Edward, unlike your homeland, you’re free now

Only God’s calling would have stopped this most beautiful man from his life’s mission and passion for physical and intellectual freedom for his people, the Palestinians, the last remaining hostages and refugees of the western "civilized", white man’s Judeo-Christian oppression of the "other" cloaked in the historical biblical-religio-militaristic-capitalistic-racist-media-industrial complex.

Edward lived his life without roots, a citizen stranger in the very enabling rich nation responsible for his very uprooting from his historical soil along with millions of his compatriots. Palestinian men, women, young men, children, and infants denied their very humanity, dispossessed of their land, homes, trees, dignity, worthiness, humanness, even their "collateral" lives by a transported stranger then enemy from far away lands to soothe the historical guilt and conscience of murderous Christian Europe. The "Jewish Problem" became the "Palestinian Problem" courtesy of the civilized west.

Truth has never been much of a virtue in Judeo-Christian history. Truth was a commodity to be bought or sold whether in the realm of religion (the man made Bible (s) or Talmud (s), Vatican edicts etc.), to justify crusades and forced conversions against the "barbarian" in Europe or the "Infidel" in the Holy Land, murder of the Gentile whose life is unworthy in the Talmud, colonialism of the "dark" peoples of the southern hemisphere under the guise of the "White Man’s Burden", or capitalist "Robin Hoods" who rob from the poor to enrich the rich (Enron, WorldCom), even invading the "Fertile Crescent" for its fertile oil under the guise of fabricated threats and lies, without shame or honor, all occurring in a "civilization of images" that moves the masses and troops by utilizing today’s most powerful weapon—the Media and Hollywood: controlled, manipulated, financed, and influenced by the very "Jewish Problem" liberated from Holocaust Europe. Ironically, in Washington DC our federal government surrendered to Jewish pressure to use hundreds of millions of tax dollars to build and maintain a Holocaust Museum while denying monetary support for the very American Veterans of W.W.II who died liberating Jews from Nazism and Fascism. Our "Israel First" policy is the underlying reason we’re in a quagmire in Iraq while they’re already pushing worried Bush to go for Iran, Syria, Palestinians and any nation that stands in the way of "Greater Israel".

When Israel Lies, America Pays and Dies.

Edward Said, the "Happy (Said) Warrior" dedicated his entire life to ensuring the world does not forget that it’s conscience and humanity will forever be wounded until the Palestinian has a soil of his own in his historical homeland, Palestine. Edward, our teach, you died too soon. It was the supremacy of Zionist words, lies, and myths that stole Palestine; but rest assured , Edward that it will be your unforgettable words that will reclaim Palestine for your people, a people whose cause will be carried on by every man and woman in this world who loves truth, justice, and peace until we plant an olive tree in your name in Jerusalem. We will make you proud, I promise you.

You were most brilliant when you shined your pen upon the western intellect devoid of moralism and ethics. You dimmed their "Enlightenment" with truthful, painful words that exposed a Teflon conscience, greedy with self-absorption and interest, and a logic of Machiavellian expediency–damn the consequences. You played the game of "Truth or Dare" with the strategic brilliance of Socrates and the military genius of the Macedonian Alexander. For your gift to our humanity you suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune perpetrated by the supporters of Israel’s occupation and the media suppressors of truth. Yet you persisted and persevered until they ran out of arrows. The little stone you threw in southern Lebanon landed upon Israel like an asteroid, that’s the ingenuity of the "Jewish Problem" media: they can make an asteroid out of a pebble.

Today the "weak Jew" has become the "muscular Jew" wrecking his revenge upon the Christian and Muslim world for centuries of Christian cruelty against the "Christ Killers". The Holocaust has given the "Chosen People" once again supremacy and claim of "victimhood". Their feelings, wants, desires, needs, ideas, opinions take precedent upon the entire planet despite the untold suffering of billions. Their crimes are always in "self defense", excused, or covered up by a cowardice world. Their suffering is paramount, imposed by force if need be, upon the entire world. When they’re injured and die the entire world must view their blood in close ups for hours until our eyes are bloodied and minds numbed. Yet, their victims are unworthy of attention, after all, a Jew’s life according to the Talmud (and modern Rabbis) is much more valued in the sight of "Israel’s God" than any Gentile. By force the world must love the unloved Israeli, or else.

The Hebrews, Israelites, Jews, and later those of the Jewish faith have hijacked "God" himself as a Jewish God (after all Mary, a Jew, is the Mother of Jesus/God the Jew), hijacked the Prophet Abraham (their Jew), hijacked through biblical genocide the "Promised Land" given to the "Seed of Abraham, i.e. both Ishmael and Isaac", and now have even hijacked the western world, especially the "Christian" nation of the United States of America. Today that Christian nation was founded on the "JUDEO-Christian" faith.

Oh, yes, about "Anti-Semitism", the world’s most intimidating "Scarlet Letter: A". Semitism refers to languages, not ethnicity or race, such as Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic, Ethiopian, Assyrian etc. Secondly, the European Jews who raped and occupied Palestine are descendents of the Turkic "KHAZARS" from the Caucuses not the original Israelites, hence the overwhelming majority of Jews today are NOT SEMITES. (See Arthur Koestler’s "The Thirteenth Tribe" on the conversion of the Khazars to Judaism in the eighth century).

Edward, your words have soaked the minds and hearts of your family for whom I and the rest of the world pray for their patience and comfort for their loss, upon the countless students you’ve touched through your long and distinguished academic career, your millions of readers around the world, and above all upon the heart and mind of every Palestinian child who WILL NEVER FORGET, NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER TO SUFFERING AND DEATH, UNTIL THEY AND YOU ARE BURIED IN PALESTINE, INSHA’ALLAH (GOD WILLING).

Edward, you have not left me, for your books surround and inspire me to continue the fight of "truth, justice, and hope", NOT just for the victimized Palestinians but for the Israeli Jews and Jews around the world who do honor justice and truth and who are joining the "right path" to peace for both peoples; for the many Americans, Europeans, Asians, Latinos, and Africans who can’t fathom our government’s total surrender to Zionism and anything Jewish above the very interests of our nation.

There will never be peace in this world and especially between America and the Muslim world until there is PEACE IN THE HOLY LAND for both peoples and for the three faiths. It boggles the mind that Jews who make up 0.002% of the world’s population can claim a God that permits them to ethnically cleanse Christians and Muslims from the Holy Land while the world is intimidated and bribed into silence.

Freedom from tyranny for all people’s begins and ends with Freedom for the Palestinians. If the world finds its voice and courage to free the Palestinians from the world’s most powerful oppressors, the Zionists, and their single handed monopoly on American foreign policy, then no nation on earth will ever again contemplate oppressing and occupying another people.

Edward, you battled your illness with the courage, integrity, humanity, grace, and strength you exhibited in battling the Zionists.

While death defeated you, in death you shall defeat the Zionists.

May you rest in peace and may the Zionists never know peace until Palestinians breathe the free air of Palestine and eat from the freed olive tree.

May God take you into His everlasting love and mercy and may He comfort your immediate family and your worldwide family who’ve loved and respected you for your selfless life of a "Happy (Said) Warrior".

With my Love and Respect
Mohamed Khodr M.D.