FBI stands for – Far Behind Intelligence?


Some of the government sponsored columnists have tried to justify the Pakistani government decision to give some airports and air force bases to US forces for monetary and ”national interests.”

Even the Pakistani Interior Minister Moeen Haider has denied of FBI controlling the Pakistani Airports.

When the President House and GHQ is directly under Central Command, why should FBI bother about controlling airports?

However, FBI has setup special immigration counters at all the Pakistani airports to catch any potential prisoners for Cuban X-ray camp.

The last month’s FBI raid on a HAJJ flight was on a false tip that Mullah Omar is going for Hajj on that flight.

But after a three hours delay and extensive search it was found than an Imam of local mosque by the name of Maulvi Umar was one of the pilgrims on Jeddah-bound Hajj flight.

Does FBI stands for – Far Behind Intelligence?