Dissecting Associated Press Story

Associated Press ran a story, “U.S. Troops Push Deeper Into Fallujah,” by Edward Harris [1] on November 12, 2004.

Dissecting this story is imperative for understanding complicity of the media in the American genocide that is well underway in Iraq.

This is just one story from one embedded reporter. Imagine the impact of the over all mission of the embedded media.

Imagine the level of collaboration between the killers in the killing fields, policy makers in Washington and many think tanks, and media pundits in the "mainstream media" in the garb of reporters and analysts from the following analysis.

According to the story, the occupation forces “moved to tighten their security cordon around the besieged city, backed by FA-18s and AC-130 gunships.” What does the security cordon mean? Whose security? They are not securing anyone. In plain words, they have tightened terror cordon to effectively carryout mass killings.

Throughout the story, words “militant” and “rebels” are used for the freedom fighters which the Associated Press never stopped calling Mujahideen when they were up against another similar occupation in Afghanistan. Why call them rebel? This word would have made some sense if the resistance were against a legitimate rule. But now it is not a rebellion, it is a struggle for liberation from occupation imposed through an illegitimate war and no less an authority than the Secretary General of the UN admits it.

Why call them militants? Because the same media organizations have already associated too many negative values with the worlds such as “militant” and “Muslim militants.” For the US genocidal squads, decent and neutral phrases, such as “US forces” and “US military,” have been used throughout the story.

Returning the fleeing refugees from Fallujah is described somewhat like this: “Troops have cut off all roads and bridges leading out of the city and have turned back hundreds of men who have tried to flee the city during the assault. Only women, children and the elderly are being allowed to leave. The military says keeping men aged 15 to 55 from leaving is key to the mission’s success.” What does it mean? It means all male residents between the age of 15 to 50 are legitimate target and the so-called “security cordon” is laid there to secure the killing field.

Once the troops are inside to carryout systematic genocide, who can confirm that the persons they killed were rally involved in the putting resistance to the US killing squads. All those who die would become “militants” by default. And they more the die, the more the occupation will become secure.

Now note AP’s covering these realities with a twist. Quoting an American officer from 1st Cavalry Division, the report tries to give public a reason for the barbarians not allowing refugees out of Fallujah. Right after mentioning the fact, the reporter gives the quote from a US killer in Chief: "If they’re not carrying a weapon, you can’t tell who’s who." Which means push them back into Fallujah, kill them irrespective of their having weapons or not, because not having weapons is no guarantee that they are not “terrorists,” working against the US occupation.

In the spreading chaos and anarchy, where independent sources of information and TV channels such as Al-Jazeera are banned, it is up to AP and others to report what suits the occupation forces in Iraq. For instance who can deny the AP story that Iraqi security forces and U.S. troops arrested a “hard-line” Sunni cleric and about two dozen others after a raid of his Baghdad mosque uncovered weapons caches along with photographs of recent attacks on American troops.

Is this not a mean to justify attacks on the mosques and arresting those who are considered enemies to occupation? Of course it is. If AP says, there were weapons in the mosque, who can deny them because they are not reporting from the street. They are quoting words from the mercenary regime, installed by the occupation forces.

The reporter doesn’t say he witnessed the occasion, or witnessed told him about the arms recovery. He reports, “the U.S. military and the Iraqi National Guard said” so. So much for the credibility of the report.

The report goes on: “The four-day Fallujah offensive has killed some 600 insurgents, 18 U.S. troops and five Iraqi soldiers, the U.S. military said.” How is the report sure that all the 600 that he reports dead were only insurgents? Are there no residents left in Fallujah at all? Is it a “gorilla” town alone? Have the Americans told their bombs to hit the “insurgents” alone?

The problem with human tendency is that when we read planted sorties like these we quickly glance over; think that we have not enough ability to question every single sentence and move on. It becomes difficult when every sentence is fully loaded and the result of a long homework.

The report says: “An additional 178 Americans and 34 Iraqi soldiers have been injured, the military said.” We don’t know if the reporter Edward Harris is an American or British. However, would he call the Americans or British supporting Russian troops in occupation of America or UK as American and British soldiers. Of course not. American and British soldiers would be those defending America and England, not serving the occupiers. This is how these stories bestow legitimacy on illegitimate words, deeds, personalities and phenomenon.

The AP report is a patchwork, which seems disjointed. In fact, it is not. After a few paragraphs, the reporter returns to the theme to prove that only evildoers are left in the city and no one dare complain if they find everything leveled to the ground tomorrow. Returning to the justification theme, the report adds: “Many, if not most, of Fallujah’s 200,000 to 300,000 residents fled the city before the assault.”

Three paragraphs later, the reporter comes again to reinforce one of the points that he already has mentioned in the report. He reported the occupation authorities as saying they found weapons in a mosque. In the later part, he quotes a US killer as saying: “Militants have been using mosques as military strong-points-¦In almost ever single mosque in Fallujah, we have found an arms cache-¦We’ve been shot at by snipers from minarets" — thus, paving the way for raising every mosque to the ground.

Also, note that a few days ago, AP and other embedded sources of information reported that Zarqawi and other fled Fallujah. Whereas this report gives the impression as if no one can escape the “security cordon, not even through the river through high speed boats. To address this part of the story, the reporter quotes another US genocidal squads members as saying, “al-Zarqawi may have slipped away before the offensive,” as if there was no cordon before the offensive; as if the cordon came into effect just a few hours before the killing began.

The lesson is: be careful in believing all that you read from AP, Reuters, etc.

The conclusion is: These embedded reporters and media outlets should be equally treated as part of the US genocides in Iraq in case an opportunity arise to try 21s century Hitler and his accomplices.


[1]. http://tinyurl.com/6hgb8