Do Americans Need More Jews to Represent them?

Before analyzing the topic under discussion, it is necessary to dispel any confusion about the possible future role of all mayoral candidates as the Muslims in the New York city are concerned. The first analysis, titled Heirloom coalition endorses Mr. Ferrer for mayor, present analysis, and the coming analyses on the mayoral elections, may give the impression that “majority candidate” Mr. Ferrer will be less hostile to the Muslim issues than the Jewish Mark Green. Mr. Ferrer may be more hostile to the Muslim issues to prove its anti-Muslim credential to the Jewish machine. Expect the same anti-Muslim role from Mr. Vallone who is also not Jewish and is a “minority candidate”. Proof? Note the anti-Muslim role of the present mayor Julliani. He is not Jewish. Where he stands on the Palestinian issue? With the occupied and brutalized Palestinians or with the occupier, Israel. The answer is with the occupier, Israel.

This anti-Muslim role is not confined to a mayor. It is a common feature which can be traced in all non-Jewish elected members on any level, presidents included. There are few exceptions. Most of them are elected members from the communities of color.

In this context, note the anti-Muslim role of former Senator Demato of New York. And also note the anti-Muslim role of Senator Hillary Clinton who now stands shoulder to shoulder with Jewish Charles Schumer. She is the same Hillary who used to speak of a Palestinian state.

Why are these non-Jewish members hostile to the Muslim issues? The answer is very simple. They do not want to commit political suicide. A pro-Muslim word can trigger a barrage of criticism from the Jewish leadership. Note how the Jewish propaganda machine has made the Muslims as a liability. Senator Clinton had to return money contributed to her campaign by the Muslims.

Congressman Lazio shaking hand with President Arafat in an official gathering became a liability for him. He had to explain the reason for shaking hand with President Arafat when he was running for Senate against Senator Hillary Clinton. Now the world is told that it was not Senator Clinton or Congressman Lazio who were grilled for their “close relationship” with the Muslims. President Bush had also returned money to avoid the lashes of the Jewish leadership.

Even with this record of anti-Muslim stances by the non-Jewish elected members, a Muslim should not vote for a Jew. Because the Jewish leadership is the one who has demonized the Muslims as terrorists. This is the one who does not allow any candidate even to accept their endorsement by the Muslims. So who is the main source of trouble for the Muslims? Is it the Jewish leadership or the reluctant candidates afraid of Jewish leadership? Attempts will be made to explain the issue in the coming analysis.

But remember this at this moment. It is not a time to lick the shoes of those who discredit not only the Muslims but their religion. Read any Jewish news papers. Read the statements made by the Jewish elected members on any level. It does not matter they are elected on local level, state level or national level. See the depth of their hate for the Muslims and their religion. See their hands. They are drenched with the Muslim blood. Vote as a block for any body except the Jews. No body can stop you from voting.

Prove that you care for the Palestinians, an occupied nation. Prove that you care for the Iraqi dying children. Prove that you can be destroyed and killed but you can not be subdued. No submission to any zamin zad khuda, except to Allah.

An other very important point is how to label the present candidates for mayor. At this moment, Mr. Ferrer is a “majority” candidate. How? Because it is representative of the communities of color who are 63 percent of the New York city population. So other three mayoral candidates are the candidates of the white minority. The White minority (communities of white color) in the city represent only 37 percent of the city population. This is the reason the Jewish leadership is begging that White minority should not be left out. Why the Jewish leadership is pleading for the white minority? The reason is obvious. They themselves are of the White skin. If any one has seen any elected Jew of color in the United States, let the world know.

After this introductory notes, now the answer to the question under discussion. Does American need more Jews to represent them? The answer is no. Why? They are already represented way beyond their percentage of the population in the United States. Only view their strength on national level in the representative institutions. National representative institutions are Senate and the House of Representatives. In the Senate, every 10th senator is Jewish. There are only 100 senators in the Senate. Every state has the constitutional right to elect two senators, irrespective of its population They are 50 states in the United States.

In the House of Representative, there are 27 Jewish members. In means that every 16 member of Congress is Jewish. House of Representatives has 435 members. Each state is entitle to certain seats according to its population.

To be more familiar with the Jewish Senators and the members of the House of Representative, here is the list of them. In the Senate these are the Jewish Senators. 1. Charles Schumer of New York 2. Barbara Boxer of California 3. Dianne Feinstein of California 4. Russell Feingold of Wisconsion 5. Herb Kohl of Wisconsion 6. Carl Levin of Michigen 7. Joseph Liberman of Conneticut 8. Arlen Spector of Pansylvania 9. Paul Wellstone of Minn. 10. Ron Wyden of Ore. Source: JTA ( Jewish Telegraph Agency).

