Does Pakistan exist?

The Pakistan Army’s Generals have always given the impression that they are more clean than the angels are and infallible.

General Musharraf who usurped power like a warlord in October 1999 set up an investigation and accountability body known as National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in 1999.

An enormous amount of Pakistan’s state money was spent on this NAB. Many cases were established against so-called corrupt politicians. Today, the Pakistani tinpot military junta has dropped all proved cases against ex-Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. It has been stated that this has been done under US pressure. Because Benazir is a declared collaborator of the United States. Because she has stated that she will support a US strike on Pakistan to find Osama Bin Laden.

The US game plan is to have Benazir as Prime Minister and Musharraf as President and kill Muslims in Waziristan and other places like dogs. My question is that "Does Pakistan Exist at all “? Is it a sovereign state at all?

About the army, history is very clear. In 1857, the soldiers from both Punjab and present NWFP were loyal collaborators of the English East India Company in the war of independence of 1857 against the Muslims fighting against the British in Delhi and other parts of India. This was so, because 5 % Sikh minority from 1799 to 1849 subjugated the Muslims of Punjab and NWFP. Badshahi Masjid of Lahore was a stable. Later the Pathans gained awareness and they fought against the British but most of the Punjabi Muslim soldier remained good British collaborators. Specially, those from Jhelum and Rawalpindi Districts who fired on British orders even on the Holy Kaaba in Hejjaz Operations. The Pashtuns vindicated their honour by fighting against the British from 1863 to 1947. The Sindhis and Baloch also fought against the British. In Punjab, the Sikh Jats and even the illiterate Muslims fought against the British but the Muslims, North of River Chenab, were good British mercenaries. Today, they are good American mercenaries.

Now the Pakistan Army will have a good leadership with long tradition of collaboration with the foreign powers. Gone are the likes of Mir Mast Afridi who instead of fighting for their British masters like the races North of Chenab River went over to the Germans with 14 other Afridis and were awarded the Iron Cross. Mr. Jinnah the founder of Pakistan did say once, “Punjab is a hopeless place and I will never go there again.” Now the patriot Muslims are only left in Waziristan and North Balochistan. Now the US will use Pakistan’s shameless military and civil leaders to kill Muslims.

What is the qualification of an army chief that he is a true soldier. Has seen action. Has been a good military leader in combat. In Pakistan, what is the qualification of an army chief? That he is a reliable foreign stooge. That he was cultivated by the US or British intelligence while he attended a course at Royal College of Defense Studies or at Fort Leavenworth like Zia or many others. That he is pro-West and would gladly massacre Patriotic Pashtuns of Waziristan and other Muslims.

My question is why Pakistan was created if it was to remain a foreign, i.e. British or American, pawn. If collaborators like Iskandar Mirza Ayub and Zia were to rule it – why it was created? Does it exist at all? If one phone call from a US President and now even US Secretary of State overawes Pakistan’s President into abject submission, does this state exist?

It is very clear that the US and its NATO allies have launched a Crusade against all Muslims. If Pakistan’s President is a US pawn and if his handpicked Generals are the US pawns, does Pakistan exist?

My idea is that Pakistan lost the right of existence after Bush kicked it after 9/11 and its so-called commando military usurper submitted like a slave. Why was India divided if Pakistan was to be a British or US pawn? Why all this drama? Even Mr. Jinnah knew that this state could not exist without US aid. Why this ugly drama with Indo-Pak Muslims? If the Pakistan Army’s Generals are rationalizing Pakistan’s existence by shameless collaboration with the US – If they want to lick their own spit by negotiating with Benazir because the US is kicking them to do so and they are kissing the feet of their US masters, I state with conviction that Pakistan does not exist. It has lost the moral right to existence. History will vindicate this statement. Pakistan’s fate is Balkanization and disgrace. What better can be expected with shameless opportunists like Musharraf and Benazir? A soldier is happy dying with sword in hand. Here we have a General who glorifies shameless submission to a foreign power, the US, as strategic brilliance. Here we have a shameless Rani Jindan who invited the English East India Company to invade Punjab in 1845, now welcoming the US strike on Pakistan to find Osama Bin Laden. All that we believed has been shattered. Gone is the idealism. What we have now are shameless Generals and politicians shamelessly panting like desperate pointer dogs and bitches to collaborate with USA against patriot Muslims. May be, the best option is a US strike on Pakistan so that we are totally disintegrated and then we unite and become rocks after careful regeneration.