Fascinating Evolution of the U.S. Election

Thank goodness for Sarah Palin! Now the presidential race is fascinating; last week it was as dull as Joe Biden’s blathering.

Barack Obama has promised all things to everyone. The poor will have all their needs filled, free education, affordable health care, even tax cuts for an amazing 95% of the American population! This is comparable to the promises Ronald Reagan made when he promised lowering taxes, increasing the military, and simultaneously balancing the Federal budget. Unfortunately, the numbers do not cruch in Barack’s favor any more than they did in Reagan’s favor. Reagan dramatically expanded the U.S. cumulative budget deficit. Obama will be hard-pressed to do the same because Reagan benefited from a period of economic growth that is highly unlikely in the cycle of Obama’s presidency no matter what he does, if elected.

Enter Sarah Palin. What an All-American gal! She wears bikinis with the Stars and Stripe while holding a scoped hunting rifle. She has a husband with a reckless DUI when he was young and before they married. She has got a nice looking seventeen year old daughter who got knocked up and pregnant just before her mom was called to run for high office.

It appears that maybe John McCain is going the "reality route" to the presidency, which is completely new and unseen in the Republican Party. People expect Republican holders of high office to be rich and detached from the travails of America’s middle class. People expect Republicans to be deceitfully dignified, like John Tower, who banged every woman he could get his hands on, but discretely. It is the Democrats who brought in Bill Clinton with his lust for Jewish Princess fat interns and cigars in the oval office.

Sarah Palin is an American woman running for high office. This will appeal to a lot of American women. But she opposes abortion. That means that many American women will reject her outright, but many will support her; after all about half of all women oppose abortion and about half of all women support the right to kill one’s own children before they are born. But Sarah Palin is more. She is charismatic in a rough-hewn sort of way. She looks like she likes outdoor sex, but with her husband only. She looks like she reads books and can think on her feet. She looks like she has a mind of her own, but she knows how to say what it takes to get elected.

This nomination of Sarah Palin, while totally unexpected, is the most fascinating political move of any American politician since Richard Nixon asked, "How much do the plumbers charge"?

The back and forth of the remaining presidential campaign will be fun to watch. Joe Biden will say a lot, but most of it will be meaningless. It will turn out to be a contest between who likes Barack Obama the most and who likes Sarah Palin the most. Sarah Palin is the huge wildcard and she will come under relentless attack from the Left.

It will be a titanic heavyweight battle for the heavyweight crown of the world. Lots of jabs will be thrown and huge haymaker left and right hooks and uppercuts will be common, as long as the energy and the funding holds up. There will also be plenty of low blows. The last man standing might not even be a man! That is what makes this all so exciting, and the sad truth is that, in reality, there is relatively little difference in the governance of the actual winner from the pending loser. But the fight to get there will be first class. The contestants have now entered the ring…