American people, who intrinsically distrust and feel disgust for Empire. The American people perceive America as a force for good in this world, not a predatory empire. Condy Rice deceives, misleads, lies, and manipulates the American people on behalf of Empire.

The rest of the world sees what America’s citizens have failed to see. America has been an Empire for decades, but the Bush Administration and Condy Rice have taken Empire into a whole new level of decadence and violence and audacity and unilateralism that exposes America’s people to dangers never faced in the history of the nation. America now faces allies who conspire against her for their own self-preservation and protection.

Condy Rice and her petulance guarantees that nations such as Venezuela and Iran and Canada and China and Russia and other begin to find common ground against a common threat — America. Condy Rice and George Bush are making America less safe by the day and by the hour. Condy Rice is betraying America’s people on behalf of the corporate elite who constitute the string-pullers of empire.

America has already peaked in its imperial power, and is gradually, but surely, moving into a position of exposure, decay, and failure. Condy Rice, the Princess of Perfidy, is incapable of restoring America esteem in the eyes of the civilized world. Condy is making things worse, not better. When the History of the Empire is finally written, Condy Rice will be a significant player in the end of the American Empire, while devoting her full efforts to the opposite objective.