Doctoring Information: Washington’s new fashion craze

FYI: The Bush Administration has declared that they are waging a war on Terrorism. We live in Evil times and are obligated, by God’s good graces, to fight the Evil men who use turbans to hide their Evil intentions.

The United States has gone to war on Afghanistan, Iraq, and Muslim Americans, suspending most civil rights and all international law in their quest to fight the great evil that is “Terrorism”, a.k.a. al-Qaeda. Evil currently resides in Afghanistan and Iraq, possessing real and dangerous connections to al-Qaeda, the US promises (and crosses its heart and hopes to die).

On April 29, the CIA issued the “Patterns of Global Terrorism Report” in which they stated that during the year 2003, terrorism was on the decline. This report went on to explain how "terrorist activity" was at its lowest since 1969. When this Report was first issued, Administration officials such as Richard L. Armitage praised Bush and his Sidekicks (a.k.a. The B.S. Team) using the information from the Report as grounds to justify the war, and to congratulate themselves for “winning” it.

Somewhere between that declaration and early this week, the Bush administration realized that for it to continue “hunting”, “smoking out” and “going after” them Evil folks y’all, they could not declare that terrorism was on a decline, most certainly not being at its lowest since 1969. To make such a declaration would mean that the little war mongers holding office in the US would have to slow and eventually cease their war on Terrorism.

It’s a strange double-edged sword for the US Administration: Needing Terrorism to continue their own land grab efforts the world over, inching their way closer to both a Roman-like Empire and Armageddon…but also needing to declare that Terrorism is on the decline because if it weren’t then their efforts would be without value, failing, not working, problematic, the deaths of American boys and girls not making a difference and useless, and we would all be left singing “…dust in the wind…”.

When this information hit the news stands, the Bush Administration sent Powell in with blazing guns, a calculator, Word Perfect’s most recent version and a shiny new laptop to rectify the situation, clear up the “very big mistakes”, the error of “numbers” made by the clumsy CIA. Remember the last CIA fumble? Remember the rumors about the supposed WMD? At that time, Powell was steadfast that the CIA could not make errors. Unfortunately, it has become very clear that the only errors being committed by the CIA are the ones that place it in polar opposition to its government’s official Line. If they toe that line, there are no errors to be made.

Honestly, I can’t wait to see Powell’s revised version, which should read something like:

Colin 2:6 O Come all ye faithful.
Colin 13:7 Terrorism is like the sun at 5 a.m.
Colin 14:3 Attack Syria.
Colin 19:6 Now.

What is worse for the current US Administration is the most recent Report issued by the 9/11 commission declaring that "We have no credible evidence that Iraq and al Qaeda cooperated on attacks against the United States."

Cheney has called these findings “irresponsible” and simply “not true”, trying to force the general population into accepting that Public Enemy Numero Uno, al-Qaeda, is connected to Iraq, and so the extension of the war on Terrorism to Iraq a justifiable one.

David Corn, The Nation’s Washington Editor, summed it up best when he wrote:

“With one paragraph, the commission decimates a primary rationale of Bush’s war on Iraq…As Bush proclaimed in November 2002, Saddam was "a threat because he is dealing with Al Qaeda." But he produced no proof then, and, according to the commission, he has none now…In fact, it seems that Al Qaeda could not have thrived without official or unofficial assistance in many countries. But according to the commission, Iraq was not among them.”

The latest trend in Washington, in conjunction with wearing bright green wedge heels is: As with the Report on the weapons of mass destruction and the above findings on Terrorism, it may not be too long before the 9/11 Commission issues a different dossier, one that supports the lies that al-Qaeda is indeed connected to Iraq, and justifies the on-going illegal activities of its government.

All across Washington, men and women can be heard murmuring ‘Hooray for democratic process! as they lace up their gorgeous new shoes.