Desecration of the Quran: Who are the Real Culprits?

The physical book (Holy Quran) may have been desecrated by the belligerent infidels in Camp X-Ray but the much larger desecration of the Quran is the flouting of its laws and values by the entire Muslim community (Ummah)! This is has been occurring for the last one hundred years or more and it continues without feeling any sense of shame or guilt as if this is the norm. However, the large proportion of the blame falls on the various criminal regimes occupying the positions of power within the Muslim countries. Because, only those in power have the means and the responsibility to ensure that the society is governed by the Sharia Laws derived from the Quran and by inference include the Sunnah [1].

Part and parcel of the implementation of the Quranic laws and values means providing security for the Muslim Ummah. Far from providing security these regimes have become the biggest source of insecurity for the ordinary Muslim citizens. Below are four pertinent examples from many, highlighting this point of desecrating the Quran.

a). Saudi Arabia (Hijaz and Najd) and the other Gulf States

When the gruesome butchering of the Muslims took place in Gujarat, India, by the ‘vegetarian-cannibals’ there was hardly any response from the rest of the Islamic world. The regimes in the oil-rich Gulf States including Hijaz and Najd had the leverage to immediately remedy this situation by threatening to expel the Hindu workers. It would have worked as the migrant workers make huge contributions towards India’s balance of payments. However, the criminal Arab regimes continued with business as usual. Moreover, the real tragedy is; – part of the wealth that flows from the Middle East to India end up financing the Hindu extremists that are targeting Muslims and Christians alike.

There are plenty of other examples that shows desecration of the Quran from the heart of Mecca and Medina, a pertinent one is the exhibiting of racism. Many of the government scholars preach about equality between the Muslims but yet a non-Saudi Muslim male cannot marry a Saudi girl by law. Thus, clearly prohibiting what Allah (SWT) has permitted. Surely, is this is an act of innovation (bida) as well as desecrating the Quranic values?

b). Iraq

Despite the gruesome events at Abu-Ghraib and the carnage in Fallujah there was virtually no response from the regimes in the Muslims countries. The so-called ‘Arab-unity’ looks to be going towards a permanent state of disunity and its only usage to date has been to isolate the non-Arab Muslims. Far from helping, they continue to allow the US forces to use their lands, air space and even provide the precious commodity of oil as fuel for the planes and tanks to butcher the fellow Muslims.

While the gruesome carnage continues, many of the influential Scholars continue to remain silent and even cooperate with the crusader infidels, propelled largely by sectarian interests. Ironically, betraying the house of the Prophet like the past betrayal was committed when Imam Ali and Imam Hussein marched for justice.

c). Pakistan

Parvez Musharraf claims he is “deeply dismayed" over the report that copies of the Qur’an were desecrated at the American jail in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. If Parvez Musharraf was genuinely dismayed, it should have led him to make the complaint to the US immediately after the report was published in Newsweek. Instead, Parvez Musharraf conveniently reacted to the riots in Afghanistan and considering the possible repercussion on the domestic public opinion. What about the daily desecration of the Quran by the vulgar abuse hurled at the Prophet (SAW) from the main stream Western mass media with tacit approval from the head of the state, the Abu-Jahal (Bush) and Abu-Lahab (Blair) of today? Yet, Parvez Musharraf with the other cronies still continues to insist that the US war on terror is not a war on Islam and take pride in embracing the modern Abu-Lahab and Abu-Jahal.

Furthermore, did Parvez Musharraf ever express even an ounce of that sorrow for the thousands of Muslims killed in Afghanistan by the bombs and bullets of the US forces launching their attack from the soil of Pakistan? Now remind me again, was Pakistan not created in 1948 to provide sanctuary for the Muslims, so isn’t the real dismay is how Pakistan is being used as a doormat by the US, shedding of the blood of the Muslims! Parvez Musharraf committed treacherous acts and continues to do so, that desecrate the Quran in a far greater way than the soldiers did at Camp X-Ray.

d). Afghanistan

Hamid Karzai, a US-based oil man, is making excuses for the US forces instead of issuing condemnation for the vile acts of Camp X-Ray. But then again how can he do that as hypocrisy also has its limits. He is the man who has been constantly shielding the Americans while they continue to commit their crimes against Muslims in the region. Who can forget the gruesome massacre in the Mazar-e-Sherif and in the fort of Qala-e-Jhangi where Taliban prisoner were executed en masse? Hence, there should have been many riots when the Quranic laws and values were desecrated by spilling the blood of the Muslims which is worth more than the Kaba (in Mecca) and its surroundings.


Another clear violation of the Quran that is applicable to all of the aforementioned cases is that, it explicitly forbids aligning with the non-Muslims against fellow Muslims. The Muslims are prohibited to fight one another and by greater reason by aligning with belligerent infidels to fight fellow Muslims to full fill their agenda. It is an act of apostasy; – deserves capital punishment and the wrath of the Muslim Ummah!

Indeed, the Quranic injunction makes it very clear for the obligation upon the rulers to provide security for the Muslims in general and especially to those who are insecure in places like India, Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan etc. Hence, all the regimes have the obligation to act in their capacity to ensure that security is provided. The Prophet (SAW) clearly said that the blood of the Muslims is worth more than the Kaba (in Mecca) and its surroundings. Yet, if the Kaba was violated it would cause riots but if another massacre of Muslims took place it would simply get ignored!

Apart from the regimes, the ordinary Muslims must take responsibility for the desecration of the Quran as they continue to allow their rulers to conduct over them in this way. Even more bizarre are those who in the name of Islam are violating the Quranic injunctions. As an example in the recent UK general elections many had no problems in helping to re-elect politicians who were pro-war, in favour of shedding Muslim blood. Why, because they get their grant money to build plush Mosques and schools. They are in fact worshipping over the graves of the Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan for which they have become complicit.

Of course the desecration of the physical book is symbolic and designed to provoke the Muslims and cause maximum offence. Perhaps, the Afghanis and Iraqis should also retaliate by symbolically urinating on a banner that reads democracy! But why there is no anger displayed when the fundamental teachings within the book are flouted day and night. The reaction in the streets of Afghanistan and the silent anger that flows through our veins must be channelled so that we ourselves do not become complicit in the real desecration of the Quran by flouting its laws and values. Particularly, ignoring or remaining passive to the shedding of the blood of the innocent Muslim men, women and children from Palestine to Philippines.