Democrats will continue the Rampage

America is not a nation at war, defending itself from past or future attacks. America is a nation on a rampage for natural resources, with strategic control of Middle Eastern and Central Asian oil as the driver for current policies, practices and invasions. The invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq were set to occur regardless of the events of 9/11/01 and the best evidence is that 9/11 was contrived and manipulated in order to provide public support for the wars to follow; in short "terrorism" is a contrived pretext for resource wars or rampages.

The Democrats have regained some control of the legislative body of the American government, not because they opposed wars and rampages on principle, but because Americans are concerned about the cost of these rampages. Democrats have not stood up against natural resource wars, against illegal invasions, against regime changes of sovereign nations. Democrats are not calling for reparations to the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. Democrats are not promising the removal of permanent American military bases in Iraq. Democrats are parsing words in order to create the false impression of meaningful withdrawal of American troops from Iraq.

What the Democrats are really trying to do is to withdraw American forces from positions of vulnerability in Iraq to insurgent attacks. Democrats want to reduce patrolling by American troops in areas of danger, while still using American air power and other assets to control the strategic natural resources of the nation under an American-controlled puppet government.

The Iraqi people will not benefit from a Democrat-controlled U.S. Congress. Iraqi people will learn soon enough that American Democrats are just as subject to corporate financing and control as are Republicans. Democrats are not railing against ruin to Iraq by our invasion — they are trying to reduce the cost in American lives primarily. Democrats are still trying to control Iraq for the financial benefit and strategic benefit of America, and so the rampage will not end with the swearing in of the next Congress. In fact, the lethality and mortality affecting Iraqis could, indeed increase if Democrats facilitate more control of Iraqi real estate by air power and decrease American presence by foot and mounted soldiers in Iraqi population centers.

The anti-war movement was rejected by the American Democrat Party. People of conscience in America must fight both Democrats and Republicans if they want to bring peace and justice to Iraq as well as to Afghanistan. As long as oil and oil routes are located in real estate in those parts of the world, the U.S. government will continue to seek control by any means considered necessary, which always will include violence and lethal force.