David and Goliath

The Goliath of today claims to be a ‘victim’ rather than an empire-builder subjugating non-compliant nations. He purports to wage ‘defensive’ wars by invading distant lands. His armies kill not with knives but with high-tech weapons, whereby defenceless civilians are incinerated en masse at the touch of a button. Like the video games played, their soldiers never see the faces of their victims. Subsequently, the soldiers are acclaimed as ‘brave’ heroes whereas the dead are classified as ‘coward’ terrorists or collateral damages.

His nation leads in the production and sales of the most lethal weapons; profiting from the business of war, death and destruction. Simultaneously, the Goliath sermonises about ‘peace’: a pretext to control the proliferation of these weapons, so that only he can deploy them. Why is the Goliath so afraid? Is the fear a manifestation of the accumulation of guilt for the crimes committed in the past and present?

He constantly barks about the human rights whilst his soldiers exhibit inhuman behaviour. They kill prisoners of war with their hands tied behind their backs; attack crowds of women, children and the old in the market places, mosques and hospitals. They abuse and torture the innocents in Abu-Ghraib. Like Goliath’s forefathers, Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini, he is incarcerating people arbitrarily. And the neo-Gestapo (CIA and FBI) has tortured many of them to death as they have disappeared in Camp X-ray, Diego Garcia and Bagram.

Then comes the farcical lecture about women’s rights whilst his perverted soldiers rape young girls and boys in the US-run prisons in line with what they do within their barracks and at home. How can these soldiers understand the dishonouring of our mothers and sisters when such notions are alien to them? Otherwise, how could they commit such acts in the first place?

The walls in the room of an average GI-Joes is filled with pornographic pictures, demonstrating his one-dimensional relationship with the opposite sex that never rises above the waistlines. When his instincts are agitated, his pretence of upholding the politically correct attitude towards women collapses. They are like the racists that covers up their innate prejudice with good manners, which dissolves easily when the opportunity to express the racist feelings arises.

Recently, a young Palestinian girl shot to death deliberately by the ‘chosen’ people of God. This is natural when the gentiles (non-Jews) are considered to be worse than animals in accordance to the Talmudic laws; a gentile cannot be raped or murdered by a Jew. Where is the moral outrage now? Is the Israeli soldier not a militant Jew, a Jewish fanatic dispensing Jewish terrorism? Or, the term ‘terrorism’ can only be ever described with the adjective of ‘Islamic’? Thus, such labels only reserved for the Muslims who are only defending their borders and resources legitimately, with or without the UN resolutions.

You wont find the moderates in the Mosques lining up to sign condolences for that young girl, who is just one amongst many of the children that are being beheaded by the Apaches and F16s. Nor will the moderates have the dignity or the courage to demand from the Goliath and his accomplices to condemn the killing of our innocent women and children to be at least even-handed on the matter. It is the Goliath who has killed in far greater numbers for the last hundred years.

It has to be said one of he most remarkable achievements of the Goliath has been to avoid the labels of genocide, terrorists and mass murderer despite having exterminated its native population, bombed civilian cities with nuclear weapons and killed hundreds of thousands. Even more remarkable is that, the few individuals or groups that retaliated against the Goliath were attributed with those characteristics. Each action of these ‘terrorists’ is cited as the beginning of every episode of history, whilst the poor Goliath, all he has ever done is: responded!

Recently, the Goliath and his allies justified the pre-emptive war, killing thousands, destroying cities and villages, on the basis of what Saddam might have ‘thought’ and what he might do in the future. Isn’t it strange, that they are so fanatical about upholding freedom of thought yet who would have thought, that they would justify waging a war to prevent someone from thinking? Or are they saying that they were psychic and knew what Saddam was thinking in his mind? Never mind the actual reality of Saddam’s capability, completely diminished since 1991 through the constant bombings and sanctions! Scot Ritter and Hans Blix could have told you that but what importance do they have when they did not rubber-stamp the US foreign policy?

So, what is final reason, “the world is a better place without Saddam”. Who makes up the world, George Bush, Tony Blair and the rest of the war mongering Anglo-Saxon clique? If the Iraqis are happy why are they not showering the occupying soldiers with flowers instead of mortars and bullets? Note how, Bush, Rumsfeld, Woflowitz and Blair sneaked in and out of Iraq without being thanked by the liberated Iraqis.

As for ‘better’, yes it is better for those companies who are making the huge profit by looting Iraq’s oil, all in the name of reconstruction and ‘helping’ Iraqis. Why doesn’t anyone ask those whose homes have been destroyed and those whose loved ones have been killed, if the war was really better for them? By that logic the war was also good for the likes of Kenneth Bigley, Paul Johnson, Nick Berg and their families!

Instead they cite those Iraqis living abroad who have prostituted themselves seeking only to replace Saddam. It is easy to purchase prostitutes as they have very little to bargain with. Those prostitutes stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the neo-con Zionists. They are now waiting like vultures to occupy the lucrative positions, so that they can fill their bellies by looting, nepotism and terrorising the civilians through the Mukhabarat (secret police).

To prevent future Saddams and other ‘militants’ from emerging why not start to exterminate their babies, as was done to other nations in the past? For the unbelievers devoid of religious morals, their minds operate in the realms of pure rationality; eugenics, genocide, cannibalism, incest, necrophilia, homosexuality and anything else goes as long as their mind can put forward a convincing case instead of relying upon the medieval religious dogmas! In Iraq, there has been an unprecedented level of birth deformities due to the usage of Depleted Uranium by the US forces. Don’t forget the sanctions have already claimed 500,000 Iraqi children. The shady neo-cons behind the scenes are plotting! for further attacks with the possible use of ‘tactical’ nuclear weapons to complete the US version of the “final solution (Endlösung)”.

Not far from Iraq, the Palestinians are facing extermination. The UN report says 70% of the stone throwing Palestinian children are shot in the back by the well-equipped Israeli army. Slowly, they also lose their homes and lands. The Hebrew version of the “final solution (Endlösung)” is running towards completion that started in 1948. The European and American Jews have the freedom to enter occupied Palestine whilst the indigenous population are turned into ‘foreigners’ and ‘terrorists’.

In occupied Palestine, the irony is that Goliath is epitomized by the Israelites whilst the Philistines represent David! The power of Goliath lies not just in his sheer brute force but also by the illusions that he creates.