Depleted Morality

When it comes to weapons of mass destruction, there are no “right hands” and “wrong hands” they fall into. There are only hands that are connected to heads that suffer from depleted morality. For when it comes to the issue of life and death, moral authority falls only in God’s hands.

We are being brainwashed by think tanks and politicians on the one hand, and war loving media on the same hand, that there is a “moral case” for war. We are also being brain dried-cleaned, that there is yet another “moral case”, when the “right hands” use weapons of mass destruction to protect us against the immoral use by the “wrong hands”. The devastating effects being in the hands and not in the weapons. We are being further brain vacuum-cleaned, that when people are “shocked” by an assortment of smart, dumb and regular bombs, and when a cocktail of bombs are dropped by good old fashioned B52s, people must be in “awe”, that thousands are killed instead of millions, and that most areas of civil life are destroyed instead of all areas of life. What is a better time to civilize and liberate people than after they are either killed or destroyed?

What is on offer is death by bombs or death by indoctrination. Would we like to be dead or brain dead is not a choice. It is an indecent proposal! It is like when one is forced to choose between physical or mental abuse. Neither! Millions or people answered. When we die, we like to die sane and humane.

What people rejected on February15th and thereafter, is mafia morality, where one is a good father one way and a godfather the other way. There are two major problems with moral duplicity: Firstly, being a good father or a godfather does not have to do with being a father or with fatherhood altogether. One has to be good person to become a good father or a good anything. Secondly, it is only a matter of time, before a godfather turns against his own relatives and kin, if they don’t approve of his views or his lack of vision. For When it comes to morality, one cannot be moral one way and immoral the other way.

That this “moral war” and these “moral” weapons are meant for people of the Middle East in particular, and anything that is East in general, does not deter people of the West and of the East from protesting against this double morality. Some protesters may not even know where some of these countries that are on the hit list, are on the map. Only while think tanks and politicians look at the world map to see what is “doable”, people look at their moral map to see what must not be done and what must be prevented from being done. Contrary to what we are lead to believe by brain launders, the majority of people are morally intact, and the moral dissenters, although have power, are the minority.

“Trust us” we know! There is a “moral case” for war, politicians answered and media experts cheered. What we know, you don’t know, you don’t have to know, and you are not supposed to know. Lest those who know, that we don’t really know, get to know, that what we know is already known, to those who know and to those who are not supposed to know. After all, what do people who lost daughters and sons know? What do people who fought wars know? What does international law know? What does the UN know? What does the British poet, Wilfred Owen, know when he describes the suffering of a soldier due to poison gas, back in 1921, in his “Dulce Et Decorum Est”:

What Wilfred Owen means by “The old Lie”, “Dulce et decorum est, Pro Patria mori.” literally translates, ” It is sweet and proper to die for one’s country”. As for Einstein, what does he know when he says that same year, “I do not know what weapons world war Ш will be fought? But World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones”.

That two World Wars and a holocaust were “doable” never made them moral or right. The “endless war” that we are promised, is the result of having taken the ultimate moral authority, of who lives and who dies, from God’s hands, and placed it in few men’s wrong and right hands. What think tanks, politicians and cheering media do not want to know, is that despite what things are “designed to look like”, people know, that there is as much of a “moral case” for war as there is for depleted morality.