Death Sentence for Friends and Families of Alleged Terrorists

If a family gathering of Mafia members were to occur in an apartment or residence in New York City, in which mafioso thought to be guilty of murders, drug running, extortion, promotion of prostitution or other serious crimes were gathered with family or friends, U.S. law enforcement would never blow up the apartment building, killing family and friends, to engage in a war on crime. But they do it to alleged terrorists in Pakistan.

If "gangstas" in Compton, California were to have an outdoor barbecue and block party in the heart of the ghetto, with attendance by nefarious bloodsuckers on society present along with their girlfriends, their children, and their neighbors, the police would not bomb the gathering and execute vengeance on the innocent as well as the guilty. But they do it in Iraq to alleged terrorists and insurgents.

Even gatherings by the Hells Angels motorcycle gang in its heyday in Oakland, CA, where drunken, violent orgies of sex and machismo occurred between the bike riders and their women and scared the bejusus out of the neighbors, the law enforcement people would never dare to incinerate or blast apart the proceedings with high explosives or weapons of war. But they do it in Afghanistan to the Taliban.

There are no bounds on the use of violence in the so-called "war on terror". The War on Crime is a lovefest compared to the alleged "war on terror". Perhaps it is because the "war on terror" is designed
to be self-perpetuating. Perhaps it is because the "war on terror" was never supposed to be about justice. Perhaps it is because the "war on terror" is in reality a war OF terror BY terrorists FOR terroristic purposes.

The U.S. Government never hesitates to condemn others for killing the innocent. But when eighteen people are killed in Pakistan by a drone-fired missile, it is considered adequate justification that four of the people were "terrorists", though no verification is provided. No criminal convictions for terrorism are produced. No proof of guilt or even evidence of guilt is produced, except for carcasses. The U.S. explanation seems to be — if they died in our attack, they must have been guilty of something, at least some of them.

The U.S. people are so distracted and so entrapped in their own orgies of consumption that the sinister reality of U.S.-orchestrated international violence is only of minor concern. For a couple of years the deaths of thousands of Americans on 9/11/2001 caught the full attention of the American people, but the truth is that the American people were manipulated into this anger by the same corporate/government/military complex which orchestrated the events of that day for political purposes. In short, Americans are manipulated and played for the benefit of the puppet masters for sinister purposes. The situation is explained in Biblical terms: "And they ate and drank and married and were given in marriage and they paid no note until the end came and swept them all away." The end of America as we have known it will be orchestrated by Americans, not by foreign "terrorists". The terrorists are among us, they are of us and most of us will pay no note until it is too late.

The people of Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc., are tasting the beginnings of the future of the American people. It is just a matter of time before missiles are launched into New York apartments, Compton ghetto blocks, and Oakland hovels. The foreign training of America’s Imperial Armed Forces will be put to domestic use when the leaders say it is time.