Donkey Circus, Flip-flopper Kerry and Presidential Election

Political analysts of all stripes were crowing one fact in concert about Kerry speech at Democratic National Circus (Convention). He was presidential. He avoided cheap shots. But the text of his speech tells another story. He did not pull punches. He did not use kid gloves. He hit hard his rival baby emperor called Bush. And he punched him hard where it pained more.

In his speech, Kerry painted Bush in the darkest color. He deserves it. He made him the prince of darkness –” one of the most disgusted men in America and in the world. He deserves it. For Kerry, this baby emperor is anti-family, anti-children, anti-daughters and sons, anti-fathers and mothers, anti-education, anti-health care, anti-prosperity, anti-jobs, anti-workers, anti-middle class, anti-social security, anti-military, anti-veterans, anti-unity, anti-Americans and even anti-America.

For Kerry, Bush is a person who only talk and talk and does not know even how to walk. His words are backed not by actions. He promises something and act otherwise. He is a person who does not know how to fight. When he goes to war, he opts to fight a war on the cheap. He is a person whom nobody trusts at home and in the international arena. Forget the rouges; even allies shun him. He is a person who does not care for homeland security. He is a person who proclaims ‘mission accomplished,’ when it is still unaccomplished. Ports, nuclear and chemical plants are still vulnerable to ‘terrorist attacks.’ He is a person who masquerades narrow speeches as values. He is a person who claims to be a compassionate conservative. In reality, he has not heart –” forget a bleeding heart. He does not care for a mother of New Hampshire who has to keep working day after day right through her chemotherapy. He does not care for Deborah Kromins of Philadelphia whose pension, saving of her entire life, “disappeared into thin air and the executive who looted it has bailed out on a golden parachute.” He does not care for Asthma children of Harlem. They are worthless for him. He is a person who is fiscally irresponsible. He does not know even the first principle of economy that every family knows –” pay as you go. The worst executioner as governor, he loves to be a jailer of the largest concentration camp as president. He is ready to spend 50,000 on a jailed young person a year than spending $10,000 on Head Start, Early Start and Smart Start. As a baby emperor, he loves dependence. He has done nothing to end dependence on oil from the Middle East and Saudi Royal family. He is such a despicable person that he can even exploit religion to achieve his goals. Proof? He carries faith on his sleeve. He is a bigoted and hater. He has stolen hope and future of America.

Kerry did not even spare the key cabinet members of baby emperor Bush. He jabbed Vice President for rewriting environmental laws with the polluters in secret meetings. He punched Defense Secretary who does not listen to the military leaders. He kicked Attorney General for trampling the Constitution of the United States.

Fellow Americans! Shame on you for ‘selecting’ this kind of despicable person to rule America and world wide American empire. It spread from Afghanistan to Yemen – except Syria and Iran.

Democratic nominee for imperial presidency is not short of proofs. He has solid facts to prove what he said about baby emperor. He claims “numbers of families living in poverty has risen by three million in the last four years.” He claims, “four million people have lost health insurance. Millions more are struggling to afford it.” He claims that premiums, co-payments and deductibles have gone through the roof. He claims, ” people are working weekends; they’re working two jobs, three jobs, and they’re still not getting ahead.” He claims that new jobs created pay $9,000 less than the jobs that have been lost.

So the bottom line that Kerry emphasizes is that Bush has created a hell for Americans and he should go.

What would happen under Kerry rule? But first what type of product he is. He confesses the influence of his mother and father on him. He confesses that butchers of World War 11 are his ideals. Over 60 million human beings were butchered to stretch the American empire all over the world. One hundred twenty three millions were butchered in Cold War to maintain the American empire. Out of these one hundred twenty three million human beings, two-thirds were civilians –” unarmed and non-combatants sons and daughters, mother and fathers, and sisters and brothers. To maintain the worldwide occupation, poor American taxpayers had to pay $12 trillion from the end of the Korean aggression to the fall of the Berlin Wall. “In the 149 wars between the end of World War 11 and 1992, more than 123 million people died. Two third of the victims were noncombatants. From the end of the Korean War to the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the U.S. spent $12 trillion for defense …” The Defense Monitor, January 1996. And it appears that 21st century will be bloodier than the 20th century. Pray it not. He also praised what America has ‘done’ for the world.

Under Kerry rule, America will be stronger at home. Just like Britain, how many millions cameras will be installed on every street and avenue to make America strong at home. All captive nations of the world will look to America with pride. The great journey of America is not complete. He will write the next chapter of America’s story. Every body in the world will be proud of American freedom. He will restore the trust and credibility of the White House. As a commander in chief, he will not mislead the nation when he has to commit an aggression. He will actually uphold the constitution of the United States. He will commit aggression if he has to. By forging alliances, he will force the others to pay for the American aggressions with blood and money. Remember the allies paid more than $50 billion for the first aggression of Bush Senior. It was the most expansive mercenary operation in the history of mankind. He will never hesitate to commit aggression if he has to. Aggression will be swift and certain. He will enlist 40,000 active duty troops. Specific forces will be doubled to conduct ‘anti-terror operation.’ And above all, he will be a unifier and not dividers like baby emperor Bush. He will not divide race from race, group from group, and region from region. There will no blue states and red states. There will be one America red, white and blue. What about blacks, yellows, and browns? Is there any space for them in the Kerry’s One America?

As Kerry commitments to education, health, jobs, and fiscal responsibility are concerned, it is interesting to compare them with the Bush commitments of four years ago. Every four years, the American ruling elite fools Americans for the last 200 years. For not fulfilling his promises, time has come to chase baby Bush where ever he goes. Bush the liar should be the only slogan in every gathering attended by baby emperor. The same treatment Kerry deserves. Both are lying. They should be exposed for the welfare of Americans and the captive population of the world. This is the only way to create an honest leadership. If any one wants to know the real face of these two contenders of imperial presidency, see the ads that they run against each other. One will see the real face of both of them in these ads. None of them deserves to be ‘selected’ president of the United States. Shame them as the representative of a deceit and greed based system. Where there is no option, it is coercion. Americans have no choice in this system. Economic elite crafted it in such a way that Americans (people) have no choice. They have to select Bush or Kerry.