Emergent anti-Semitism

Following the recent Israeli military offensive “Defensive Shield” into the West Bank Jenin refugee camp, several anti-Jewish propagandists accused the Israel Defense Forces engaged in the military offensive of looting and stealing [1].

Allegations were made that while the Israeli soldiers considerately blew their way, house-to-house, through the refugee camp, they “stole” many items and belongings from the wretched Palestinian refugees, including cash, jewelry, electrical appliances (such as VCRs and TVs), etc. The Israeli army was similarly accused of looting during its time in Lebanon, especially Mercedes-Benz cars.

See? Here we go again: anti-Semitism.

It is patently anti-Semitic and ridiculous to suggest that taking property or real estates from the Palestinian gentiles is “looting” or “stealing:” God himself gave Palestine to the Jews:

God said to Abraham, “I will give you and your descendents after you the land in which you are now foreigners, all the land of Canaan, as a permanent possession.” (Genesis 17:8)

Therefore, clearly, these are acts of redemption, not looting.

Okay, so VCRs and Jewelry were not specifically mentioned by name in the Torah. So what? That’s like splitting hairs; if God saw fit to give his chosen people the Palestinian land, which is undoubtedly more precious than VCRs and Jewelry, then it is safe to assume that he would okay the redemption of less tangible assets, like TVs and VCRs. Besides, it is idiotic to assume that you can take the biblical texts literally.

Moreover, the redeemed jewelry is originally Jewish, anyway –they were stolen from the ancient Israelites by the Egyptians who enslaved the Jews.

Furthermore, taking away sellable items from the Palestinians is a legitimate act of preemptive self-defense and is necessary to ensure the security of Israel. By taking these items from the Palestinians, Israel ensures that Palestinians will not later on sell them to purchase weapons from Iran to perform terror attacks against innocent Israeli civilians.

In their recent military offensive, the Israel Defense Forces found several letters (some of them signed by Yasser Arafat himself) and other receipts and stubs that prove that many Palestinian terrorists sold their Jewelry and other belongings, clearly to buy weapons and guns from Hizbuallah and Iran to terrorize the innocent Israeli civilians who, according to the CNN, love their children, like their pets and water their flowers.

Again, Jews have a God-given right to Palestine. Faithful Zionist leaders, all along, have been stressing this fundamental fact.

“This country exists as the fulfillment of a promise made by God Himself. It would be ridiculous to ask it to account for its legitimacy”. Golda Meir, Le Monde, 15 October 1971

“This land has been promised to us and we have a right to it.” Begin’s statement at Oslo. “Davar” 12 December 1978

“If one possesses the Bible, if one considers oneself to be the people of the Bible, one should also possess the biblical lands, those of the Judges and the Patriarchs, of Jerusalem and of Hebron, of Jericho and others besides.” Moshe Dayan. “Jerusalem Post” 10 August 1967

And more recently, just a few days ago, on Sunday April 07, at CNN Late Edition, the Israeli Foreign policy advisor said we (the Israelis) are not occupiers, “God gave us this land” (referring to Palestine).

So, it is clear, God is on Israel’s side. And, the onus of the conflict clearly and solely lies on the Islamic fundamentalists who teach their children, that God did not give their lands to the Jews.

But, unlike the Islamists, good Christian Zionists agree that without Israel, and unless the Palestinian fundamentalists evacuate Judea and Samaria, the coming of the second messiah will be obstructed.

Only Americans can understand Israel’s position, that she is under siege, because Israel is the only Jewish democracy in the Middle East surrounded by hostile Arabs who want to destroy her.

Americans and Israelis share the same moral, ethical, and civil values of equality between all peoples regardless of race, religion or ethnic origin.

But, over and above all that, the Arab armies who want to push Israel to the Mediterranean Sea attacked Israel and Israel won the war. Therefore, everything that is Palestinian is war booty, and Israel has a right to it.

This fact was elegantly put forth when, not too long ago (August 2001), congresswoman Shelley Berkley reprimanded top Palestinian negotiator Dr. Saeb Erekat for daring to use the term “occupation,” reminding him that “this is our country” and “we” won the war.

“So what am I, if I am not a person living under occupation?” Erekat asked. “War booty,” answered the congresswoman from Las Vegas.”[2]

So, let’s not mingle facts with fiction here, Israel’s very existence is at stake. Israel only wants peace, but she is constantly threatened by Palestinian terrorism and has no choice but to fight back.


[1] See the Globe and Mail’s article of April 12, 2002: “Israeli troops accused of looting in West Bank ” by Stephanie Nolen

[2] See: “Believe it or not” by Akiva Eldar, September 04, 2001 Ha’aretz

Mr. Baha Abushaqra is a Media Activist with Palestine Media Watch.