Don’t Forget Prior Warnings That Major Terrorist Attack Could Suspend Constitution!

Let’s not forget that a number of months ago we were warned by a high military official that another serious attack on the United States by "terrorists" could result in the suspension of the U.S. Constitution, and the installation of a police state. Since there is sound reason to believe that the attacks of September 11, 2001 took place with the foreknowledge and acquiescence, if not direct involvement of the U.S. government at the highest levels, this means we must beware that the Bush Administration could be planning to take away freedom and democracy in the U.S. by allowing/creating another such attack.

This is not paranoid thinking — this is called heeding a clear warning and learning from past history.

If a bomb knocked out an American city or a major building or landmark, or killed thousands of people, would it automatically justify a suspension of our democracy? Would you want to live under martial law for the next decade or more under ANY circumstances? People around the world have had to endure terrorism of all sorts, including terroristic warfare brought upon them by the U.S. military. Why should American democracy and freedom be suspended because of ANY sort of homeland attack? Are Americans strong enough to maintain democracy when under attack?

The unfortunate truth is that many Americans have been manipulated by fear and may actually toss aside their freedoms for the sake of "security". But the reality is that those who cast aside liberty for security will find themselves deprived of BOTH.

Under no circumstances should the American people allow themselves to be victimized by martial law. There is no foreign power that can overthrow America. We can take a hit or multiple hits and survive as a democracy. The only power that can overthrow American democracy is the American government, using the American military against the American people.

We must not allow this to ever happen! If the American people were forced into such circumstances, it is critical that we tell the military to stand down and not attack the American people, not deprive us of our liberty, not stand in the way of democracy, even in a state of emergency. The penultimate state of emergency we could endure is not attack by outsiders, but attack from the inside, from our own military.

We must be aware that a failing Bush Administration is capable of literally any outrage, any atrocity, any action to preserve itself. We must not allow the ultimate atrocity — the taking of our freedoms by a renegade administration that sees itself falling and desirous of maintaining power at all costs.

As some wise President once said, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself." Let’s not allow ourselves to be cowed into throwing away our liberty no matter what sort of catastrophe may be brought on us. We can deal with any crisis, solve any problem, and endure any attack and still maintain our democracy and our freedom.