First 9/11, Then 777: Will Iran be the next Iraq?

About a week ago, I wrote a friend telling her that I felt that the War Party was on the defensive and that the Downing Street Memos were having a positive, and growing, impact on public opinion. I added that the Neocons’ scheme for the U.S. to invade Iran might soon be history. [1] My only worry, I explained, was that “an incident” might be “created” to turn it all around. Then, on 07/07/2005, a/k/a, “777,” (add the 2 and the 5 in the year, 2005, and you get a 7), my worse fear came true. Terrorists had struck London, England! They killed 49 innocent people and injured nearly 700 more, in a coordinated, vicious attack that had all the markings of a professionally trained operation. Think cui bono? Now, Iran, thanks to the persistent warmongering of the Neocons [2], and others of that ilk, is a likely target again of the War Party, led by the blood thirsty Bush-Cheney Gang. [3]

On TV, no commentator, this includes NBC News’ talking head, Andrea Mitchell, (the wife of Alan Greenspan), dared to mention the London bombings’ connections to the failed Iraqi War policies of President George W. Bush, Jr. The U.S., with their British allies, instead of bringing the parties responsible for 9/11 to justice, launched a war against Iraq, for reasons that all turned out to be damnable lies. The Downing St. Memos make it clear that the intelligence was “fixed” around the policy. [4] Now, a wasted Iraq has become a haven for Islamic militants. Al Qaeda never had better friends for recruiting, than the manic Bush and his British poodle, P.M. Tony Blair. Will the citizens of the UK, and the U.S., ever see this truth for themselves?

As far as history is concerned, London-based policy makers have been the primary architect, often in partnership with their Washington counterparts, or vise versa, of much of the misery, death and mayhem, that the Middle East is now suffering under. [5] The infamous Balfour Declaration [6]; the plot to depose Mohammad Mossadegh in Iran, in 1953 [7]; the coup that dumped Abdel Karim Kassem, in 1963, in Iraq, and which eventually brought the dictator Saddam Hussein to power in 1979 [8]; along with the 1991 Persian Gulf War [9], all come readily to my mind.

While I was reeling from the human dimensions of 777, (the London attacks), and also their negative impact on the Anti-War Movement, Michael Chertoff, the new czar of the Department of Homeland Security, showed up on the TV. He left a highly valued federal judgeship to take over DHS because he supposedly wanted to “serve his country.” I find that hard to believe. He has close ties to some of the Neocons and also to wheeler-dealers in AIPAC, the powerful Israel First lobby. [10] Two of its ex-employees are presently under investigation in the Larry Franklin spy probe case. [11] As I watched and listened to Chertoff, It was like he had rehearsed his lines before hand, even though the London bombings had only just happened earlier that same morning! Nothing he said was spontaneous! He was sure the attacks were “the workings of Al Qaeda.” He had all the answers. It was all a little bit too perfect to suit my taste. It all seemed, how should I say this – rigged!

As I was reflecting further on how the controlled U.S. Media was selectively responding to 777, I was grateful for at least one thing – the U.S. Congress wasn’t in session! It had adjourned for the summer. This meant that the insufferable War Hawks, Rep. Tom Lantos (D-CA) and Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-CT), two of the leading Israeli Firsters, couldn’t railroad through, without a public hearing, another USA Patriot device into law, like they had with the original Patriot Act. By September, 2005, however, I expect Lantos and Lieberman to finish off that dirty work and for the American Republic to degenerate into a garrison state.

Added to the above mix, are the conflicting stories about how Benjamin Netanyahu, the ex-PM of Israel, who was in London on July 7th, received a warning from Scotland Yard not to go to a meeting planned that morning because of the possibility of a terrorist attack. Scotland Yard has denied giving any such warning to him and the Israelis have repeatedly change their tune about what was said. [12] Keep in mind, that it was Netanyahu, who lied about the fact that Jonathan Pollard was a Zionist traitor working for Tel Aviv. Netanyahu had tried to pass that scoundrel off as a rogue agent.

Finally, the 777 attacks in London may end up having a lot in common with the highly suspicious 9/11 tragedy in NYC. The War Party used 9/11 as an excuse for the U.S. to invade and occupy Iraq. Now, I predict, that 777 will be manipulated as well as a pretext by it, along with other bogus claims, to fulfill its predatory ambitions in the Middle East. [3] Absent Russia’s intervention as Iran’s protector, the “Shock and Awe” terror show, [13] so cruelly perpetrated on Baghdad by U.S. and British forces, will soon be on its way to Tehran. This latest madness will primarily be made possible by a deranged War Party; Bush’s poodle, Tony Blair; a mostly cowardly Congress; a complicit Media; and, of course, those cunning Neocons.




[3]. See: “The Sorrows of Empire,” by Chalmers Johnson for how the special interests of “Big Oil,” the Military-Industrial Complex, and Zionist Israel, came together to rip off Iraq for their own rapacious reasons.




[7]. In typical imperialist fashion, the British, who didn’t own Palestine, gave it to the Zionists as “a homeland” for the Jews. Naturally, the arrogant Brits didn’t consult the people who had been living on that land for centuries – the Palestinians. Check out:

[8]. http: “All the Shah’s Men,” by Stephen Kinzer.



[11]. “Espionage and the Israel Lobby,” by Jeffrey Goldberg, The New Yorker, July 4, 2005.