Dial S for Murder

Mohamed Khodr’s Column

Herr General Sharon,

You don’t know me but I know of you and your military exploits.

You see, you and I were in the same city, Beirut, in 1982, albeit on opposite sides of death. You planned the annihilation of Beirut and its civilians raining American tax payer funded instruments of death on anyone breathing regardless of age, sex, race, religion (although you did aim more for the Muslims), location or ideology. Ironically, I was studying in an American tax payer funded institution of higher learning trying desperately for three months non-stop to save those you aimed to kill. 

I must admit, General, you did a much better job killing than I did saving. Despite your bloody massacre of 2000 Palestinian civilians at the SS camps, “S”abra and “S”hatila, and the murder of 20,000 civilians, destruction of a country, its economy, and infrastructure; you being found guilty of “irresponsible” acts by your own government; you win again, this time as Prime Minister of Israel. Your American apologists, like William Safire, say you won because Arafat disturbed the peace and quiet of Israeli’s during the last four months and thus they want you to do what you do best–kill more than the 400 Palestinians the wimp Barak killed. I wonder how disturbed the Israeli’s would be if they lived in Palestinian shoes for the last 52 years enduring the most outrageous rape and murder of lives, homes, and plants no other indigenous population has suffered under the watchful motto of “Never Again’, a United Nations, and an epidemic of speeches and documents on democratic and human rights principles. Even the Jewish icon of Holocaust Remembrance, human rights, and justice, Elie Wiesel, has a blind soulful spot to the injustice Israel, his romantic homeland from afar, inflicts upon its besieged Palestinians herded in concentration camps. Just as the Hebrews in Egypt were forced to build Pharoah’s tombs, the Palestinians are Israel’s new “Hebrews” forced out of need to build illegal settlements for America’s Messianic Jews equipped with Uzi’s instead of whips.

How can a people whose claim to the land of Palestine is based on their Biblical belief in God’s generosity, who have suffered through history unlike any other peoples, who within three years of the Holocaust inflicted their own ethnic cleansing on an innocent people, who know the impact of lies, myths, propaganda and public relations campaign, who yearned for centuries for a homeland yet drove others from their own homeland, who confiscate land illegally from others to fulfill their limited understanding of God’s promise, who can in an era of peace negotiations turn to the one man more associated with death and bloodshed than peace, a man who wasn’t satisfied with bleeding victims in ambulances but whose insanity drove him to blow up the ambulance itself to ensure “no child is left alive” to fight for Palestine’s freedom.

Whatever happened to Herzl’s promise of “civilizing and helping” the backward Palestinians; to Ben Gurion’s Declaration of Independence that promised equality and justice to all in Israel. Whatever happened to your people, General Sharon, the original recipients of the Monotheistic message that has turned them into cold blooded killers full of hate and retribution who do not wish any other human to share the land or worship their faith; a people demanding to live, by force if necessary, in an Apartheid system for “Jews Only” akin to South Africa’s and America’s “For Colored Only.” Should we “others” believe that it’s God’s will that Jews inflict such suffering on Non-Jews, in this case Palestinian Christians and Muslims, Lebanese, Jordanians, Syrians, Egyptians; in fact the entire Christian and Muslim world? Is today’s “Mighty” Jew seeking revenge on the world that inflicted suffering on the “weak” Jew? Tell me, Herr General, do you feel better that graves line your footsteps like medals?

Sorry, I did forget one last victim of the “Mighty” Jew–the American people–who are paying the price for their government’s doormat policy toward Israel in billions, weapons, vetoes, but more importantly in the death of their sons and daughters in Beirut, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Europe, and even in America. Israel has America’s most powerful enforcement lobby in and out of government, in our media, in Hollywood, and in Wall Street. From our cowardly Congress, to the Oval office, to our defense and national security apparatus, support of Israel is expected, even demanded or else. Our Media acts like Israel’s defense and its public relations firm. Almost every paper, radio, and television station these past four months have sounded Israel’s mantra that the Palestinian’s are responsible for the VIOLENCE and Arafat is now responsible for Sharon’s victory, thus if Sharon massacres more Palestinians the world should blame Arafat. I, like so many Americans critical of our government’s pandering to Israel are blacklisted in the mainstream media. Could you please call Fred Hiatt of the Washington Post and Howell Raines of the New York Times to allow me just one letter critical of their allegiance to Israel? I would appreciate it. Thank you.

However, you must know General, that it’s only a matter of time until Israel’s lies and domination of our foreign policy is exposed. More and more Americans are asking the right questions and writing letters critical of the Israeli-American government. What do you think will happen when Americans, including the millions of peace loving silent Jews, find their voice and demand their liberty from Israel? You can rest assured that Israel and the few thousand lobbying lying American Jews like Abraham Foxman and Morton Klein will be held accountable for our money and the death of our citizens due to your outrageous brutality and cold blooded murder of Palestinians. Maybe then our foreign policy and national security team will have Non-Jews. Poor Bush, no sooner does he read a few articles by William Safire, Richard Cohen and others whining about how no Jews are in his cabinet then he turns around and appoints Jews to fill his national security apparatus, almost all from Israel’s Washington Institute for Near East Policy which just coincidentally issued a report of recommendations on Middle East peace for President Bush supportive of Israel, how convenient. General, now that you’ve sent your Three Amigos–Gold, Arens, Shoval (GAS)—to fill our television screens and papers to soften your bulldozing image and blame Arafat for Israel’s killing of Palestinian youths, I’m sure Congress will come up with another pandering Resolution expressing their Valentine affection for Israel and shoveling more billions to replace your depleted uranium bullets that lodge in the brains of Palestinian children. I already saw Moshe Arens on PBS’s Newshour with Gwen Ifel. He mentioned Palestinian “Violence” over fifty times, almost with every exhale. He didn’t mention the horrific new nerve gas you’re using against civilians that causes them convulsion, hysteria, and involuntary muscle movement. But why bother mentioning this “terroristic” act no one will investigate and we’ll never see it on TV. Strange how our media doesn’t mention that your troops shot at the UN Human Rights Committee investigating Israel’s atrocities, or that Israel refused to cooperate with them, or that Israel refuses to work with Senator George Mitchell’s Committee appointed by Clinton. Israel said it won’t accept a UN Committee so Clinton appointed this Mitchell’s Committee to appease Israel only for Israel to turn around and say it won’t accept this one either. It’s Deja Vu all over again.

General, I’m sure you’re aware that Islam has 1.3 Billion adherents worldwide, with 6-8 million in America, and over 30 million in Europe. When you trampled on our Holy Mosque in Jerusalem you trampled on all the Muslims and sooner or later all fascist racist regimes topple.

Remember your Battle Cry to the Jewish Settlers on November 17, 1998 “SEIZE THE HILLTOPS”and that your idea of peace is “When I talk about painful concessions, I mean that we will not reoccupy Nablus and Jericho and other places. For me, this is a very painful concession.” General, wake up and smell the Prozac. Palestinians are fighting against Injustice and not because they’re blood thirsty or Anti-Semitic. Your first task is to digest this fact and order your American henchmen to stop spreading the LIES.

Shalom, Herr General.

Mr. Mohamed Khodr is an American Muslim physician and a native from the Middle East. He has worked in Academic Medicine and Public health with national and international health experience. He is a freelance writer who often writes columns on the Palestinian cause, Islam and on America’s Foreign Policy in the Middle East. He lives in the Washington DC area.

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