Dr. Shakeel’s Venality — An Analysis in the retrospect

What a venal Shakeel Afridi, a doctor turned spy did, has made him a hero for America, as she calls him and a criminal of high treason for Pakistan, albeit both the countries claim of being allies for the so-called common cause of combating terrorism. This is an alliance founded on deception and vested interests which needs an in-depth analysis keeping the American adventurism in Afghanistan in view. We must think in the retrospect that American aggression was in accordance with a well-thought and planned program for achieving the goal of occupying a Muslim country. We have to understand first the background of this conspiracy which started immediately after the Nawaz Sharif government was toppled in October 1999. Pakistan has been ruled over, for the most part, by military dictators as our history is witness to it. It may sound strange but the role of the military was more decisive in all matters during the short intermittent civil rules in the country no matter who the civilian rulers were. America and specially the Pentagon was not comfortable to take the risk regarding armed intrusion into Afghanistan since she believed that a difference of opinion may arise between the civil and military authorities if a civilian rule is in place in Islamabad. The US understood that it would be easier for her to tackle the matter if both the civilian and military powers are vested in a single person or institution for that matter. It is this background that the bond of servility was administered to Musharraf to work in line with the dictates of America without any internal pressure. Notwithstanding the confidence of the Whitehouse in Nawaz Sharif, the Pentagon opted to completely ensure the success of their adventurism by selecting Musharraf as a better alternate to the civil administration in Islamabad. As such the general was enticed to take over the control of the country through the illegal measures of October 1999. Musharraf, seeing America on his back did not care for the consequences. He did not bother even to take his military commanders into confidence on whatever commitments he made with the US administration. Initially Musharraf turned dubious in the eyes of America since some of his steps seemingly looked to be contrary to the American agenda. He felt very soon that his rule could not go a long way without the backing of America therefore he started acquiescing to her dictates without putting any reasonable conditions for carrying out the coercive orders of the aggressor. It was this background in which the devious activities of America were allowed on our soil without heeding for any possible repercussion in the future. The man completely bowed down in the appeasement of America where she had now no hurdles in carrying out her nefarious designs and in turn fully supporting the rule of Musharraf.

After the dictator’s era, the gulf between America and the civil rulers in Pakistan started widening with the passage of time. America started incriminating Pakistan for playing double game with her and started pushing Pakistan to the wall. This resulted in a reaction from the public and a difference of opinion also surfaced in the army ranks and a change in the policies regarding cooperation with the US became a point to ponder. This resulted in the first signs of strain in relations between the two countries.

American CIA engineered her planning, bypassing the Pak army and the ISI, started finding out some ‘Mir Jafar’ to be entrusted with the job of ascertaining Osama’s presence in Abbotabad through DNA tests. She was able to find one in Dr. Shakeel Afridi in exchange of only a few thousand dollars. The doctor committed an act of high treason and turned into a real traitor working against the interests of his own country to become a hero for America. It is another thing whether the Abbotabad operation was a real event or a drama like the ‘mother-drama’ of 9/11 of the twin towers, nobody can guess with certainty. All these series of events went very positive exclusively in favor of America. On one hand the Obama Administration secured the confidence of the American people by ascertaining to them that the man responsible for the 9/11event was finally eliminated and on the other his graph as presidential candidate for the forthcoming election went higher up in the eyes of the people. Afridi became the main character of the whole play. Being a government employ in the Health Department of the KPK, he carried out the spy work in the garb of carrying out the fake polio campaign in Abbotabad city. He is incriminated not only for deceiving his department but also for dishonoring his noble profession of healing humanity. He was convicted for a 33 years term under FCR (Frontier Criminal Regulations) for being connected to a terrorist outfit known in the name of Lashkar-e-Islam, (LI) carrying out terrorist activities in the tribal areas adjacent to Peshawar. The court of the APA (Assistant Political Agent) has awarded him this punishment after proving the cause under the relevant law. He had been carrying out two games both inimical to the interest of his country Pakistan. On one side he had close affiliation to the terrorist organization of LI and on the other he was a very dangerous agent of the American CIA involved in the activities detrimental to the security of Pakistan. In the verdict of the Court of Political Administration it has been clearly mentioned that he has been sentenced for 33 years imprisonment for his relation with the terrorists, which has been proved true as per investigation of the court. It should be noted that for the Abbotabad offense he will be tried separately in a regular court of law at Peshawar or the place of occurrence.