In the House of Representative, these are the Jewish members of the House of the Representatives. 1. Gary Ackerman of New York 2. Eliot Engel of New York 3. Benjamin Gilman of New York 4. Steve Israel of New York 5. Nita Lowey of New York 6. Jerrold Nadler of New York 7. Anthony Weiner of New York. 8. Shelley Berkley of Nev. 9. Howard Berman of California 10. Susan Davis of California 11. Bob Filner of California 12. Jane Harman of California 13. Tom Lantos of California 14. Adam Schiff of California 15. Brad Sherman of California 16. Henry Waxman of California 17. Eric Cantor of Varginia 18. Norman Sisisky of Vagina 19. Benjamin Cardin of Marry Land 20. Peter Deutsch of Florida 21. Rober Wexler of Florida 22. Barney Frank of Massachusetts 23. Martin Frost of Texas 24. Sander Levin of Michigun 25. Steve Rothman of New Jersey 26. Bernard Sanders of Vt. 27. Jan Schakowsky of Illanio (Source: JTA)

Two important notes about the strength of the Jewish Senators and the members of the House of Representatives. This is their strength on November 10, 2000 in the U.S. Congress. Results of two seats where Jews were contesting were still undeclared. The results which were not declared were of Elaine Bloom of Florida and Dick Zimmer of New Jersey. Second, there may be a little change in their numerical strength since then.

The list of the Jewish senators and members of the House of Representatives reflects some interesting facts. The Jewish political reach is only limited to few states. In the Senate, the Jewish senators are only from 8 states out of 50 states. In the House of Representatives, Jewish Congressmen are only from 11 states out of 50 states. Second, their Axis of power is only in two states – in New York and California. In New York, they are successful to elect one Jewish senator and 7 members of the House of Representatives. In California, they are able to elect two senators and 8 members of the House of the Representatives. So they are very vulnerable, because their reach is not in all the states. A little education of the communities of color can turn the table. As a result, communities of color have their due share from the white-skin Jewish representatives in the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Second important fact is the Jewish dependence on the Democratic votes. Out of 10 Senators, only one senator is Republican. He is Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania. Out of 27 members of the House of Representative, only 2 members are Republicans. They are Eric Cantor of Vargina and Benjamin Gilman of New York. One of the Jewish Congressman is independent. He is Bernard Sanders of Vermont.

What the Jewish numerical strength in the Senate and House of Representative proves? They are over represented in both the Houses. Keep in view that they are less than two percent of the population. They are about 3 to 4 millions Jews out of 281 millions Americans. More than 90 percent Americans are Christian. Second, the Jewish percentage in any 50 states is less than 5 percent.

How they manage to be elected on state level. Senate elections are held on state level? Voters across the state elect a Senator. How they manage to be elected on Congressional level which run through congressional district, representing different ethnacities- races? The answer is very simple. It is not a miracle. It is a manipulation. The Jewish leadership has manipulated the political system with a consistent strategy. Only one factor will explain their strategy. Ninety-five percent of the communities of colors are member of the Democratic party. So ninety-five percent votes of the communities of color go to the Jewish candidates for the Senate and the House of representatives. This explains that why the 99 percent Jewish representatives are from Democratic party. They are there to grab the votes of the communities of color. There are other factors also. They will be explained under the title how the Jewish leaderships manipulate the political system.

It is quite clear from the list cited above that the Jews are over represented in the Senate and in the House. It is also clear that they could not hold this numerical strength without the overwhelming support of the communities of color. So is it not the time that they should let a member of the community of color, Mr. Ferrer to be elected. Can the two Jewish candidates Mr. Green and Mr. Havesi, who belong to white communities withdraw their name. It will not be an act of charity? It will be a small reciprocal gesture. If this happens, the communities of color can say that White and Jewish Democrats have starting voting for the member of the communities of color. Otherwise the only question which will haunt the members of the communities of color will be this. Why it is so that there are 40 million Hispanics and their is not a single one Hispanic Senator. Why it is so that there are 40 million Afro-Americans and there is not a single one Afro-American senator.

The world is told that White man can not jump (title of a movie). The world is told that White man can not count ( reference to the undercount by the white media about the individuals who gathered on the call of the Nation of Islam in Washington). If Mr. Ferrer does not get the support of the Jewish Democrats, it will be justified to say that the Jewish Democrats do not vote for a candidate of the communities of color.

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