Dumbed Down U.S. Media Never Thinks for Itself

When watching the corporate-dominated media in America, any intelligent
observer suffers inevitable anguish and disgust. All major media are
essentially the same in terms of personnel, format, even timing of subject
matter in each broadcast. Whether male or female, white, black, or of some
other ethic ancestry, media broadcasters are virtual clones of one another.
Personnel are well-dressed and impeccably groomed, handsome in appearance and all trained to use certain gestures, including facial expressions and
nods of the head to imply knowingness and understanding. But once the
tongues start to move and the words are heard, it becomes very clear that
the minds of media broadcasters are so shallow as to be almost comical.

Thus, "war on terror" is never questioned, even though any intelligent
person just screams for answers. How is it that Americans can launch bombs
from missiles and submarines into populated areas and kill civilians without
being classed as terrorists, while Palestinian martyrs are terrorists when
they attach bombs to their own bodies or vehicles to defend themselves
against illegal Israeli occupation? The well-groomed media pundits and
broadcasters are not trained to think of such matters, or as questions in
that regard.

How is it that the U.S. could recruit, fund, and train Islamist fighters
from around the entire Muslim world to fight the Russian occupation of
Afghanistan, and yet complain when Muslim jihadists come to Iraq to defend
their faith in that country against America’s illegal occupation?

Why is it so hard to understand the bombing of the U.N. offices in Baghdad,
when the U.N sponsored sanctions against Iraqi civilians for over a decade,
leading to the loss of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi lives? Why
can the American media never bring itself to analyze that issue?

Why does the media not even begin to question the Alabama judge who claims
to be a Christian who is so obsessed with the Ten Commandments, when Christ
said he came to fulfill the Law Covenant and thus made the Ten Commandments
obsolete and no longer part of Christian doctrine?

Why are Israeli and American armed forces allowed to kill at will, to
execute alleged enemies without any proof of guilt? Why do so-called
"terrorists" not even have to be proved to be guilty of terrorism? How can
the U.S. media fail to question the moral rightness of killing people by
simply declaring them to be terrorists, and even pulling them from intensive
care units of hospitals, as the Israelis have now done?

Why does the media not question the irrationality of the Bush Administration’s so-called "environmental" policies for the National Forests, which policies advocate cutting down forests in order to save them from fire, including selling off the most fire-resistant trees to pay for thinning the small tinder that causes fires to spread rapidly? Why cannot the media see through the shallowness of cutting down forests to make them "healthy"?

Why is the media still acquiescent to the idea that removing Saddam Hussein
from power was "a good idea" or "the right thing to do", when there is no
evidence that he was in a position to harm the U.S., and when more
importantly, the U.S. and Britain are using Saddam-like tactics of killing
armed insurgents?

Why was it wrong for Saddam to kill insurgents, using American weapons of
mass destruction when the U.S. made those weapons available to him, and yet
the U.S. can use any weapon in their own formidable arsenal to stifle Iraqi
dissent in the aftermath of the "war of liberation"

The media is blind, and it is deaf, and without a doubt, it is dumb! The
media broadcasters are good looking, well-dressed, well-coifed, and ignorant
as can be. They have no ability to question authority, because they cannot
think critically. The closest the media broadcasters come to thinking
critically is deciding which makeup to wear, and which tie goes with which
suit, or which lipstick to wear with which outfit.

No wonder the American public is uninformed! There is essentially no basis
on which the masses of American citizenry can become informed on critical
issues of the day. And of course, the corporations and their government
want it to be that way, and cause it to be that way.