Dixie Chicks Learn The Art Of Right Wing P.C.

The Dixie Chicks are the latest victims of the tiniest minds in our society. The inventors of Freedom Fries and Freedom Toast have a new bludgeon, the boycott, to use against their most feared and despised enemies: Those who would actually exercise their Constitutional Right to freedom of speech.

Why should we be surprised? Isn’t this what right wing fascists have always been about? And emboldened by recent events, they have now been given a broader platform for their shrill, fanatical bleating.

The real problem here, is that a more virulent strain of this fascist, knee jerk trash has lately emerged. They aren’t just to be found slithering out of their trailer parks and backwoods snake pits anymore with cheesy little American flags pasted on their pick-up trucks. Because of the ethno-political nature of the current world conflict, their vile, putrid, intolerant venom is being embraced by a certain Zionist power elite in the national media and being promoted into a mainstream agenda. And these fascists who wrap themselves in the American flag while they conduct themselves like the intolerant commie vermin they really are, only disgrace the heritage of true Americans. They would be better off if they could move to Red China where there is a society more in sync with their own philosophy.

In years past, this type of brain dead zealotry would have simply been exposed as a caricature of itself in the media. Now, it’s being given credibility by fascist info-tainment organs like Fox News, Clear Channel, MSNBC and others. This looney, right wing pond scum isn’t just a source of passing amusement anymore. It’s dangerous..more dangerous to democracy, freedom and American values than Bin Laden or Hussein could ever hope to be. As Tim Robbins said, ” There’s a chill wind blowing”.

Paul Revere is a freelance journalist, commentator,  political analyst and a proponent of the fundamentalist interpretation of Constitutional issues. He contributed above article to Media Monitors Network (MMN) form New York, NY., USA.