Dems, Media Elite Overreacted to Gov. Sarah Palin

“There is not a dime’s worth of difference between the Democrat and Republican Parties.”

— George C. Wallace

The national conventions of the DemRepublicrats (the Duopoly) are expensive shows. Think $50 million for each one, thanks mostly to corporate donors. Every four years they are used to convey their nominees, and the party’s line, to the faithful in attendance, as well as to voters watching the TV/Cable tubes out in the hinterlands. When Sen. John McCain recently picked Alaska’s Gov. Sarah Palin as his GOP vice-presidential running mate, the Dems and their elitist media allies, could have let out a big collective yawn. Said something, like: “Sarah Who?” Then, they could have went back to sleep, like they have been doing the last eight years under the reign of the Bush-Cheney Gang. Instead, they overreacted to the choice–badly!

The worst offender at the Gov. Palin bashing was an online site known as “HuffPost.” It’s run by a woman named, Arianna Huffington, whose accent reminds me a lot of the actress Zsa Zsa Gabor. Ms. Huffington was actually at the Republican convention in St. Paul, MN, doing interviews of sorts and forever bragging about being there. A lot of pro-Hillary Clinton and Hollywood types, and some apologists for the Neocons, show up repeatedly on her web site. HuffPost even created a special page to smear Palin’s reputation with every negative rumor that they could find about her on the Net, Including an off-the-wall report on her character from the National Enquirer. [1]

Somehow, I got the impression that the Dems/Media Elite thought if they trounced Gov. Palin early, and repeatedly, McCain would be forced to drop her from his ticket. This is what happened to Sen. George McGovern, a Dem presidential candidate in 1972. He was pressured into dismissing his VP choice, Tom Eagleton, then a U.S. Senator from Missouri, when it turned out that he had been subjected to electric shock treatments for depression. McGovern then went on to lose to Richard M. Nixon in a hugh landslide.

But, Sen. McCain isn’t George McGovern. And, this is not 1972. The Dems/Media Elite simply miscalculated. I’m not crazy about the idea of Sen. McCain becoming the next president of the U.S., but one thing for sure: He doesn’t scare easy. In fact, I think the serial assaults on Gov. Palin have stiffened his resolved not to abandoned her to the media feeding frenzy. Don’t forget, Sen. McCain has those deep Ulster roots, a la President Andrew “Old Hickory” Jackson.

It is certainly legitimate criticism to question a VP candidate on her credentials for that high office, and to also to delve into her politics. This is exactly what I did when I ripped Sen. Barack Obama for slating hapless Joe Biden of Delaware to be his running mate. [2] Gov. Palin is fair game in that department, too. The Dems, and their blogging associates, did go after her on legitimate grounds, but, unfortunately, they didn’t stop there. They charged further ahead by making vicious, cheap shots at her husband, Todd, and on her pregnant and unmarried 17-year-old daughter, Bristol. They even put out a patently false report that Gov. Palin’s mother-in-law wasn’t going to vote for her in the general election.

All of the above was ugly enough. Then, the Dems/Media Elite made a really serious strategic mistake. They went after Gov. Palin, a mother of five children, knocking her “as a working mom,” who just couldn’t possibly “do-it-all.” Oh, did that line of attack touch an exposed nerve! It also came off as sexist! Sen. Obama, to his credit, tried to call off the hungry sharks, but he couldn’t. They were already circling their victim and getting ready for the kill. But, the charge backfired! Here’s a statistic for you: “Seventy-one percent of all mothers with children under 18 worked in 2007, according to the U.S. Census.” (Baltimore Sun, 09/04/08.) I think a lot of Americans instinctively felt some genuine sympathy for Gov. Palin that she probably wouldn’t have gotten, but for the cynical rants about her being a working and “do-it-all mom.”

How awful did the attacks on Gov. Palin get? Try this one: Rep. Robert Wexler (D-Fl) charged that McCain’s choice of her to be his VP was an insult to “all Jewish Americans.” [3] Why would it be an insult, you might ask? Well, the genius Wexler added: “She endorsed Pat Buchanan for president in 2000!” Wrong! She supported Steve Forbes in that race. Meanwhile, a notorious Neocon, William Kristol, who is as Jewish as Wexler is, was praising Gov. Palin’s selection as VP, although he called it “a gamble.” [4] What does that now make Kristol? An accomplice of Buchanan?

Where was all of this howling and screeching from the Dems, and the attack-journalism tactics from their media cronies, when the Bush-Cheney Gang was leading the country into the illegal and immoral Iraq War based on 935 lies? [5] Were they reading the NYT’s Judith Miller? Where were they when President George W. Bush was creating his uber-Presidency? [6] Were they laughing at the apologist for the Bush-Cheney Gang, the comic Ben Stein? One thing for certain, they were mostly silent.

Now, these hyper ventilating critics are coming out of their closets to protect America from a 44-year-old woman, Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska–“an average hockey mom.” Who can blame people for not buying their ad hominem arguments about her? You also have to ask why so little criticism was directed by the Gov. Palin-bashers towards the GOP Convention speakers, such as the ultra warmonger, Sen. Joe Lieberman (IND-CT). He has close ties to Israel’s Hard Right and also condones waterboarding as a method of torture. [7] As far as I know, Rep. Wexler hasn’t condemned Sen. Lieberman for his position on waterboarding and/or labeled him as an Insult to “all Jewish Americans.”

A lot of folks, such as myself, have visited Alaska, love its natural beauty and feel an affinity for its citizens, many with independent mindsets. In the past, Gov. Palin has stood up to corrupt politicos in her home state, including members of her own political party. Refreshingly, and unlike Biden, she isn’t part of the old boys network in the nation’s capital, dominated by globalist schemers that have gotten the country into the present damnable mess we’re in. [8]

On a related front, ex-U.S. Senator Mike Gravel (D-AL), wrote an insightful commentary on Gov. Palin for Counterpunch, on Sept. 3, 2008. [9] He warned her about the slippery Neocons, the Wall St. wise guys, the crafty AIPAC crowd, the awesome Miltiary-Industrial Complex, and ubiquitous Corporate American, among other powerful special interests, whose clever operatives regularly haunt the halls of power in Washington, D.C.

Sen. Gravel also took Gov. Palin to task about her position on some of the social/cultural issues that she embraces, such as “Creationism.” Nevertheless, he also wished her, warmly, “good luck” in her new role as the GOP’s VP candidate. This is exactly what many of the arrogant Dems, and the media sharks who support them, were just too dumb to do!


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