The Abbotabad Commission manned by very highly experienced persons of very high integrity and a brilliant track record of their services in their respective fields, have carried out in-depth investigation on the basis of reliable evidences. They have recommended that Afridi should be proceeded against under the relevant law for the charges of an act of high treason against the interest of his own country. It is unfortunate to see that any one who works against the solidarity of Pakistan become a hero of America. The reason is that the West particularly America under the covert hand of the Zionist lobby is always on the spree to hatch conspiracies against Pakistan and Islam. She is in search of finding venal individuals like Shakeel Afridi to be enticed for treacherous activities against their own country in exchange of American dollars. The problem with the West and particularly with America and the Zionism dominated countries is that they cannot tolerate an Islamic country to have been promoting its nuclear might. Iran is an example. Israel has never been asked for this ‘crime’ which is allegedly in possession of more than 200 war heads but Iran is the target obviously for being a Muslim country. The same goes for Pakistan. The final target of America is the atomic might of Pakistan and its Islamic ideology. Therefore, for achieving her notorious designs she will be trying to find out people like Afridi to be easily purchased. Not only our atomic arsenal but our Armed forces are also the target of the Western powers particularly the US. During this period we remained faithful allies of America in her adventurism in Afghanistan, we have been afflicted by her in different ways. Besides direct assault and terrorist activities sponsored by the American CIA with the connivance of the RAW and Mossad a notorious propaganda machinery is in place which is in regular operation against Pakistan charging her on false accusations. The American media both print and electronic is carrying out very deplorable propaganda against Pakistan particularly targeting our arm forces. The Voice of America (VOA) has been active in disseminating disinformation to arouse sensibilities on the basis of ethnicity, regionalism, provincialism and sectarianism. Dewa Radio of the Pushto program is of particular concern which is being run with a very fatal propaganda against our armed forces, the ideology and for the promotion of prejudices mentioned above to cut at the very roots of our national unity. The staff employed on this job seems to be specifically trained for promoting hatred amongst the different ethnic groups of the country.

Pakistan for the practical purposes is though not yet an Islamic welfare state nevertheless it is a Muslim majority country based on ideology and is potentially an Islamic land by dint of having its Constitution with the provision of the Objective Resolution intact therein. The ruling and secular political elite always under the dictates of their western masters leave no chance of changing the Islamic identity of Pakistan to a secular dispensation. We see every time that the majority of paid journalists, most of the secular parliamentarians, the majority of NGOs workers, the so-called social and aid workers, the so-called civil society and the sold-out anchor persons are available there to be easily employed by the agents of the foes of Pakistan. Dr. Shakeel Afridi was one of them, to be used easily to work against the interest of his country.

We recall that these groups of secular mind used to abuse America when Afghanistan was under the direct occupation of the USSR in the early 90s. Today this secular element is all out to endorse the illegal occupation of the Islamic country of Afghanistan. They blindly believe whatever comes on the Western media but have failed to speak the very undeniable truth that all this fuss has been dumped in the region because of the illegal, immoral, brutal and illogical occupation of Afghanistan on the ruses of chasing the terrorists. The American and NATO have killed millions of Afghan Muslims and have been killing people indiscriminately in the tribal agencies of Pakistan on the same false excuses of chasing terrorists. The cross border intrusion in Pakistan for a number of time and killing scores of our army jawans and civilians is a naked aggression and a clear act of terrorism on the part of the occupation forces in Afghanistan.

The so-called Human Rights Commission of Pakistan and other elements referred to above have been bragging that the requirements of transparent trial in case of Shakeel Afridi have not been fulfilled, a wrong impression they want to spread amongst the public and also endorsing the American plea on the criminality of Afridi. They forget that the man has been convicted by a court of law under the relevant provisions of FCR for having links with the terrorist organization. Justice will take its own course when his trial commences in the regular court for the Abbotabad crime, carried out for a foreign spying agency against the interests of the land. The culprit is liable to be proceeded against under article 295-C of the constitution of Pakistan. Americans and her camp-followers, the so-called human right activists are blind to the agonies and miseries of the people being inhumanely tortured in the Guantanamo Bay infamous dens under no law on the surface of the earth. The proceedings against Afridi in the major case have not yet been started and the champions of human rights and their media comrades have started their campaign well in advance against his trial while America is honoring the criminal doctor with civil awards.

Osama once the most favored man of America turned to be the most wanted person when he started opposing the landing of American armies on the Arab lands and waters for the occupation of Iraq with the connivance of the Arab kings and the rulers of emirates. Osama understood the real face of America and knew her designs of occupying the oil-rich Arab lands. America never tried in reality to catch Osama. A living Osama was more prized asset to her than the one killed as she could occupy the Muslim lands on the pretext of haunting an OBL at large. Afghanistan being a very rich country in natural minerals was the target of America from the very first day. Moreover, America had its eyes on Balochistan which could be handled comparatively with ease if America could make Afghanistan as its base to launch her nefarious activities from there. We now know how the fire in Balochistan has been ignited. We also understand that a rough surface has already been created there as a result of wrong policies and injustices with the people of that province. Even the present inept rulers have been clearly expressing their concerns on the involvement of foreign hand in the complex problem of Balochistan. It is also worth recollection that at the time of the aggression of USSR on Afghanistan, Al-Qaeda was not a big and regular entity but this was the name of a camp of ‘Mujahideen’ in Afghanistan. All other appendices to this name were the brain-child of the American CIA so as to use these things for the manipulation of the situation in her favor for consolidation of occupation of the Afghan soil.

I am afraid that one fine morning the Pakistani masses will find Afridi to have been freed after a deal with America or we may hear that he was forcefully released from his jail by some special commando action under the cover of darkness. We can also expect to hear that the man was released under the ‘Islamic Provisions’ using the same hypocrisy as was used in the case of Raymond Davis, a criminal involved in the direct assassination of two Pakistani citizens. Such an action will be tantamount to a much bigger treason if the convicted doctor finds escape before being proceeded against under the relevant law to fulfill the requirements of justice. The so-called human right activists and other ‘liberals’ and the so-called fans of secularism should wait for the law to take its normal course in this very important case directly connected to the very security of the soil of Pakistan.