COVID-19: Brazil reaches 108,500 deaths, 3.35 million cases

COVID-19: Brazil reaches 108,500 deaths, 3.35 million cases

Brazil has reported 108,538 deaths linked to the pandemic of the novel coronavirus. The number was public on the daily report by the Health Ministry on Monday (Aug. 17). In 24 hours, 684 new deaths were registered, and 3,454 are under investigated.

The number of accumulated cases went up to 3,359,570. From Sunday to Monday, another 19,373 infected people were added to the figures by local authorities.

The statistics are usually lower on Sundays and Mondays due to the difficulties facing health secretariats feeding the data banks on the weekend.

The document also shows 772,540 people being monitored and 2,478,494 recovered. Lethality (death count divided by the amount of cases) stood at 3.2 percent. Mortality (deaths in every 100 thousand people) was 51.6. The incidence of COVID-19 cases in every 100 thousand went up to 1,598,7.


Of 27 Brazilian states, São Paulo has the highest death toll (26,899), followed by Rio de Janeiro (14,566), Ceará (8,163), Pernambuco (7,210), and Pará (5,945). The lowest number of fatal cases is seen in Tocantins (516), Roraima (568), Acre (582), Amapá (617), and Mato Grosso do Sul (640).

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