COVID-19: Brazil has 1.96 mi cases, 75,300 deaths

COVID-19: Brazil has 1.96 mi cases, 75,300 deaths

Brazil has reached 1,966,748 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 75,366 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. The number was released as part of the daily report from the Health Ministry on Wednesday (Jul. 15) during a press conference at the Planalto presidential palace.

In 24 hours, 39,924 people were registered as infected with COVID-19 by state health secretariats across the country. Also added to the statistics were 1,233 fatal cases.

Also according to the official figures, 635,818 people infected with COVID-19 are being monitored and 1,255,564 have recovered from the disease.

Of the 27 Brazilian states, São Paulo (393,176/18,640), Rio de Janeiro (134,449/11,757), and Ceará (141,248/7,030) have the highest number of COVID-19 cases and related deaths, respectively.

Evolution of the curve

The Epidemiological Report by the Ministry of Health indicates that the curve of new cases per epidemiological week slightly fluctuated downwards last week (the 28th) compared to the previous one, from 252,846 to 263,337. This was the first time the total number of infected people registered in the week was lower. Up to that poins, the curve had displayed mounting totals every week.

The curve of deaths from COVID-19 went up a little in the same period. In the 28th epidemiological week, the death toll stood at 7,204, compared to 7,195 in the 27th week. Approximately a month and a half ago, the weekly amount of fatal cases has seen little change. The curve, however, does not show signs of having taken up a downward trend.

In curve comparison by state, nine showed an expansion, eight kept steady, and ten exhibited a decline from weeks 28 and 27. Considering the number of deaths, in turn, 12 states saw fewer reports, five held steady, and ten were seen to rise, especially in the South and the Central-West.

When asked why the curve is still not going down, as is the case in other nations, the Health Surveillance Secretary of the Health Ministry, Arnaldo Medeiros, argued that Brazil has continental dimensions, where “the epidemic does not behave identically in every region of the country.” “When you look at certain regions,” he added, “you have the feeling that the worst is behind you. And when you look at others, you see that they’re facing this moment right now.”


Brazil still ranks second in both deaths and confirmed cases of COVID-19, preceded only by the US (3.4 million infected people and 136,466 deaths since the pandemic started). Proportionally, based on incidence (COVID-19 cases for every 100 thousand people), Brazil drops to tenth on the list; whereas under the mortality criterion (deaths for every 100 thousand criteria), the country occupies the 11th position.

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